General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 8, 2021 on GH
Peter shot Franco. Franco died in Liz's arms, and Jason was questioned about the murder. Cameron refused to believe that Franco was dead. Maxie ended things with Peter. Sonny pawned his jewelry to help Lenny and Phyllis save the Tan-O. Chase learned that Finn might be his father.
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 Franco died in Liz's arms after he was shot by Peter
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Franco and Peter struggle Franco and Peter struggle
Monday, March 8, 2021

At Chase's, Willow assured Chase that she was feeling much better, and it had just hurt hearing Wiley say that she wasn't his real mom. Chase insisted that she was, and Wiley just hadn't understood what Nina had said. Willow thought she should go, since everyone had had a tough day. Just then, Violet emerged from the bedroom and asked for Finn. Chase reminded her that she was spending the night with him. Willow invited Violet to sit with them, and she did. Violet asked if Finn and Anna would be getting married the next day, and she crossed her arms when Chase answered that they probably wouldn't be. Violet wanted to go home, and Chase agreed that sometimes dads were needed to feel better.

In the doorway of Jackie's hotel room, Finn commented that he would never have gone to Jackie and Gregory's wedding after what had happened the night before. Gregory made his way out of hiding and wondered what had happened. Defeated, Jackie invited the two men in to talk about it. Finn admitted that there was another reason he'd walked away from the family. He reminded Gregory of the girl Finn had talked about who'd been passionate and challenging, and who he'd wanted Gregory to meet. He divulged that the girl had been Jackie.

Jackie explained that she hadn't been allowed to get involved with the subject of an article, and she'd fallen in love with Gregory. Finn added that he hadn't wanted to interfere. Gregory again asked what had happened the night before the wedding, and Finn confessed that he and Jackie had slept together.

Jackie explained that she'd wanted to resolve things with Finn before marrying Gregory, and she hadn't known that they were going to sleep together. Finn blamed himself and talked about how he hadn't wanted to face Gregory. Gregory railed at Finn for making Gregory think he'd driven Finn away. Finn disclosed that he'd returned a year later to tell the truth, but he hadn't wanted to disrupt the family.

Gregory suddenly realized the timing of Chase's birth, and he demanded to know who Chase's father was. Jackie informed him that she'd never gotten a test done, as there was a good chance that Chase's father was Gregory. Finn chimed in that he'd gotten a test done, but he hadn't yet picked up the results. Jackie didn't want to blow up Chase's life, but Gregory refused to lie.

Just then, Finn's phone went off, and he relayed that Violet had been asking for him, according to Chase. Finn promised to get the test results in the morning and left. Jackie thought that Gregory had to hate her, but he countered that he'd loved her since the day he'd met her. Jackie wanted to spare Chase from unnecessary pain, as the test results could turn his whole world upside down. "I know the feeling," Gregory spat, and he stormed out.

Finn arrived at Chase's, and Chase informed Finn that Willow was putting Violet to bed. Willow returned moments later and assured the two that Violet was asleep. Finn walked away to go check on her. Willow excused herself to check on Wiley. She thanked Chase for "talking me down," and she left. Finn returned and wondered where he would take Violet, as he wasn't sure if they had a home anymore. Chase suggested that Finn stay over for the night, and Chase could sleep on the couch. Finn appreciated the offer, and went back to the bedroom. He lay down next to Violet, who turned over to cuddle with her father.

At the hospital, Mac was updating Felicia about Maxie on the phone as Anna stepped off the elevator. Valentin found her and informed her that Peter wasn't there, which surprised them both. He assured her that he'd tied up all the loose ends so that they wouldn't be linked to Peter's failed kidnapping. He told her that he had a meeting with Jason, so he left.

Anna approached Mac, who was off the phone, and asked to see Maxie. "You'll do no such thing," he answered. Anna insisted that she'd never wanted to see Maxie hurt, but Mac replied that Maxie's only saving grace that day had been Liesl. Anna admitted that she hadn't been able to figure out a way to stop the wedding, but Liesl had. She figured that she owed Liesl an apology, and Mac commented that she owed Maxie one, too.

In Maxie's hospital room, Britt read through Maxie's test results and assured her that she and the baby were fine. She added that Maxie needed to avoid stress, but Maxie figured that that wasn't likely after all the terrible things Peter had been accused of. Britt informed Maxie that Peter had threatened her and told her to stay out of his way, and Maxie questioned why Britt wouldn't say something. Britt figured that Maxie wouldn't have believed her.

A short while later, Britt emerged from Maxie's room and found Mac. She advised him that Maxie and the baby were fine except for Maxie's elevated blood pressure. As Britt explained more about the situation, Anna sneaked away to Maxie's room. Inside, Maxie advised her unborn child to "hang in there." Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Anna entered. Anna apologized to Maxie, as she'd never wanted to hurt her. She explained that she hadn't known about Peter's true parentage until Alex had visited town. She'd lied because she had hoped that her and Maxie's love could change him.

However, Anna thought that Peter wouldn't change from the cold and calculating person he was. Maxie cried about the life she and Peter had built together, and she was irate that Anna had lost faith in him. Anna was shocked to hear that Maxie still cared about him. She reminded Maxie that Peter was damaged, and he would continue to do "unforgiveable things."

At Pozzulo's, Jason asked Spinelli for help in tracking Franco down, and he explained the situation, including Sam's call. Spinelli hoped that Franco could provide proof of Peter's misdeeds. Valentin entered and was surprised to learn that Spinelli was in the dark about what had happened at the wedding, so he briefly filled the two in. Spinelli quickly gathered his things and ran out to be with Maxie at the hospital.

Valentin continued to Jason that Peter had confessed to many crimes. He listed them, and he observed that Jason wasn't surprised. He begged Jason not to retaliate, and to let the WSB handle Peter. He added that Jason had an agreement with Anna to leave Peter alone out of respect. Britt entered and advised Jason not to be stupid. She reminded Jason that Peter was already under investigation, so Jason should let things play out. Valentin added that it would only make things worse if Peter were to disappear and Anna knew that Jason was to blame.

Mac was just finishing up a call with Felicia when Spinelli arrived at the hospital. Mac assured Spinelli that Maxie and the baby were fine apart from high blood pressure and needing to avoid stress. Spinelli commented that there was no bigger stressor than Peter, and he wondered if Peter was there. Mac answered that he had guys out looking for Peter. Spinelli promised that if Peter showed up, he would get nowhere near Maxie.

Peter woke up in a dark room, sitting in a chair with his wrists zip tied behind his back. Just then, a bright spotlight turned on, and he was in Franco's art studio. "Look who's up," Franco said, and Peter demanded that Franco let him go. Franco took his phone out and read from Peter's article about Franco in the Invader, about how Franco's tumor could cause "a resurgence of his murderous impulses." "As it is written, so shall it be," Franco stated.

Franco claimed that he had nothing left to lose, since he was no longer the man Elizabeth had married. He picked up Peter's gun and thanked Peter for taking it along. He pointed it at Peter, but he said that he preferred to use his own tools. He walked away and returned with a tray of an array of sharp and pointy tools.

Franco remarked that he was happy to be working again, and he would call his next piece "Confessional." Peter accused him of bluffing, but Franco replied, "Am I? We'll see." He talked about Drew's memory of Peter handing him over to Helena, but Peter maintained that he'd been forced to do so. Franco slapped Peter and demanded that he stop making himself the victim. Franco thought about the memory where Peter delivered Drew to Helena and assured her that they could have a "fruitful partnership." Peter accused Franco of being too ill to understand that the tumor was causing the "memory." Franco muttered that it was Peter's last chance to confess before Franco cut out his tongue.

Franco grabbed Peter's head and moved a sharp knife toward Peter when Peter finally agreed to talk. He admitted that he'd paid Hank Archer to abduct Drew, and he'd orchestrated the transfer to Helena. He confessed to sabotaging Drew's plane and hiring an assassin to kill Franco and Andre. He finally talked how about he'd murdered the assassin and then pinned everything on Liesl. Peter begged Franco not to kill him, and Franco assured Peter that he wouldn't kill Peter. Franco did tell Peter that he'd recorded the entire confession, and he was going to give it to the police so that Peter would go to prison.

As Peter struggled to get free of the zip tie, he was horrified about the act Franco had put on. Franco admitted that he'd thought about killing Peter in the stairwell of the hotel, but he couldn't do that to his family. Peter countered that his confessions had clearly been made under duress, so they would be thrown out, but Franco mentioned Maxie's reaction to the confessions. As Franco was about to call the cops, Peter got free of the zip tie and rushed toward the gun. Franco caught him, and the two struggled over the gun. Peter kicked Franco and retained the gun, pointing it at Franco.

Franco suggested that Peter put the gun away, and the two could go back to their lives. Peter frantically said that he needed to be the man Maxie and their daughter deserved. He went on about how there was no evidence against him, as he'd made sure of that. Just then, Franco threw something at Peter, distracting him, and the two struggled over the gun until a shot rang out.

A shooting occurs at the art studio A shooting occurs at the art studio
Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Jason stood in an alley and spoke to Spinelli on the phone. While waiting to see Maxie, Spinelli was sitting in a hospital corridor and trying to track down Franco. Suddenly, Spinelli received a notification and informed Jason that Franco was at his art studio. He suggested that Jason find someone for backup.

Cameron welcomed Scott inside after asking him to stop at Elizabeth's house. Cameron explained that he had a plan to help Franco, and he wanted to be able to force Franco to not quit on the family. Cameron informed Scott that Franco didn't trust himself and would be checking into Shadybrook, even though Cameron had done his best to prevent it. Scott thought that he should give Cameron lessons in persuasion as he sat down on the couch.

Cameron stated that Franco had acted like it would be the last day that he would ever see everyone, but he and his brothers had begun a list of activities that they could each do individually with Franco. He thought it would encourage Franco to make a promise to live if he had something to look forward to. Scott began to jot down the activities that included trips to other countries. Cameron had made an activity for Elizabeth, too.

Cameron insisted that Scott think up his own activity to do with Franco, and Scott thought that watching old comedies on an "average Sunday" would be his choice. He would love to do it with Franco and his grandkids. The list was completed, and Scott announced that he would draw up a contract for Franco to sign. He was sure that Franco would like it.

At General Hospital, Britt ran into Valentin and told him that she was on her way to check up on Maxie. Valentin disclosed that he was on the lookout for Peter. Robert joined Spinelli, who noted that "the worst has come to pass." Robert was more optimistic as he noted that Maxie was safe and not married. Robert reminded Spinelli that he had previously indicated that Maxie would need Spinelli, and it was time. "I hope you're up to the task," Robert said.

Robert saw Jordan, who wanted to know why Peter was a free man. Robert insisted that he'd had no proof of Peter's crimes, and he'd had to pursue "other methods." Jordan was livid that he'd gone to Mac and Anna for help, but Robert explained that Peter had confessed to Valentin. Robert was waiting for Peter to slip up.

Sam spotted Elizabeth and told her about the "train wreck" of a wedding along with Liesl's surprise appearance. Sam revealed that Peter had been the one responsible for Drew's death and the attempted murders of Andre and Franco. Elizabeth was shocked. Sam said that the truth was probably starting to sink in with Maxie. Sam had also heard that Franco had been looking for Jason, but Sam had been unable to reach her ex.

Sam explained that she'd seen Franco looking for Peter. He had grown agitated and had made it clear that Jason should know that Franco was "still him." Frantically, Elizabeth exclaimed that she had to find Franco, and she didn't want Jason to touch him. Sam saw Alexis, who revealed that she was on her way to a meeting.

Spinelli confronted Valentin and yelled at him for having covered up for Peter. Valentin snapped that he didn't owe Spinelli an explanation. "What about me?" Alexis asked when she saw them. Sam grabbed Spinelli and pulled him away. Valentin informed Alexis of Peter's involvement in the downing of Drew's plane, and Alexis assured Valentin that she believed him because she liked and trusted him.

Valentin noted that he hadn't seen Alexis at the wedding, but she explained that she'd been trying to stay sober, and that would be difficult at a wedding. They began to walk, and Alexis asked how he was with the disappointment and shock over all that had transpired. Valentin was appreciative, and they joked about their next "misery poker" game. Valentin admitted to having detained Peter prior to the wedding, and Alexis assured him that she understood and wouldn't judge. She'd been known to detain her daughter.

Sam warned Spinelli that he couldn't "fly off the handle," because Maxie needed them to remain calm. Spinelli promised but admitted that he wasn't sure what to say to Maxie.

Anna paid a visit to Maxie's room and tried to tell her that Peter would continue to do bad things. He'd killed Drew and others, and it had meant nothing to Peter. Maxie cried and accused Anna of not saying anything to her. Anna confessed that she had tried to make other arrangements for Peter prior to the wedding, but Dante had found him first. Maxie realized that Anna had been the one to have Peter kidnapped, and she didn't want to hear about Anna's plan.

Maxie wept that Anna had comforted her while she'd deceived her at the same time. Anna proclaimed that Peter was a psychopath and dangerous like his father had been, but Maxie replied that she had trusted Anna. They were interrupted when Britt knocked on the door and announced that she wanted to check on Maxie alone. Maxie told Anna not to return because Anna had played God with her life.

Britt told Maxie that Maxie and the baby were doing fine, and she wanted Maxie to try to avoid stress. Maxie wouldn't make any promises. She apologized for lashing out at Britt earlier, but Britt saw it as Maxie only being honest. She understood that Maxie's loved ones had lied to her, and she thought that Maxie had lied to herself. She asked if Maxie believed Peter's or Anna's lies to be more dangerous.

Anna paced in the corridor until she saw Mac. She told him she'd spoken to Maxie, and she would understand if Mac was furious with her, as well. Mac admitted that he was angry only at himself for not being able to see that Peter was a criminal. Anna thought that Peter had been good at hiding his true self, even from himself.

Mac noted that Maxie had suffered after Nathan's death, and Peter had brought her back. "Peter won me over," Mac declared sadly. Anna related how parents wanted their kids to be happy, but it was also an Achilles heel for the parents. Mac thought Anna was being understanding, and she grabbed his hand. They shared a hug.

At Franco's art studio, Peter held a gun on Franco, who suggested that Peter run from Port Charles. Peter smugly announced that there was no case or evidence against him. "I made sure of that," he said. Just then, Franco tossed something in order to distract Peter, and the two men began to struggle over the gun. Suddenly, a shot rang out, and Franco fell to the floor. He'd been shot in the chest. Franco gasped for breath as he lay in a pool of blood. He passed out.

At the hospital, Robert told Jordan that he was concerned because Robin was close to Peter and thought of him as a brother. He had to call her. Mac walked into the room where Robert and Jordan had been conversing, and he related that Maxie and the baby were okay. He wanted to hang around and stay with her. Jordan was determined that they locate Peter.

Jason arrived at the art studio and called out. When he didn't get any answer, he made his way inside with his gun drawn. He spotted Franco on the floor, but he thoroughly searched the place first. He found no one, and he leaned over Franco as Elizabeth rushed inside. Elizabeth tried to awaken Franco after she detected a heartbeat. She applied pressure to the wound and continued to talk to her husband. She urged him to open his eyes. Jason called 9-1-1.

As Jordan spoke to Mac and Robert, she received a phone call. She informed the men that Jason had called in about a shooting. "How quaint," Robert remarked. Robert hoped it was Peter who'd been shot because it would solve their problem. Jordan left. Mac was sorry that he hadn't run Peter out of town after all that Robert had told him. Robert reminded him that they weren't allowed to run people out of town, but Mac was upset that his head had been in the sand.

Robert explained that Mac's daughter had been in love, and Mac was a great dad. Mac insisted that he no longer wanted to be a nice guy, but Robert was glad that Mac had never gone after Peter, who was a killer. He insisted that good guys were needed. Mac proclaimed that he wanted justice.

As Alexis and Valentin continued to talk, Valentin spotted Peter arriving. The men glared at each other, and Valentin shouted that Peter shouldn't have shown up there. He added that Jason knew everything. Peter leered and said that he wasn't scared. He added that his father had nothing on him. Valentin insisted that Peter still had control of himself, and he needed to stop what he had been doing. Peter made it clear that he intended to see Maxie.

Anna returned to Maxie's room after Britt had departed, but Maxie didn't want to see her. She stated that Liesl had been more honest than Anna. Maxie had believed in Anna and had gone to her for advice. Anna was her godmother. "We're done," Maxie concluded.

Sam and Spinelli took their turn to visit with Maxie. Sam assured her that they didn't hold her responsible for Peter's actions. Spinelli declared that he would never be out of Maxie's life. Maxie felt like she had betrayed Sam, but Sam knew that Maxie had only seen the good parts of Peter. Anna peered through the window. When Peter arrived, she prevented him from going inside, and Valentin arrived to help. Peter called out loudly to Maxie that he would take care of everything. Spinelli and Sam vowed to keep Peter away, and Maxie asked for a moment alone.

Sam and Spinelli emerged from Maxie's room as Alexis arrived and joined the growing group. Spinelli snapped that at least Maxie hadn't married Henrik. Anna continued to prevent Peter from going inside, and Anna urged him to do the right thing. Former mother and son began to argue over their relationship, and Peter growled that he was free of Anna.

Anna refused to budge, as Peter shouted out to Maxie that he loved her. Maxie called out that she wanted to see Peter, and he gloated at the group around him.

At the art studio, Elizabeth continued to talk to Franco as he struggled to breathe. She reminded him that they had a lifetime together. Franco gasped that he wanted her to tell the boys he loved them. He loved her, too. Elizabeth urged him to stay with her, and she continued to call out his name as she began to sob. She began to pound on his chest and demanded that he wake up.

Jordan arrived as Franco was secured on a stretcher. Jason informed her that Franco was dead. Jordan wanted to give Elizabeth some time alone with Franco, and all of the personnel left. Elizabeth cried over Franco's body and declared that she couldn't let go. He couldn't leave the boys. She laid her head on his body and declared that she couldn't be without him.

Jason is the "person of interest" in Franco's death Jason is the "person of interest" in Franco's death
Wednesday, March 10, 2021

At Elizabeth's house, Scott tried in vain to reach Elizabeth on the phone. He left her a voicemail that he was at her house and watching her boys. Cameron stressed that he hadn't heard from his mother, which was unusual. There was a knock at the door, and Cameron opened it to find Josslyn standing there. She explained that she hadn't heard from Cameron all day, and he hadn't been in school. She'd been worried.

Scott left the room in order to give Cameron and Josslyn some privacy. Cameron confessed that everything was going wrong, and he didn't know how to fix it. He explained that Franco was moving out because of him, and he proceeded to tell Josslyn what had happened when Franco had had a nightmare. Franco had claimed he was leaving to protect the family, but Cameron believed that Franco was giving up.

Josslyn suggested that Cameron stay positive and give Franco a call. Cameron agreed that that was a good idea. About the same time, Scott received a phone call from Mac, who demanded that Scott get himself to the police station. Scott grabbed his coat and told Cameron to take care of things.

"You did this. You killed him," Elizabeth said to Jason at Franco's art studio. She wanted to know if Jason was happy because killing Franco was something that Jason had always wanted to do. Jordan wanted Elizabeth and Jason to go to the police station for questioning, and as he headed out the door, Jason made it clear that he wanted his lawyer.

Jordan stated that she needed Elizabeth's help. She wanted to know what Elizabeth would say to another woman in the same position. Elizabeth replied that she would let the woman grieve and then tell her to allow the police to do their jobs. She kissed Franco gently on the forehead and told him she loved him. She cried as she walked out with Jordan.

Just then, Franco's cell phone began to ring. It was Cameron, who left a voicemail in which he said that he missed Franco and had things to say to him. Franco's body was covered, and the stretcher was wheeled out.

Laura paid a visit to Carly's home and informed her that the hospital board had voted to not allow Cyrus to submit his drug to the FDA. "Sonny would be so overjoyed," Carly replied at the news. Laura admitted that she missed Sonny, and she was worried that Cyrus was wounded and dangerous. His mother was missing, and his pharmaceutical plans had been shut down. Laura believed that Sonny would say, "Pray for peace and prepare for war."

Carly confirmed that Jason was prepared, but Laura noted that he couldn't be everywhere at all times. Laura received a phone message and told Carly that she had to run. Carly could tell that something was wrong, and Laura disclosed that Franco had been shot and killed.

At the Tan-O, "Mike" announced to Phyllis that a part had arrived, and he'd repaired the door after its damage during the break-in. He noted that whoever had broken in had not been "messing around." As they spoke, Lenny walked in while deep in a phone conversation. He stated that he needed an extension on his mortgage payment because he needed the money to get his bar in order. He told the person that he didn't have a room available for his usual boarders.

Phyllis was sure they could pay the mortgage somehow, but Lenny disagreed. "Mike" offered to give up his room, but Phyllis turned him down. She revealed that she had a plan, and later, Mr. Drummond showed up to look at her dishes. As Phyllis showed him a plate, Lenny and "Mike" walked in. Lenny quickly announced that Phyllis would not sell their wedding china. Phyllis argued that they would get extra money they needed.

Sonny suggested that Drummond would "lowball" Phyllis on the amount and then resell it to her later at double the price. Lenny made it clear that they would find some other way, and Drummond suggested that Lenny get in on his weekly card game. Lenny declined. "Mike" studied his own rings and asked how much he could get for them. He couldn't remember where he'd gotten the rings. Drummond offered him $250, and "Mike" asked for a seat at the card game.

At Maxie's insistence, Peter went into her room at General Hospital. She assured him that their baby was fine. "And you?" he asked. She replied that she was doing well after the scare, and she reminded him that the police were looking for him. Maxie noted that she had always defended him, and Peter acknowledged that he still wanted to get married and prove everyone wrong. "Come away with me. Now. Tonight," Peter implored.

Peter did his best to try to persuade Maxie to accompany him, along with James and the new baby. He understood that they wouldn't be able to take Georgie. Maxie wondered about all of the accusations against Peter. "The past can't touch us, Maxie. I made sure of that," he said. He flashed back to Franco's art studio after Franco had been shot. He had deleted their recorded conversation and Peter's confession from Franco's phone. He had wiped off the phone and put it into Franco's pocket. "Goodbye, Franco. Wish I could say it was nice knowing you," he had said as he'd left.

Peter insisted that no one could keep him and Maxie apart, and he would take care of things. He extended his hand to her and suggested she take it to show her trust in him. She grabbed his hand, and Peter was pleased. He had known that Maxie would choose him. He would get her out of the hospital.

Maxie wished that he could feel the pain and anger that she'd felt over almost losing their child. She had loved him, but the man that she had loved had never existed. She declared that everything he'd done as she'd known him had been an act, and he'd almost gotten away with it. She wouldn't go with him then or ever.

Anna and Valentin waited outside Maxie's room. Anna sighed and maintained that they shouldn't have allowed Peter to go inside. She believed that he would be trying to manipulate Maxie. Valentin assured her that the "objective reality" would catch up, and he didn't want Anna to allow Peter to make her feel guilty for his choices. He thought they'd both been blinded by their guilt, but that didn't absolve Peter of his crimes.

Anna reminded Valentin that there was no evidence, but Valentin believed that Peter would be exposed as a fraud and wouldn't be able to portray himself as the victim. Anna was afraid that Maxie would allow Peter to be persuasive, especially after all of the secrets that everyone else had kept from her.

Mac questioned Jason in the interrogation room at the police station. Before he could get very far, Diane rushed in. She exclaimed that she was sure that Mac hadn't been asking questions without her presence. Mac sat down and solemnly stated that Elizabeth had lost her husband, and Jason shared a son with her. He demanded to know what had happened. Mac wondered if Jason had just happened to drop by. He knew that Jason had phoned in the shooting.

"I did not kill Franco," Jason said. Mac asked if he knew who had, because he saw Jason as having the motive and the opportunity.

Out in the main lobby, Jordan asked Elizabeth what she had seen. She knew that Elizabeth was in shock. Elizabeth proclaimed that Jason had killed Franco because Franco had asked him to do it. She hadn't seen anything, though. Jordan grabbed some coffees as Elizabeth told her about Franco's brain tumor and his request for Jason to kill him if his former terrible personality ever returned. She guessed that Jason's actions had spoken.

Laura arrived and hugged Elizabeth, who wanted to return home. Jordan relented after Laura's request to pursue questions the following day, and she asked an officer to drive Ms. Baldwin home. "Mrs. Franco Baldwin," Elizabeth said.

Laura exclaimed that she didn't think that Jason would have killed Franco, and it made no sense to her. Scott walked in, and Laura asked Jordan for privacy. She quietly told him about the shooting, and Scott flew off the handle. He had known that a "crackpot" would go after his son. He wanted to get to the emergency room right away. Laura gently told him that Franco had died.

Scott lamented that he'd lost three kids, and he thought there should be a law that that couldn't happen. He began to shout about Franco's attempts to get well and then being "snubbed out" like a cigarette.

Jordan wanted Mac to be with Maxie at the hospital, and she took over Jason's questioning. Diane declared that Jason had nothing to say, but Jordan wanted to know about what Elizabeth had told her. She asked if he had agreed to Franco's request and taken preemptive action. Suddenly, Scott burst into the room and saw Jason. He went after him, and the men had to be separated. A uniformed cop led Scott out of the room.

Laura wanted Jason to tell her that he hadn't had anything to do with Franco's death. "You know me, Laura," Jason replied. Diane stated that she wouldn't press charges against Scott. Jordan studied Jason and suggested that he talk to her while she could still help him. Diane called the interview over, and Jordan ordered Jason not to leave town.

Laura wanted Scott to calm down and leave quietly. He saw Jason head out, and he lost his temper again. He yelled that he would be coming after Jason.

At the Corinthos house, Carly tried to reach Jason on the phone, without success. She hung up quickly when Josslyn walked in. Josslyn informed her that she'd seen Cameron because she'd been worried about him. She told Carly about Franco's nightmare, and she said that she'd told Cameron to call Franco. She was hoping that Franco had returned home. Carly replied that Josslyn would have to be available for Cameron because Franco was dead.

Josslyn was shocked, and she knew how it would affect Cameron. She equated it to Sonny, and she missed him after originally being angry that Carly had gone back to him. She was tired of missing the people she loved. "Me, too," Carly said. They hugged. Josslyn wondered if her mother would remove her rings, and Carly admitted that she still felt married.

Josslyn wondered how Carly handled grief, and Carly confessed that sometimes she didn't. Carly explained that she had to keep on going in order to honor Sonny. Josslyn agreed that she had learned the same with Oscar, but it was really hard sometimes. Carly agreed, and she added that her kids helped to make things bearable.

Cameron sat on the sofa and heard someone walk in. He was surprised to see Franco, who said that he'd received Cameron's message. Franco declared that Cameron had changed him and therefore would be able to change the world. Franco went on to say that he'd never thought he'd have children, but Cameron and his family had changed his mind. Franco had been a better person for a while. Cameron insisted that Franco was still a good person and great dad. Franco told Cameron not to forget that Franco loved him. They hugged, and Cameron cried. Franco turned and went out the door. Cameron ran after him.

Just then, Cameron woke up as Elizabeth walked in. He asked if she'd seen Franco because he'd just left, but Elizabeth told him he'd been dreaming. Cameron insisted Franco had been real. Elizabeth sat down beside him on the couch. "Something terrible has happened," she said. She told him that Franco was dead. "No, he's not," Cameron replied. Franco had just been there. Elizabeth explained that Franco had been shot, and Cameron broke down. He sobbed and grew hysterical. Elizabeth promised that the truth would come out. "I should have been there," Cameron cried. Elizabeth stated that it wasn't his fault.

Mac got to the hospital and stormed into Maxie's room when he heard that Peter was inside. Anna and Valentin raced in after him. Mac grabbed Peter away from Maxie and declared that he wouldn't let Peter hurt his family the way another family had been hurt. Mac disclosed that Franco had been shot and killed. Everyone looked at Peter. Mac said that Jason was a person of interest. Suddenly, he asked why Peter was still there. Peter said that he would leave, but he wouldn't give up. He told Maxie that the past was dead, but they had the future.

Jackie thinks that Chase deserves the truth Jackie thinks that Chase deserves the truth
Thursday, March 11, 2021

At the Tan-O, Sonny overheard Phyllis and Lenny stressing out over what to do about their mortgage payment. He made a call and made sure that the poker game was still on. When he was off the phone, Phyllis and Lenny were still debating about what to do. A man entered the roadhouse, and Sonny advised him that they were closed. "I'm not a customer," the man replied. Phyllis and Lenny hugged the man and introduced him to Sonny as Elijah, an old friend of theirs. Elijah asked how the couple was doing financially, and he thought that he could help them. "Don't fall for it. I know a sweet talker when I see one," Sonny warned them.

Elijah explained that Phyllis and Lenny had rented the room upstairs to him when he'd been buried in debt after graduating from college. He wanted to repay their kindness and said that his company could give the Tan-O enough money to stay afloat. In return, he wanted to buy the bar from them, but Phyllis didn't think they were ready to sell. He clarified that they would still run the bar, and he would be a silent partner. Phyllis and Lenny promised to talk about it, and Elijah left. Lenny reasoned that Elijah's offer could solve all their problems, but Phyllis was unsure. Sonny had to go, and he advised them not to decide anything until he returned.

On the phone, Elizabeth thanked Nikolas for checking up on her, and she hung up. She walked into the kitchen and told Terry that Nikolas would be getting the next flight home as soon as he broke the news about Franco to Ava. Terry updated Elizabeth that Jake and Aiden were watching a movie upstairs, and Cameron had left early. Elizabeth thanked Terry for her help, and Terry assured Elizabeth that she wasn't alone. A few minutes later, Elizabeth was digging around the couch, looking for her work badge, as she wanted to go where Franco was. Terry reminded her that the parts of Franco that mattered were in Elizabeth's heart. Terry went upstairs to check on the boys.

The doorbell rang, and Elizabeth answered it to Sam, who asked to be let in. "Depends, are you here to dance on Franco's grave?" Elizabeth asked. Sam insisted that she wanted to be there for Elizabeth like Elizabeth had been there for her, no matter what she thought about Franco. Terry returned as Sam and Elizabeth sat down, and Terry offered to stay. Elizabeth insisted that she was fine, so Terry left for work.

Sam promised to keep Elizabeth in the loop if Sam heard anything from her PCPD sources. Surprised that Sam didn't know, Elizabeth stated that Jason had killed Franco. The two went back and forth about it until Sam insinuated that Franco had provoked the gunshot. She decided to leave after upsetting Elizabeth. Before leaving, she added that she knew the kind of pain Elizabeth was in, and she wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Jason arrived at Carly's, and Carly was livid that Elizabeth was blaming Jason for Franco's death. She chided him for agreeing to Franco's plan, as it had clearly been a trap from the beginning. Jason said that she was right, and he admitted that he hadn't known what to do about Franco since Jason had returned to town. Especially because Jake loved Franco, Jason had decided to respect Elizabeth's choice and try to stay out of the way. Jason insisted that he'd just been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and all he could do was let the cops investigate. Jason confided that he was convinced that Peter was the murderer.

Jason told Carly about the voice in Franco's head, which gave Peter a motive to want Franco dead. He needed proof first, and he lamented that the situation wouldn't be resolved before his meeting with the five families about Cyrus. He promised to make sure they knew that Sonny's family was off-limits. Even with his legal trouble, he vowed to find a way to be there. Sam arrived, so Carly left the room to check on Donna. Sam asked for the truth about whether or not Jason killed Franco, and he answered that Franco had already been shot when Jason had found him. Sam cautioned him to be careful, and she left.

Josslyn and Trina arrived at the hospital and wondered what Cameron's text was about. Cameron approached, and the girls gave him comforting hugs. He told them that he needed their help "getting the truth out." He explained that he'd spent all night thinking, and he'd finally realized that Franco was still alive. He continued that Franco had faked his death like Taggert had in order to spare his family the pain of a possible long and drawn-out death due to the tumor. He added that he had Elizabeth's computer and hospital badge, so they could check out Franco's medical records.

A short while later, Cameron was working on the computer as Josslyn and Trina debated over what to do about Cameron. Trina thought they should just "level with him," but Josslyn questioned whether or not that would have worked with Trina. "No," Trina admitted, so they agreed to help Cameron until he could figure things out for himself. Cameron complained that Elizabeth had to have changed all her passwords, as he couldn't get into the computer. Josslyn wondered how they would get any answers, and Cameron thought of a way.

Terry arrived at the hospital. The kids tried to sneak into the elevator, but she caught sight of them before the doors closed. She put in a call to Elizabeth and advised her to get to the hospital.

A worker in the morgue heard a yell outside the morgue. Trina ran in and advised the worker that her friend had fallen and needed help. When the two were gone from the room, Cameron sneaked in. He found Franco's name and the corresponding freezer. He opened the door to the freezer and pulled the drawer out.

Cameron took the sheet off of the body and was devastated to see that it was Franco. He heard Elizabeth call out for him, and he tried and failed to put everything back the way it had been before Elizabeth entered the room. Cameron tearfully explained that he'd thought Franco was "somewhere. He's gone." He cried in his mother's arms about how much he missed Franco, and Terry, Josslyn, and Trina entered.

Anna was surprised to answer the door to Jackie, who asked to see Finn. Anna disclosed that Finn hadn't returned home the night before, and she wasn't sure that he would. Jackie told Anna that Finn hadn't been returning her calls. Anna offered to help, but Jackie replied that it was a family matter. Anna promised to get him in touch with Jackie if she heard from him. Jackie asked how Anna was doing, and the two ended up sitting down for tea.

Anna explained how blind and enabling she'd been to Peter, and how furious Finn was over her lies. She remarked that her life was falling apart, but she could only blame herself. A short while later, Jackie was getting her things together to leave. Anna acknowledged that real love wasn't possible when there were secrets "like toxic waste buried underground, waiting to surface at the most inopportune moment." Jackie wished Anna luck and left. Anna tearfully looked at a picture of her and Finn.

Finn emerged from the bedroom and asked Chase where Violet was. Chase replied that Finn deserved to sleep in, so Chase had called the nanny, who'd taken Violet to breakfast and the park. Finn looked at his phone and saw that he had a notification from the hospital about his DNA results and twelve missed calls from Jackie. Chase wondered if Finn thought his relationship with Anna was salvageable, but Finn wasn't sure, especially since she'd walked out in the middle of their discussion. There was a knock on the door, and Chase let in Gregory, who claimed to be there checking on Finn. Chase left the room to shower for work, so Finn asked if Gregory was there to tell Chase the truth.

Gregory assured Finn that he had no reason to say anything to Chase until after they knew the results of the DNA test. Gregory continued to lament how he'd spent years carrying guilt over his strained relationship with Finn. Chase returned and overheard Finn say that he'd left because he hadn't wanted to take Gregory's happiness away. Just then, Chase's phone rang, and he walked over to answer it. He listened to the shocking phone call and hung up. He revealed that Franco had been killed the night before, and Finn figured he should go see Elizabeth. Chase realized that Finn had forgotten his phone, so Chase picked it up to give it to Finn, seeing the notifications on the screen.

Chase asked what Finn had gotten a DNA test done for, and Finn insisted that it was for work. Chase could see that the notification was from the patient portal, and he also wondered why Jackie had called Finn so many times. "We can't keep doing this," Jackie said tearfully as she entered. "Please don't," Gregory muttered. Jackie related that she didn't want what had happened between Peter and Anna to happen to them, and as Chase's mother, she'd decided to "make the call." "You need to know the truth about everything," Jackie told Chase.

Chase learns that Finn might be his father Chase learns that Finn might be his father
Friday, March 12, 2021

"Mike" knocked on a door near the Tano-O and was admitted to a seat for a poker game. He tossed his money onto the table and sat down with three other men. "Mike" announced that he felt confident, and after a couple of hands, two of the men were out of the game. "Mike" and Bob remained, and both of the men tossed all of their chips into the remaining hand. "Mike" added an additional wad of money.

Bob assumed that he had won with his four of a kind, but as he tried to grab his winnings, "Mike" displayed his own hand. He had a royal flush. Bob prevented "Mike" from claiming his winnings, even though "Mike" declared that "Lady Luck" had been on his side. Bob accused "Mike" of playing dumb, and he didn't want to hear about "Mike's" alleged luck.

Valentin showed up at Nina's office at Crimson as she was finishing up a phone call regarding Franco's memorial. He stated that he was there if she needed a shoulder to cry on, but Nina suggested that he tell her all about the wedding instead. Valentin revealed that there had been no wedding, and Maxie had learned the truth about Peter.

Nina was upset with herself for not being there for Maxie, but Valentin assured her that there was nothing she could have done. Valentin admitted that he felt responsible for Peter's behavior and his crimes, although Nina assured him that he was not solely to blame. She knew that Valentin had tried to make amends. She grabbed two cups of coffee as they sat at the table.

Nina thought that one had to focus on the good when loving someone, and she was aware that Valentin had tried to protect Maxie. Valentin had hoped that Peter would be brought to justice. He changed the subject and promised Nina that he was there for her. He knew that Franco had been important to her. Nina explained how she had wanted a family, but Franco had not. She found it amusing that Franco had married Elizabeth and had ended up loving her three boys.

Valentin reminded Nina that she had Charlotte and Wiley. Nina agreed that she had Charlotte, thanks to Valentin, but she wasn't sure about Wiley. Michael and Willow would not allow her to see him. After she explained the reason why, Valentin understood why Michael, Willow, and Carly had been upset. Nina reluctantly agreed, but she thought she'd been acting responsibly and honestly by telling Wiley about Nelle. She knew that Willow was a good mother.

Nina added that Carly had jumped down her throat, but Valentin pointed out that Carly had been upset about what had happened at Sonny's funeral. He offered his services for whatever Nina might need, but Nina admitted that she was done with scheming. There was too much pain for little gain. Valentin said he would do whatever she wanted, grabbed his coat, and left. Nina made a phone call and asked someone when they could get there. It was about her grandson.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael finished up a phone call as Willow picked up Wiley's toys. She apologized for running out after Wiley had repeated what Nina had said about Willow not being Wiley's mother. She revealed that she had gone to see Chase.

As Danny bounded down the stairs to retrieve snacks for Rocco, Leo, and himself, he was surprised to see Jason arrive. Danny expressed his dismay at never seeing Jason, and he missed Jason. Jason missed Danny, too. Danny disclosed that he'd heard Sam crying at night about Jason, and he asked Jason to come home. They heard the other boys making noise, and Danny proceeded to the kitchen.

Jason stopped to see Michael, and he asked Willow to check on Danny. Jason informed Michael that he had given Monica some bad news, and he hoped that Michael would keep an eye on her. He added that Peter had been responsible for Drew's death. He was also afraid that Peter had hurt Maxie emotionally. He asked Michael if he had any questions about Franco, and when Michael seemed confused, Jason told him about Franco's death.

Even though Michael confessed to having thought about Franco's death in the past, he was disturbed about the news. Jason told him that he'd been the one to find Franco. Michael assumed there was a long list of suspects, and Jason made it clear that if the police didn't find the killer, someone else would have to.

After Jason was gone, Michael and Willow continued to clean up Wiley's toys. Willow uttered that it was her intention to tell Wiley the truth someday, but she wasn't sure when. Michael thought it was good not to have Nina around for a while, and Willow learned that he had ordered Nina to stay away. They disagreed over the decision, and Willow reminded him that they were supposed to be a team. She believed that Michael should not have made the decision without her.

Michael recalled that Willow had left, but he agreed that she was right. Willow acknowledged that Michael had done what had been best in the moment, and he hadn't always had someone else to check with first. Michael promised that they were in it together.

At Chase's apartment, Finn asked Jackie not to say anything, but Jackie felt it was her place to decide. They wanted to discuss it with Gregory, too, but Chase demanded to know what everyone was talking about. He wanted the truth. Finn declared that something should have been said previously, and Gregory said that he had only just found out. Everyone continued to talk in circles elusively.

Suddenly, Finn blurted out that he and Jackie had slept together. Chase quickly grew angry and began to shout about Finn cheating on Anna until Finn explained that it had been in the past, on the night before Jackie and Gregory's wedding. Chase grew angry again and looked at Finn and Jackie, stone-faced. Finn went on to say that that was the reason for his disappearance over the years; he had blamed himself.

Gregory pushed Jackie to tell Chase the rest, or he would. Jackie slowly began to talk, but before she could finish, Finn did it for her. He told Chase that he could be Chase's father. Jackie maintained that it wasn't certain, and she had told Finn that Gregory was Chase's father. She was sure of it. Chase couldn't believe that Finn had accepted that and reminded Finn that he'd always been suspicious of everyone. Chase realized that the DNA test had been about him.

Finn said that it was, and he didn't want to hurt Chase. After he'd been shot, he'd done a lot of thinking about Violet and Chase. He'd realized that the truth was important. Gregory told Chase that he'd overheard Jackie and Finn talking about it. Finn stated that he could get the results, but Chase didn't think there would be a happy ending. He began to scream at Jackie and Finn to leave, and he cried on Gregory's shoulder when they were gone.

After Chase calmed down, he sat on the couch with Gregory. He recalled that he'd lied to Willow about a child, too. Gregory assured Chase that he and Jackie had loved each other and been happy, but Jackie had kept a part of herself hidden. He couldn't forgive her yet. Chase stressed that Gregory would always be his father. Gregory would always love Chase, but he warned Chase that they would have to be prepared for change.

Anna voiced her surprise at seeing Peter sitting behind his desk at the Invader. He asked if she'd thought he would have been running and hiding. She told him that his statement about the past being dead and having the future was something similar to what Faison had said to her once.

Peter snapped that the sentiment wasn't unique, but Anna felt that both Peter and Faison had not been able to let go of the past and had chased a fantasy. She added that Faison had been obsessed, and she was only thinking of Maxie. Peter insisted it wasn't the same situation, and he suggested that Anna had been obsessed with Faison, and she'd lied about Peter's mother. Maxie had fallen in love with him by choice.

Anna thought that Peter should do what was best, but Peter scoffed at the idea of confessing and going to prison for life. They began to argue over Peter's suggestion that Anna and Faison were similar. Anna knew that Peter wanted to be loved, but Peter insisted that it had been exhausting trying to please Anna. Alex had known him and his soul. Anna reminded him that Alex had given him up, and they began to argue again. Peter claimed to be relieved that he wasn't really Anna's son.

Anna felt sad for Peter, but Peter accused her of killing his mother. "It was her life or mine!" Anna declared. "It should have been yours," Peter spat. He had wasted time seeking Anna's approval, but he had decided to "embrace my parents' legacy." He would be like them and do whatever he wanted. He wanted Anna to pay. Before he could finish his thought, Jason walked in, and the two men glared at each other. Their eyes were full of hate.

Elijah returned to the Tano-O and announced to Lenny and Phyllis that he had the contract to buy the place. He promised it would work out. Just then, "Mike" walked in. His clothing was in disarray, and he had bruises on his face. He assured the others he was okay, and when he heard that Elijah just needed signatures on the contract, he announced that something had to be settled first.

"Mike" wanted to pay his tab for room and food. He took a wad of cash from his pocket and laid it on the table. Phyllis complained that it was too much, but "Mike" added that he was paying for six months in advance, too. He added another stack to the pile. Lenny shook his hand and agreed. He told Elijah that the bar was not for sale. Elijah smiled and asked "Mike" where he'd gotten the money.

"Mike" asked why it mattered, but Elijah pointed out that "Mike" was a drifter with no memory and not even a last name. "Mike" replied that he didn't remember, but Lenny and Phyllis would not have to sell the bar. Elijah informed Lenny that the offer would stand. "Mike" made it clear that the bar was also Lenny and Phyllis' dream, and things that didn't change could provide happiness and stability. Phyllis hugged him,

After Elijah extended his congratulations and departed, Lenny asked about the money. "Mike" revealed that he'd won it in a poker game. Laughs and chuckles followed. Outside, Elijah made a phone call. He wanted to know about "Mike," and he wanted "Mike" followed. He told the person to "do whatever it takes."

Valentin paid a visit to Michael at the Quartermaines' and announced that he had an offer to propose.

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