General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 15, 2021 on GH
Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Franco. Cameron had a special visit from Zander Smith. Gladys made a damaging accusation against Jason. Sam stopped Dante from killing Peter. Brook Lynn returned with big news. Finn and Anna broke up. A DNA test revealed that Finn was Chase's biological father. Nina paid Phyllis a visit.
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Loved ones said goodbye to Franco, Brook Lynn returned to Port Charles, and Dante received orders to kill Peter
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Finn reads the DNA test results Finn reads the DNA test results
Monday, March 15, 2021

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael wasn't sure what he and Valentin had to talk about, and Valentin replied, "ELQ." Valentin offered to hand over Danny and Scout's voting proxies to Michael, which would give Michael majority control. Michael wondered what the catch was, and Valentin only wanted Michael to allow Nina to see Wiley. As someone watched the interaction through the window, Valentin thought the decision was a "no-brainer." Michael agreed, and he turned the offer down.

Michael refused to trade his son, who he was trying to protect, for the company. He thought that, after things settled, Nina and Wiley would have a great relationship. Valentin informed Michael that issuing ultimatums made things worse, and Michael needed to learn to communicate. He also suggested a negotiation like counseling. He thought that there were many steps between all-access and no contact. Valentin hoped Michael would consider the options and left. "Is it safe?" Michael heard from the side door, and he turned to see Brook Lynn.

Nina was looking through pictures of Wiley on her phone when Ava arrived in Nina's office. Ava talked about how Nikolas had been helping her plan Franco's memorial service, and Nina commented that there had been "so much loss." She told Ava everything that had happened involving Wiley, and Ava was horrified. Ava broke it to Nina that Carly had all the momentum, and Michael would always do what Carly wanted. Nina wondered how to convince Michael that Wiley would be better off with another grandmother. Ava suggested that Nina "divide and conquer" and start out by talking to Willow.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Valentin entered. He briefly told Nina about his conversation with Michael. He thought that Michael and Carly were overreacting, but he knew that if Carly was pushed, she would push back twice as hard. Nina lamented that there was no hope for her, but Valentin suggested that she learn from his mistakes. He advised her to take a step back, and if she was lucky, the thing she wanted would go to her.

Willow opened her front door to go out, but Chase appeared in front of her. He didn't know where else to go, and she invited him in. He told her about the questions about his paternity, and a shocked Willow went to get them wine. Chase vented about it and mentioned that the rest of his family were at the hospital, getting the results. He admitted that he wasn't sure whether or not he was ready to face it. He felt selfish, but Willow assured him that he was allowed to feel however he wanted about the situation. He figured that he should go to the hospital, and Willow offered to accompany him. "I would like that," he answered, and they left.

In a conference room at the hospital, Finn suggested to Jackie that they ignore the DNA results and just move forward. Gregory arrived and reminded them that they couldn't just move forward, since Chase knew what was going on. He figured that they would always wonder, so they needed to know the results, and Finn and Jackie quietly agreed. Finn left the room to retrieve the results, and Jackie took the opportunity to ask Gregory if things would be different if she'd told him the truth all those years before.

Just then, Chase and Willow arrived, and Finn returned moments later. Chase demanded that Finn open the envelope. Finn tore it open and read the results. "It's me. I'm your father," Finn told Chase solemnly. Chase turned to Gregory and said that he'd been the best father in the world, and nothing would ever change that. He hugged Gregory and then turned to Finn. "I don't care what that says. I will never accept you as a father," Chase spat, and he stormed out of the room, followed by Willow.

At Kelly's, Alexis mentioned to Sam that it was Neil's birthday, and she assured her daughter that there was no vodka in her coffee. Sam had to leave, but she offered to stay. Alexis answered that Maxie needed Sam more, so Sam left. When Ned walked in and saw Alexis, he decided to go to Perks instead, but Alexis insisted that he get his coffee there. Ned could tell that there was something wrong with Alexis, and he wondered if there was anything he could do. She wanted to hear that Ned and Olivia were back together, but he disclosed that they were "in limbo."

From the doorway of Peter's office, Jason coldly warned Peter to back off of Anna. "If I don't?" Peter asked. "Try me and find out," Jason replied. Peter invited the two to have a look around his office but said they would find nothing. He grabbed his coat and left. Jason closed the door and suggested to Anna that they "do a sweep." A few minutes later, both reported that there was no surveillance equipment in the office. Anna acknowledged that Jason had been right about Peter all along, and Jason assured her that she was human.

Anna feared that Peter would turn into Faison. She told Jason she'd withheld evidence linking Peter to the assassin, and Peter had destroyed it. Jason advised her that they could only move forward so that they could stop Peter. Jason confided that he believed Peter had killed Franco, and he told her everything. She wondered how they could prove it, and Jason replied that it didn't help that he was the prime suspect. Anna agreed with Jason and believed that Peter had done it. She vowed that Jason wouldn't take the fall for Peter and made the point that Peter no longer had her to hide behind.

At Maxie's, she was packing up Peter's clothes for donation when there was a knock on the door. She opened the door to Dante and Olivia, who had made food. Olivia wondered how Maxie was doing, and Maxie replied that she wasn't sure how to feel. Olivia looked at the boxes of clothes and figured that Peter wouldn't need them where he was going. There was a knock on the door, and Dante answered it to Sam, who had her arms full of more boxes. Maxie took Dante aside and asked him if Peter would really be going to jail. Dante informed her that all the cases Peter had been accused of being involved in were being reopened, and he was sure that something would stick.

Maxie thanked Dante and Olivia for checking on her, and she assured them that she and Sam would be fine. Maxie went off to get more of Peter's clothes, and Olivia went to put the food in the refrigerator. Sam took the opportunity to ask Dante about the level of honesty he'd used with Maxie. Dante replied that Peter was good at covering his tracks, but Dante was hopeful that Peter's desperation would make him slip up.

Later, Olivia and Dante arrived in front of Kelly's, and Dante wondered how Olivia was doing. "Hanging in there," she replied. Dante could tell that she missed Ned, and he inquired what the next step was. She admitted that she didn't know, and she walked into Kelly's. She was flabbergasted to see Ned sitting with Alexis. She began to blow up, but Dante advised her not to jump to conclusions, so she calmed down. Dante wanted to talk to Alexis, so they went to the counter. Ned invited Olivia to sit with him, and she did. He reached for her hand, but she pulled away. He insisted that he would do anything to make things right, and he pleaded with her for another chance.

At the counter, Alexis sincerely apologized to Dante again for what she'd done to him. He assured her that he was all right, and it was over. However, he advised her to figure out how she'd gotten so out of control. He informed her that, as a former cop, he would be completely honest about what had happened when he was subpoenaed. If she hadn't been in her right mind, he figured that would be for the jury to decide.

Later, Maxie thanked Sam for her help packing up Peter's things. Maxie apologized for what had happened to Drew, but Sam countered that Peter had had a lot of people fooled for a long time. Maxie confided that Peter had wanted her to leave town with him. "Sounds desperate for someone who swears the past won't catch up with him," Sam observed. Maxie continued that Peter had vowed not to give up on Maxie. Sam promised that everything would be fine, as Maxie had a big support system looking out for her.

A short while later, Sam picked up the last box and made sure that Maxie would be all right. She advised Maxie to call if she needed anything, and she left. Moments later, Maxie heard the door open, and she called out to Sam that she'd forgotten something. "It's not Sam. I was starting to think she'd never leave," Peter said as he closed the door and locked it.

Cameron receives a visitor Cameron receives a visitor
Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Alexis was on the phone as she arrived home. She told someone that she needed backup, and she hung up. Sam arrived, followed by Molly and Kristina, and the three asked their mother what the emergency was. Alexis announced that, at her next court appearance, she would be changing her plea to guilty. She assured her protesting daughters that it had been a carefully considered and sober decision. She explained that she needed to face her demons, or she would start drinking again. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Molly opened the door to Valentin. She advised him that it wasn't a good time, but Alexis informed Molly that she'd asked him to be there.

A few minutes later, Alexis asked for Molly's opinion. Molly thought that pleading guilty would get Alexis sent to Pentonville. Alexis asked for Valentin's opinion, and he commended her for fighting for her self-respect. Sam countered that rehab was where Alexis belonged, but Alexis was tired of running from her demons and wanted to face them. She added that there were probably meetings in Pentonville, and if there weren't, she would start them. Sam advised that prison wasn't rehab, and Alexis wouldn't have a support system. Molly assured Alexis that she would back her mother, no matter what Alexis decided, and her daughters left. Alexis wanted Valentin to stick around to discuss her options, so they went to the kitchen to make coffee.

At Kelly's, Josslyn and Trina hoped that Cameron was ignoring the social media posts about Franco's memorial service. Trina kicked herself for not helping Cameron to the morgue alone, as it had probably made Josslyn think about Sonny. Josslyn reminded Trina that they'd both agreed to help, and they hoped that Cameron had gotten closure. Josslyn suggested that closure could happen by letting someone remember, and she mentioned buying flowers.

In the cemetery, Cameron remembered playing hide-and-seek there as a child, before he'd known so many names on the headstones. He looked at the one next to him, Alexander Smith, "the man who made me who I am today." He recounted all the terrible things that had happened to him and thought that if Zander had stuck around as his father, none of it would have happened. "I get it; it's all my fault," Cameron heard, and he turned around to see Zander standing there.

Zander figured that Elizabeth had told Cameron about his father, but Cameron replied that she'd almost never mentioned him. Cameron recalled Zander's death being called "suicide by cop" and cracked, "When my father figures go, they go in style." Zander urged Cameron not to throw away his future because he was hurting, as he would always care because he would always be Cameron's father. He wanted Cameron to learn from his father's mistakes. Cameron thought the fatherly advice was "too little, too late."

Zander recognized how much potential Cameron had and instructed him to make Franco proud. He continued that Cameron was at his own fork in the road, and if he chose wrong, people would say, "Like father, like son." Just then, Trina and Josslyn arrived with two big bouquets, and Zander was gone. "He was just here, but he left, just like everyone else," Cameron said quietly. Josslyn reminded him that she and Trina were there for him, and they'd gotten flowers for Sonny and Dev. "Typical, someone else gets the flowers and the girl," he muttered. Josslyn asked if Cameron had been drinking, and he wished that he had that as an excuse.

A few minutes later, Josslyn and Trina returned to Cameron after placing the flowers, and they wanted to take him home. Cameron replied that he'd learned that he didn't need anyone. Josslyn reminded him that he wasn't the only one who'd lost someone, so he needed to stop feeling sorry for himself and let them help him. "I'm just another loser. Like father, like son," he spat, looking toward where Zander had reappeared. Trina advised Cameron that she and Josslyn didn't hang out with losers, so he should just accept that he had amazing friends. He admitted that he was lucky and left with them as Zander looked on with a small smile.

Sasha arrived in Brando's hospital room as he was getting dressed. She revealed that she'd heard some nurses talking about a "hot guy" who was checking himself out early against the doctor's advice. She wanted to make sure he wasn't doing anything else dumb, in addition to working for a drug lord. She informed him that he'd missed a button on his shirt and went to fix it for him. The two got closer until Cyrus arrived and offered to return later. Cyrus informed Brando that his job had been on hold and still needed attention. Brando was surprised to learn that he still had a job. "Who do you think had been paying your medical bills?" Cyrus inquired, and Brando was grateful.

Just then, Gladys burst into the room and hugged Brando hard. She told him that she'd been there for a few days, but she'd been working up the nerve to see him, since their last visit hadn't ended well. Gladys hoped that Cyrus would take better care of Brando in the future, and Cyrus insisted that Brando was in good hands. Sasha left to give Brando and Gladys some time together, and Cyrus followed. When they were gone, Brando demanded to know why she was there and what was in it for her.

Brando continued that he knew Gladys had told Cyrus about Dev's real identity, but she tearfully denied it. He warned her that life got more dangerous the closer one was to Cyrus. She asked what exactly his job was, and he answered that he was a driver. He wanted to leave so he could get back to work, and she vowed to make sure that he was fully healed. She informed him that she would be sticking around to make sure that he was all right.

Out in the hall, Cyrus invited Sasha for coffee, but she answered that she'd woken up in the hospital the last time she'd accepted his hospitality. She added that she only had herself to blame for her choices, and she observed that he seemed genuinely concerned about Brando. She remarked that he seemed almost human, and he replied that she would be "surprised at how human I am." "I know exactly what you are," she shot back.

Gladys approached the Cyrus and Sasha, and she informed Sasha that Brando wanted to see her, so Sasha left. Cyrus asked if Gladys liked her accommodations, and she answered that she'd rather be at the Metro Court. "It's the least you could do, since I'm looking out for your interests," Gladys added.

Sasha entered Brando's room as he finished packing up his things. She asked if he needed a ride, but he answered that Gladys had insisted on taking him home. He hoped that she was only passing through. He advised Sasha to keep her distance, and she assured him that she had no intention of letting anyone get too close.

"Is it safe?" Michael heard from the side door, and he was pleasantly surprised to see Brook Lynn. He moved to hug her, but she advised him to be careful. She moved her coat to reveal a pregnant belly. He wanted to hear all about it, but she changed the subject to Sonny. She was heartbroken and would have returned, but she figured that Michael had Willow. "Or Sasha?" she wondered, and Michael updated her on his relationship status. He asked about her voice, and she answered glumly that she wouldn't be singing anytime soon. "But at least I'm breathing, which is more than I can say for Julian," she remarked, and her thoughts turned to Lucas.

Michael updated Brook Lynn about Ned and Olivia, and how far Tracy had gone to save the marriage. He didn't have anything else to catch her up on, so he asked who the father of her baby was. "None of your business," she replied. He proposed a family dinner the next night to inform everyone, and he wondered if he should invite Valentin. Brook Lynn voiced her anger at Valentin over his takeover of ELQ, and Michael updated her on Valentin's offer of giving control back to Michael. "So, he does have a heart," she observed. She was tired and wanted to rest, but Michael stopped her and asked if Valentin was her baby's father. She confirmed it but asked him to drop the subject. He advised her that she would never be able to keep it from Valentin.

As Peter locked the door at Maxie's, Maxie informed him that Sam would be back soon, but he didn't think so, considering all the boxes Sam had left with. She asked him to unlock the door and give his key back, but he thought that she was safer with him around. Peter expressed his anger at the people who'd lied and turned Maxie against him, and he advised her that she couldn't replace him. Maxie related that she still believed they had no future together, but he promised, "the past is dead. I killed it!" "How exactly did you do that?" Maxie asked, and Peter insisted that it was symbolic of turning his back on Anna and Valentin.

Maxie wanted to be completely honest with Peter, and she told him that he would have no part in her or their daughter's lives. Peter reminded her that her own father had basically abandoned her, so he wondered why she'd want to do the same thing to their daughter. She shot back that she was doing what was best for their child. "You know better than to keep me from my child," he said darkly. She demanded to know if that was a threat, and he lightened up. He thought that, with time, she would see things clearly. He decided to hold onto his key in the meantime.

Maxie suddenly claimed that there could be a place in her life for Peter. "That's more like it," he said, and he left. Maxie locked the door behind him and made sure to put on the chain. She took a few deep breaths and vowed to her unborn daughter that Maxie would never share her.

Peter teams up with Cyrus Peter teams up with Cyrus
Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Laura arrived at Elizabeth's house in order to help her out before Franco's memorial service. Scott arrived shortly after, and Laura was glad to see him. Scott recalled Franco making fun of his pocket-squares, and he admitted that he couldn't wear one for the service. Laura knew how difficult it was for Scott, and he was happy that Laura was there. As they shared a hug, Cameron and Jake descended the stairs shortly after Aiden. The boys were all decked out in suits.

Jake announced that he had his speech ready, but Aiden admitted that he didn't know what to say other than to tell everyone what a great dad Franco had been. Elizabeth encouraged her youngest son to say it at the memorial. Jake read his speech out loud, and he spoke about Franco being his friend first and said he would miss having Franco around and being his son.

Cameron spoke about Franco saving his life, and how he'd given the family a new life. He regretted the hard time he'd given Franco at first. Elizabeth was thankful for Franco's protection, and Scott noted that Franco had been thankful for the family to have accepted him. The boys wished that people had known the Franco that they had known.

Laura followed Elizabeth into the kitchen to check on her, and Elizabeth admitted that she hated that the boys still felt it necessary to defend Franco. She added that Franco had tried to be decent, but Jason had killed him because hatred had won. She would make sure that Jason paid for it.

Scott looked over Aiden's newly written speech and called it "top drawer." Laura, Scott, Aiden, Elizabeth, Cameron, and Jake put on their coats and piled out the door. Elizabeth took a last look and flashed back to all of her memories of Franco. She thought about their relationship from the beginning and how it had grown over the years. Franco had professed his love for her. "I love you, too," Elizabeth said as she closed the front door firmly.

Josslyn found Carly in the kitchen at the Corinthos house. Carly seemed to not like the taste of her coffee, but she told Josslyn that it was just cold. Josslyn admitted that she didn't want to hear people talking about Franco's greatness at his memorial service, but she was going to support Cameron. Carly announced that she wasn't going, and Josslyn wondered if her mother was upset that Josslyn was.

Jason arrived as Carly assured her daughter that she wasn't upset, and the memorial was more for the living. She admitted that Sonny's service had helped her. Josslyn departed, and Jason asked Carly what was wrong. Carly told him it was stupid, but Jason pushed. Carly explained that her coffee wasn't right. Sonny had always made her the first cup of the day, and she couldn't get it to taste right. It reminded her that Sonny was missing.

Carly's temper exploded, and she threw the mug full of coffee against the wall. It shattered everywhere. As she cleaned up the mess, Carly accused Jason of pushing her to tell him what was wrong when he himself never showed any emotions. She grieved each day but had to function for the family. She began to yell at Jason and urged him to yell back. She was further angered that he refused, and she shouted at him for remaining calm and reasonable.

Carly agreed that she was mad at Sonny for leaving her and the fact that she didn't know what had happened to him after he'd fallen from the bridge. She couldn't stand the thought that his body could be under the cold water. Jason reached out to calm her down, and he told her it would take time. She quickly shrugged his hand away and began to cry. She said that everything was wrong, and it was all on her to keep it together. She grew hysterical. Jason declared that Carly didn't have to go it alone, and they shared a hug.

Dante met with Sam at Kelly's. He told her that he'd spoken to Alexis and had been honest with her about the testimony he'd have to give at a trial. Sam revealed that there had been a change of plans, and Alexis had decided to plead guilty. Sam didn't think it was a good idea, but Dante replied that trials could be costly and time-consuming. He thought the court could go easy on Alexis for showing remorse.

Sam wondered how she could have faith in the court system when Peter probably wouldn't be charged for Drew's murder. They sat at the counter as Sam went on to say that Drew deserved justice, but she didn't think it would happen. They also spoke about Elizabeth being wrong about Jason killing Franco. Sam disclosed that Jason had proclaimed his innocence to her, and she had believed him.

Sam didn't understand Dante's faith in the system, but Dante insisted that there were plenty of good people that worked to encourage his faith. They proceeded to joke around.

T.J. ran into Curtis in the corridor at General Hospital. Curtis congratulated him on being a new domestic partner, and T.J. confessed that even though he and Molly had only signed papers, he felt a deeper connection to her. Jordan was happy to see the men chatting, and Curtis announced his intention to take T.J. to lunch. Curtis heard about Jordan driving T.J. to his ceremony, and Jordan disclosed that Curtis was in the process of making some life changes and had more soul than she'd thought.

T.J. was confused, and Curtis confessed that he'd purchased a nightclub because he had tired of his P.I. career. Jordan thought it was a great idea, and Curtis said, "Life is change." He added that sometimes it was good. "Yeah, it can be," Jordan said. Jordan shared photos from the commitment ceremony, and they laughed about T.J.'s dance moves in preparation for the club opening. Jordan received a phone call and had to leave. T.J. asked Curtis if the changes were for the better, but he quickly said it was none of his business. Curtis said that it meant a lot that T.J. cared, and he was hopeful.

Peter said hello to Nathan as he stood in front of Nathan's gravestone. He quickly pulled a gun and aimed when he heard footsteps approaching behind him. Cyrus informed Peter of the two red laser pointers that were aimed at Peter's body in the event that Peter had thought about shooting Cyrus. Peter could see one of them on his chest; the other was on the back of his head.

Cyrus related that he had spoken to Jackie and had come to the conclusion that news that had gone out to the public couldn't be undone. He had realized why Peter had been working so hard to protect his own secrets. He'd been watching a very busy Peter, and he thought that he could help him. He suggested they work together to solve a "common problem."

Cyrus went on to say that Jason had not been pleased with Peter's role in Drew's death, and he didn't think that Peter wanted to spend his life looking over his shoulder. Peter asked what Cyrus could do. "We can do a lot," Cyrus replied. Peter wondered how it would benefit Cyrus, and Cyrus explained that they could get rid of the short-term nuisance. He thought that Peter could be of use to him long-term. Cyrus extended his hand to make a deal, and after some hesitation, Peter accepted.

At the art gallery, Nikolas assured Ava that he'd readied the place for Franco's memorial. Nina arrived, and she thought the memorial's design was inspiring. Both women wished that Franco was there to see it.

Nina welcomed Liesl. She was glad to see her, and glad that Liesl had been exonerated. Liesl promised that Peter would be unmasked as the villain, and she noted that no one had believed her. She wanted to say goodbye to Franco. They discussed the fact that Nelle had been Nina's daughter. Nina expressed her dismay at losing out on motherhood and also losing the man she'd loved. Liesl admitted that she'd been surprised at Jax's deception. Nina clarified that he'd protected Carly and "not me."

Trina arrived and told Ava that the place looked cool. Ava revealed that she and Elizabeth had agreed on it. She hoped that Elizabeth would like the additional surprise. Josslyn extended her condolences to Nina, and she admitted that she was sorry that Nina and Jax had broken up. She was sorry about Nelle, tried to clarify what she meant, and explained that her father had wanted to protect his family. The more that Josslyn spoke, the more awkward things grew. Josslyn was sorry. Nina didn't blame Josslyn for Jax's actions, and she told the teen to never apologize for being honest.

Nina informed Liesl that Josslyn was wonderful but shared her mother's hatred of Nelle. Liesl agreed that Nelle might have been different if she had known that Nina was her mother. Nina whined that Nelle hadn't deserved to die, but Liesl reminded her that the young woman had been fleeing the police and had run off a cliff.

Liesl disclosed that she had helped Nelle to deliver Wiley, and Nina was ecstatic. She admitted that she wouldn't get to know Wiley if Carly had anything to do with it. Nina announced that she needed a break, and it was time to leave Port Charles. She said it wasn't for good, but she needed some time away to gain some perspective.

Josslyn was happy to see Trina and told her that she'd put her foot in her mouth with Nina. Trina was worried about Cameron and made it clear that they had to be there for him. Nikolas wondered about the turnout. Ava declared that Franco had made amends and done good things, and people had loved him.

Laura arrived, and Liesl asked if Peter had been arrested. Laura explained that there was no evidence and only Valentin's word of Peter's confession. She was sorry. Laura walked away, and Liesl muttered that she would rather take care of things herself.

Laura wandered over to Ava and Nikolas and shared that Elizabeth and her boys would be a little late. Laura said that Elizabeth blamed Jason, but she wasn't sure if Jason had been Franco's killer. Nikolas thought that Elizabeth's word was good enough for him. Laura replied that there would not be justice if the wrong man was accused.

Nina told Ava that she needed a break and would be leaving town after the memorial. Ava admitted that she would miss Nina, and Nina felt the same about Ava.

At Kelly's, Dante received a phone call from Liesl. She told him that they had to meet at once. Dante informed Sam that he had to go because he had a chance to do some good. After he was gone, Peter approached Sam. "Keep walking," she snapped. She was hopeful that once he was behind bars, she would never have to look at him again. Peter hated to disappoint her but said the "bogus charges" would never stick.

At the Corinthos house, Carly sat down and cried over how much she missed Sonny. She felt bad that she was angry. Jason assured her it didn't have to make sense. Carly didn't know what she'd do without Jason, and he assured her that he wasn't going anywhere. A security guard, Trent, interrupted them to announce that Jordan was there.

Jordan walked in, and Carly asked her if she had good news. Instead, Jordan placed Jason under arrest for Franco's murder.

Dante and Liesl met at Nathan's grave. Liesl related that she'd made her decision, and it was time to take care of Peter August.

Elizabeth, Scott, Cameron, Jake, and Aiden finally arrived, and Elizabeth thanked Ava for having the service at the gallery. Ava revealed that she had put out some of Franco's greatest works. The boys were confused about a grouping of several paintings, and Jake spotted a painting that he had done. Elizabeth explained that they were paintings that had been done by the people that Franco had helped at the hospital.

Scott exclaimed that it was Franco's legacy, and he would be proud. Elizabeth asserted that she was okay, and she thanked Ava. This was the man that she wanted the world to remember. "This is my Franco," she said.

Liesl gives Dante orders Liesl gives Dante orders
Thursday, March 18, 2021

Jason was escorted into the interrogation room as Carly followed along yelling at Jordan. She insisted that Franco's killer was still out there, but Jordan countered that there was evidence against Jason. Diane arrived, and Jordan left. Diane didn't know what Jordan had on Jason, but she knew that Jordan didn't make arrests unless she was sure they would stick. Diane continued that Jordan was trying to "fast-track" Jason's arraignment, and he should be prepared for the possibility of being held without bail.

Jordan returned with a large evidence bag containing a gun, and she revealed that it had been confirmed as the murder weapon. Jason insisted that he'd never seen the gun before, but Jordan claimed to have a witness who had seen him with it. She continued that he'd slipped out in the hall to call for help, giving just enough time to toss it down a garbage chute, which was where the gun had been found. Diane guessed that Jason's fingerprints hadn't been found on it, which Jordan didn't answer. Jordan refused to name the witness and left the room. "We have a problem," Diane said.

At the café, Gladys vented about Carly to Brando, as she believed that Carly had been behind Sonny "booting" Brando from the family. Brando suggested that she go back to Connecticut, but she replied that she was doing her civic duty. Brando was skeptical of his mother, but she insisted she'd done "a huge service at great personal risk."

Gladys thought back to talking to Jordan at the police station. Gladys had told the commissioner that she'd been staying at a rental, and she'd heard a loud noise one night. She'd looked out the door and seen someone emerge from a studio and toss something down a garbage chute before returning to the studio. Gladys remembered how she'd picked Jason out of a photo lineup. She insisted to Brando that she would swear on Mike's grave that Jason had killed Franco. Brando didn't believe her, but she informed him that the police had confirmed her story. She thought he should be grateful, as everyone was safer without Jason, and she stormed out of the café.

At Nathan's grave, Liesl told Dante that the WSB had authorized a "permanent solution" for Peter. She explained that Peter had eliminated all proof against him, and it had been decided. She clicked a pen and said that he needed to complete the mission and assassinate Peter. She instructed him to use the phone he'd taken from Maxie's to lure Peter there. She handed him a gun and directed him to use it to kill Peter. She continued that, once Peter was dead, Dante should walk away and throw the gun into the harbor, and if anyone questioned him about it, his orders had been from Dr. Kirk. She ordered him to be untroubled by Peter's death and to complete the mission. "I must complete the mission," Dante repeated. Liesl clicked the pen again and left.

At Kelly's, Peter confidently said that he would be surprised if the police ever charged him with anything. Sam shot back that the police were the least of his problems, as he would "never see Jason coming." Peter figured that Jason had more pressing priorities, but he commended Sam for creating distance from Jason so that Jason wouldn't drag her down with him when he was convicted of Franco's murder. The two bickered until his phone went off. He announced that Maxie wanted to meet with him, but Sam didn't believe him. He showed her the text from Maxie that read, "Meet me at Nathan's grave to talk." He left, and Sam frantically called Maxie, who wasn't answering the phone.

Maxie's phone rang in Dante's hand, but he ignored the call and put the phone in his pocket. Moments later, Peter arrived and asked where Maxie was, as she'd wanted to meet with him. "Maxie didn't. I did," Dante replied as he gripped the gun.

At the hospital, Valentin asked Britt about Maxie and the baby, but she reminded him that she couldn't give out medical information. "Like when you gave Peter access to Franco's file?" Valentin asked casually. She snapped that it was none of his business, and he should worry about himself, as Peter would probably be going after everyone who he believed had betrayed him. Valentin called Peter a lost cause, which caused a worked-up Britt's hand to shake violently, and she slammed it on the counter.

A short while later, Britt's hand was in a soft cast, and she insisted to Valentin that she was fine. She reminded him that Peter would hurt Valentin through the people Valentin cared about, so he'd better stop Peter if he wanted to protect everyone. Later, Britt made a phone call to confirm an appointment. She was asked to reschedule, but she demanded to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Chase arrived at the gatehouse, and Willow let him in. He talked about how badly he'd slept after his life had become a talk show. She thought that it was time for him to talk to Finn, but Chase didn't know how to. Willow believe that Finn was a good guy and a good dad, and he would do right by Chase. Chase maintained that Gregory would always be his father, and Willow suggested that he and Gregory work through it together. She continued that the longer he waited to talk to Finn, the harder it would be. She feared that if Chase waited for Finn to make the first move, Finn would just cut his family off for more years.

Brook Lynn was flipping through pictures of Valentin and Charlotte on her phone when Olivia arrived home, talking about all the food she'd gotten. Brook Lynn commented that it sounded delicious, especially since she was eating for two. A shocked Olivia wondered if Ned knew that his daughter was pregnant, and she suddenly realized that Valentin was the father. She told Brook Lynn that Valentin could never know, as Charlotte had had a lot of misfortune because of her father. Brook Lynn replied that she'd wanted food and not advice, and she advised Olivia to focus on Ned. She begged Olivia not to tell Ned and left the house. Willow arrived moments later, surprised to have passed Brook Lynn. Olivia left Ned a voicemail to get to the house, as she needed to talk to him as soon as possible.

At the hospital, Finn was pleasantly surprised to see Violet and her nanny. He promised to try to leave early, and Violet begged to go to Anna's. Just then, Anna stepped off the elevator. Violet was babbling about having a tea party when she spotted Anna and ran into her arms. Violet asked about Finn and Anna getting married, and Anna disclosed that she was there to talk about the subject with Finn. Finn gave the nanny money to go to Kelly's, so she left with Violet. Finn realized that he should have prepared Violet better, as she still believed that they were going to be a family.

In Finn's office, Anna tearfully confided that she was lonely, and she missed Finn and Violet. "We feel the same," Finn replied. She invited him home to sort things out, but he had to think about what was best for Violet. Anna vowed to quit the WSB, and Finn appreciated the offer. He countered that she would always need to do things on her own, and he saw marriage as more of a partnership. He added that she always shut him out when her past was involved, and she only ever really revealed part of herself. He thought there was a chance for them if she promised not to lie anymore, but she couldn't.

Anna explained that there were things too dangerous for Finn to know, and sometimes she needed to turn to someone who was trained to be her backup. Finn also talked about the last time he'd moved out and how she'd been lying to herself about Peter being dangerous. He related that secrets and lies fueled his addiction, and he had other people who needed him. He didn't see any other way for them to be together, so he figured that they would be better apart.

Finn said that he would arrange to get his things from Anna's house. Anna offered to talk to Violet, but he assured Anna that he would do his best explaining things to his daughter. "It's good to know we went down fighting," Finn said with tears in his eyes. Anna replied that she'd believed she'd fallen in love for the last time, and it would be a fresh start for her. She divulged that he'd changed her. He expressed the same sentiment, but he figured they hadn't changed enough. The two embraced, and she left crying. As Finn looked at a picture of him and Anna, Chase burst into his office.

Jax arrived at Franco's memorial and found Nina. He admitted that the display was impressive and that Franco turning his life around like that was impressive. He was there to apologize to her and to admit his regret for how things had turned out between them. He vowed that, if there was a chance they could work things out, he would take it, as she was worth fighting for.

Later, Nina was gone, and Liesl returned to the memorial. "I heard you were out," Jax said, and she replied that she'd heard he'd been busy breaking her niece's heart. She conceded that she knew how it felt to do what was necessary for the greater good. She continued that it was a shame that Franco was gone after turning his life around, while some evil people pretending to be good were still walking free. "Not for much longer," she muttered when Jax was gone.

Nina was sitting outside Kelly's when Valentin rushed over to her. She thanked him for meeting her on such short notice. She handed him an envelope and asked him to give it to Charlotte, as Nina needed to get out of town. "Tell her I love her," Nina told a shocked Valentin, and he assured her that he reminded Charlotte of that every night. Nina touched his face and said that he was a good father, and they parted ways. Just then, Valentin ran into Brook Lynn.

Dante attempts to "complete the mission" Dante attempts to "complete the mission"
Friday, March 19, 2021

"Mike" returned to the Tan-O, and Phyllis admitted she'd been worried by his lengthy absence. "Mike" explained that he'd had something important to take care of, but he assured Phyllis that he'd been taking his meds. He had been playing poker in an attempt to win back his rings that he'd had to pawn to buy his way into the game in the first place. He detailed what he had done in order to save the bar.

Phyllis was sad that "Mike" had lost possession of his rings, as they had been the only things, along with his watch, that had tied him to his past. "Mike" made it clear that he had wanted to repay Phyllis and Lenny for all that they'd done for him. Phyllis thought it might have been better to sell the bar, because she and Lenny couldn't run it forever. She'd hoped that it would be in good hands after they passed on.

"Mike" asked Phyllis if she'd had any kids, and Phyllis sadly told him about the baby girl who had died after only a few days. It had been terrible, and she and Lenny had been afraid to have another child. By the time they had reconsidered, it had been too late. Phyllis joked that that had only left room in her heart for "strays like you." Phyllis thought the people of Nixon Falls thought her crazy for taking in the likes of "Mike."

Phyllis stepped out from the bar and fetched a box of cleaning supplies. She wondered if "Mike" had any children. "Mike" could only remember the blonde woman in his dream, and he hoped that no one thought he'd run out and left them. Phyllis suggested he take a nap after his long hours away, and "Mike" agreed.

Chase paid Finn a visit at his office in the hospital and apologized for not handling things better than he had. He had just learned that Finn was not his brother but his biological father. Chase hadn't expected the results, and Finn admitted that he had never had any good experiences with DNA tests done at General Hospital. He wanted to have the test run again at Mercy Hospital in order to eliminate any doubt. Chase retorted that things couldn't get worse.

Finn maintained that he had also been "blindsided," but Gregory would always be Chase's father. Finn didn't think his relationship with Chase had to change. Chase replied that things were different, and he didn't know how to deal with it. "Me, either," Finn stated. Chase had always wanted a relationship with his brother. Finn hoped they could figure things out. Chase wondered how he could treat Finn like a father and not betray Gregory.

Finn indicated that Gregory would always be the man who had raised Chase, and that would never change. It meant a lot to him that Chase had stopped by. Suddenly, they both received a phone message and looked at each other in dismay.

Cyrus planted himself at a table in Metro Court in order to talk to Jackie. She told him to get lost and was saved when Robert placed his hand on Cyrus' shoulder. He announced that Cyrus was in his seat and advised Cyrus to move along. Cyrus was annoyed and snapped that Jackie would hear from his lawyers regarding his mother. Robert took his place at the table and disclosed that he was aware of the secret that Jackie had kept, and he was sorry that she'd gone through it alone.

Jackie replied that she'd had no one to talk to, and she hadn't been able to call Robert, as he had hopped around the world. Robert assured her that he would have listened, and he was still there for her. He even felt closer to her than he had in the past. Jackie told him that she had some soul-searching to do, and she was a professional success but a personal disaster. Gregory was a good man, and she'd left his life in "tatters." Robert thought it sounded as though Jackie could use a friend.

Robert confessed that he had always been a lousy partner but a good friend, and he offered himself to be just that. Suddenly, Jackie received a phone message. She was shocked to see front-page headlines in the Invader that read, "Who's the Daddy?" There were photos of her family members. "Son of a bitch," she said.

Carly paid a visit to Elizabeth and announced that Jason had been arrested for Franco's murder. Elizabeth told her it wasn't a good time, but Carly understood, having been through something similar in the not-too-distant past. Carly wanted justice for Jason, but Elizabeth told her that she had told the police exactly what she had seen. Jason had been kneeling over a bloodied Franco.

Carly asked if Jason had had a gun, and Elizabeth remarked that Jason always had a gun, although she hadn't seen it. Carly wondered why Elizabeth was so sure that Jason was guilty. Elizabeth explained the deal between Franco and Jason, and Franco's last unusual behavior. He had been looking for Jason to tell him that he was still himself, but Jason had tracked him and killed him. Carly exclaimed that there would have been no evidence or even a body if Jason had committed the crime, but Elizabeth snapped that that was because she had shown up at the art studio.

Elizabeth added that she had confronted Jason about the deal, but he hadn't listened to her. Carly was sure that Jason would never put Elizabeth or Jake in such a position by killing Franco. Carly wanted Elizabeth to think about the Jason she knew, but Elizabeth thought that Jason had seen Franco as a threat. She accused Carly of trying to get Elizabeth to change her statement, and she wouldn't perjure herself. Carly revealed that someone else had already taken care of that and had lied about seeing Jason toss the gun down a laundry chute on site. The gun had had no fingerprints but had been the one involved in the crime.

Elizabeth pointed out that that proved Jason's guilt, but Carly insisted it didn't fit Jason. He had never been known to be so sloppy, and the witness was determined to blame Jason by lying. Elizabeth retorted that Franco had turned his life around and had even helped to get Carly out of Ferncliff. Carly snapped that someone else had killed Franco, and Elizabeth was helping that person to get away with it.

Sam sat at the counter at Kelly's and phoned Spinelli to tell him that Maxie was in the process of meeting Peter. Spinelli informed Sam that Maxie was with him, and Sam wondered who could have sent a text message to Peter about a meeting.

Outside, Nina informed Valentin that she needed to get away. She loved Charlotte, and Valentin was a great father. She gently patted his cheek and walked away. Valentin went on his way and was surprised to bump into Brook Lynn. She tried to cover herself up as they chatted. Valentin thought they had a lot to catch up on. "You have no idea," Brook Lynn said. Valentin continued to rattle on about Brook Lynn's future, possibly at Deception, but she told him she had other plans. Valentin suspected that she had been trying to avoid him, and she agreed.

Brook Lynn sighed and opened up her coat. Valentin chuckled but grew serious. "Am I the father?" he asked. Brook Lynn admitted it, although they'd only spent one night together. She didn't want him to feel obligated, but Valentin asserted that it was his responsibility. Brook Lynn didn't want him involved, and Valentin reminded her that once the baby was born, it would be his child, too. Brook Lynn told him it would be under her terms, but she rushed off. She called out that she would phone him.

Valentin called Martin and told him they needed to have a meeting. He needed Martin's "expertise."

Ned arrived at the Quartermaines'. He was happy that Olivia had asked to see him, although Olivia stressed that it was about Brook Lynn. She announced that Ned's daughter had returned home but had been trying to delay her reunion with Ned because she had some news. Olivia made it clear that it wasn't her place to talk about it, and she thought it likely that Ned would run into Brook Lynn if they were both in the house. Ned was happy to see that Olivia was still looking out for him.

Ned wanted to make things right with Olivia, but she wasn't sure how. She thought they had each changed, and things wouldn't be the same. She had been surprised that Ned had grown more ambitious and cutthroat, and ELQ had been his primary focus. She had hoped that he would be able to see the changes in her. She explained that life had opened up, and she had become her own person again. She had rediscovered the old Olivia who had taken chances. Ned remembered that that had happened after Olivia had spent time with Robert.

Olivia lost her temper and shouted that there was nothing between her and Robert. She accused Ned of projecting his own infidelity onto her. Ned agreed that she was right, and he still regretted his actions. He thought there had been other problems in their marriage, and he had never realized that he had been holding her back.

Just then, Brook Lynn walked in and showed Ned her belly. "Congratulations! You're gonna be a grandpa," Brook Lynn exclaimed. Brook Lynn wanted Ned to get out his anger, but he merely stated that he was surprised. Brook Lynn admitted that she had wanted to find her way, and she thought that she and Ned were a lot alike. Ned asked about the baby's father, and Brook Lynn urged him to sit down.

Brook Lynn began to ramble about how the father wasn't Chase or Dustin until Ned finally demanded that she tell him. Brook Lynn went on to say how she'd run into Valentin after the fight with Ned, and she told Ned to get his anger out. Ned was beside himself. He was thrilled to be a grandfather and to see Brook Lynn as a mother, but he was rattled about the man who would be tied to the family. Brook Lynn assured him she knew what she was doing.

Dante faced Nathan's grave with his gun ready as Peter arrived. Dante turned around and admitted that he, not Maxie, had been the one to text Peter. He held his gun on Peter and related that he had to complete the mission. Peter backed up as Dante explained how he had chosen the site for its isolation and lack of witnesses. Peter shouted that he loved Maxie and would never hurt her or the baby. Dante insisted that Maxie would be better off without Peter.

Peter kept moving, tripped, and fell over Nathan's grave. As Peter lay on the ground and pleaded, Sam showed up and shouted at Dante to stop. Peter shouted for Sam to call the police, but Sam gently spoke to Dante in order to talk him down. Dante told her he had to keep Maxie and her baby safe and had to complete the mission. He wanted justice for Drew and Maxie. Sam asked if someone had given him orders, and she begged him not to throw his life away.

Sam continued to try to persuade Dante to stop, and she had him thinking about Rocco. He finally lowered his hand, and Sam grabbed the gun. Peter yelled that Dante was crazy, and he wouldn't get away with it. Sam ordered him to leave. "You stopped me," Dante muttered. He seemed to be in a daze. "Someone had to," Sam replied. She asked Dante what he had been thinking, and he replied that he hadn't been thinking at all.

Dante related that it had been in his head to eliminate Peter, but he'd felt like he'd been outside of himself. He had been told he was better and had recovered, but it wasn't true. He began to cry that he needed help. Sam grabbed his hand and promised to get him some help.

Jackie showed up at Finn's hospital office, and Chase informed her that everyone had seen the headlines. Jackie promised to have Peter's "head on a pike." "Gotta love the irony, though," Chase said. He had believed his mother to be the "gold standard" of truth and integrity, but there had actually been a double standard. She'd had secrets. He refused to talk to her, and he bolted out of the office.

Jackie wondered if Chase would ever forgive her. Finn thought that Chase should be able to feel the way he wanted to feel, and he needed some time. Jackie was angry that the whole world knew their secret, and she was angry that Finn had run the DNA test. She asked if they were better off.

Sam and Dante stood at the nurses' station, and Sam asked for Kevin to be paged.

Olivia found Robert at Metro Court, and she told him that she and Ned had tried to have a talk, but she was stuck. Ned had cheated on her. Robert admitted that he'd had suspicions at Thanksgiving, but he hadn't wanted to make trouble. He'd thought that Olivia would figure it out. Olivia thanked him for giving her credit for being strong, and they laughed about Olivia and the Uzi gun she'd carried on their trip. Robert noted that he had room at his table, and he asked Olivia to join him. She accepted readily.

Cyrus spotted Peter and noted that he seemed "worse for wear." Peter wanted reassurance that Cyrus' witness would hold up, and Cyrus confirmed that they would with Peter holding up his end of the bargain. Peter thought it was lucky that Jackie had had a family scandal waiting to be exposed. Cyrus flashed back to a phone call he'd made in the hospital. He'd asked someone to make certain that he got the results he wanted on a DNA test. He told Peter that he made his own luck.

After "Mike" had gone off for a nap, Phyllis heard the door of the Tano-O open. She called out that they were closed, but she turned and saw Nina standing there. "Surprise!" Nina said. The two women hugged.

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