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January 4 to 8, 2021
Jason was furious when he learned that Carly had whisked Cyrus' mother to a safehouse to use as leverage against Cyrus. Carly assured Jason that Florence was safe and in Bobbie's care. Jordan refused to do Cyrus' bidding. Cyrus met Lesley Webber. Laura told Nikolas about his newfound uncles. Alexis offered Nikolas and Ava a warning about their relationship. Kevin was told that Ryan had suffered "locked-in syndrome," which had left Ryan fully aware but unable to move or communicate except for his eyes. Unbeknownst to anyone, Ryan smiled. Peter was stunned when Franco revealed that Drew's memories were returning. Liesl made contact with Dante to inform him that she was his new handler. Dante objected to working with Liesl, but she used Dr. Kirk's mind control technique to keep Dante in line. Dante noticed a heated exchange between Peter and Sam. Liesl shared a reunion with Britt. Portia confronted Taggert about breaking Trina's heart. Willow had dinner with Chase, and they shared a kiss. Sonny resurfaced.
January 11 to 15, 2021
Sonny received a helping hand from a stranger -- and Mike -- but a head injury left Sonny without any memory of his past. Phyllis Caulfield decided that Sonny's name was "Mike" when he read the inscription on his watch. Sonny was hired as a dishwasher. Tracy was pleased to learn that Ned had taken steps to adopt Leo. Olivia and Sam decided to join forces to get to the bottom of what happened on the night that Alexis had been found asleep behind the steering wheel of her car. T.J. took a swing at Brando when he confronted Brando about sleeping with Molly. Cyrus ordered Brando to find out where Jason had hidden Florence. Ava decided to take custody of Avery, but she promised that Carly would have a generous visitation schedule. Cyrus suggested that he and Jason team up before others filled the void left by Sonny, but Jason questioned Cyrus about the murder of one of the five crime families. Tracy advised Finn to keep the past buried. Willow confided to Sasha that she still had feelings for Chase.
January 18 to 22, 2021
"Mike" -- Sonny with amnesia -- foiled an armed robbery at Lenny's bar, but Lenny bristled when his new employee appeared to take over. Phyllis became concerned that "Mike" struggled with a mental illness. Nina confided to Curtis that she wasn't quite ready to give up the search for her child. Ava acted on a hunch and manipulated Josslyn into handing over Nelle's heart pendant necklace. Jax and Nina declared their love to each other. Olivia figured out why Tracy had framed Alexis for driving drunk, and she confronted both Ned and Alexis about their one-night stand. Valentin hired Martin to represent Alexis. Liz gave Jason a warning when she learned that Franco had asked Jason to kill him if the brain tumor reawakened Franco's homicidal side. Jason told Britt about his experience with Peter. Michael and Willow agreed that it was time to sign their annulment papers. Josslyn realized that her journal was missing, but Cameron and Trina decided not to taint Dev's memory by revealing that Dev had taken it. Cameron was accepted to Stanford University, but he asked Franco to wait to share the news. Maxie told Dante that she and Peter wanted to name their daughter after Lulu. Anna enlisted Kevin's help to review Dante's patient records from the WSB.
January 25 to 29, 2021
Sonny continued to suffer amnesia as Phyllis grew concerned that "Mike" might have bipolar disorder. Jason advised Carly that it was time for Sonny to be officially declared dead because it would send the restless mob families a strong message that Jason was in charge. Nina was horrified when she saw Sasha wearing the other half of Nina's heart pendant necklace during a live interview on national television. Avery admitted that the necklace was a special good luck charm that she had found in the woods near Sonny's cabin. The two halves of the pendants fit perfectly together, prompting Nina to look to Carly for answers. Nina realized that Nelle might have been her daughter. Britt confronted Peter about using her to access Franco's medical records for an explosive article in the Invader. Peter defended his actions, and he warned Britt to back off. Liesl programed Dante to protect Franco at any cost. Alexis grabbed a syringe filled with lidocaine to kill Franco, who was in the throes of a painful brain tumor attack, but instead, she accidentally stabbed Dante. Chase arrested Alexis for attempted murder. Jackie conceded to Finn that she had never ordered a DNA test to confirm that Chase was Gregory's son. Monica advised Tracy to leave town before Tracy's legal troubles caught up with her.
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February 1 to 5, 2021
Jackie tried to persuade Finn not to push to find out if Chase was his son, but Finn needed answers for Violet's sake. Jackie was intrigued when she was told that Bobbie was working for a private patient in Vermont. Martin had an opportunity to talk to his mother. Carly agreed to have a funeral for Sonny. Sonny remained unaware of his true identity. Anna discovered that Franco had been hearing Peter and Drew's voices in his head. Anna shared with Valentin that Franco might pose a danger to Peter and that Liesl was no longer in Steinmauer. Maxie began to question if she fell in love with Peter because he was a reminder of Nathan. Peter vowed that once he married Maxie, Nathan would be a distant memory. Nina ended things with Jax when she learned that he had kept the truth from her about Nelle because of Carly. Nina was shocked when she called The Tan-O and heard a familiar voice. Alexis attended a meeting, but she admitted that she wasn't certain that she could give up drinking. Dante woke up, and he received a visit from Liesl to remind him of his priorities. Michael asked Willow to move into the gatehouse. Nikolas proposed to Ava.
February 8 to 12, 2021
Peter confessed his crimes to Valentin. Britt was tightlipped when Anna questioned her about Liesl's whereabouts. Finn insisted on accompanying Anna on a trip out of town to gather information about Liesl. Franco underwent radiation therapy. Nina opened up to Ava about Nelle and about Nina's fear that the overdose that Madeline had given Nina during her pregnancy had impacted Nelle's development. Sonny, who remained unaware of his past, encouraged Phyllis to go to Port Charles to talk to Nina. At the request of Alex Marick's last will and testament, D. Marick sent an envelope to Peter.
February 15 to 19, 2021
Sonny continued to suffer from amnesia, but he had a dream about Carly. Lenny's bar was robbed and ransacked while "Mike" dropped off a drunk patron at a local motel. "Mike" was the prime suspect in a string of robberies, but Lenny and Phyllis stood up for their new helper. Friends and family gathered to say goodbye to Sonny. Nina overheard a revealing conversation about Nelle between Carly and Jax, prompting her to turn to Valentin for help to make Carly pay for not saving Nelle. Britt made an appointment with a specialist about the intermittent tremors in her hand. Brad was delighted to get a visit from Britt on Valentine's Day. Felix invited Lucas out for a drink after work. Portia agreed to help Curtis during an undercover assignment at a nightclub. Cyrus threatened to "terminate" Brando if Brando failed to locate Florence. Jason took aim at Brando when Brando turned to Jason for help. Jackie and Martin worked together to track down Bobbie. Molly caught Alexis taking a swig of vodka from a hidden bottle. Molly hoped to make Valentine's Day a memorable day for her and T.J. Willow had dinner with Chase, but she spent a lot of time talking about Michael. Josslyn found Cameron's acceptance letter from Stanford University. Franco's treatments had side effects.
February 22 to 26, 2021
Carly was relieved when the FBI closed the case into Nelle's death without charging Carly. Michael and Willow took Wiley to visit Nina. Carly warned Nina to tread with caution, or Nina might not see Wiley again. Curtis decided to switch careers by buying a nightclub. Valentin and Anna discussed how to deal with Peter. Britt gave her mother a helping hand while Liesl broke into Maxie's apartment to dig up dirt on Peter. Liesl found the unopened envelope sent by D. Marick to Peter. Ava and Nikolas agreed that Ryan had sent Ava the ominous Valentine's gift and note, prompting Ava to pay Ryan a visit to issue a warning of her own. When Franco began to lose hair from the treatments, Cameron shaved his head as a show of support for his stepfather. Liz was devastated to learn that Franco's tumor remained unchanged. Franco decided to move out. Jackie tracked down Florence, but Jason and Martin worked out an agreement to keep Florence away from Cyrus. Laura and Lesley gave Cyrus some unwelcome news. Jackie persuaded Finn not to pick up the results of the paternity test from the lab. Brad reached out to Lucas. T.J. and Molly legalized their domestic partnership.
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MARCH 2021
March 1 to 5, 2021
Peter was abducted on his way to the wedding then locked in a utility closet, but Dante saved the day when he heard Peter's cries for help. Liesl crashed the double wedding to vindicate herself and to play a video of Alex revealing that Alex -- not Anna -- was Peter's biological mother. Finn felt betrayed that Anna had shared her secrets with Valentin rather than with him. Gregory overheard Jackie make a revealing confession to Finn. Valentin revealed the truth about Peter's crimes -- including Drew Cain's death -- to Maxie. Mac and Britt rushed Maxie to the hospital when she began to experience painful cramps. Peter denied the accusations against him, but he returned to his hotel room to retrieve a gun. Michael regretted extending an olive branch to Nina when Nina took it upon herself to tell Wiley that Willow was not Wiley's "real" mother. Franco took drastic steps to safeguard his family. Franco asked Sam to pass along a message to Jason, but Sam mistakenly took it as a warning. Franco attacked Peter in the parking garage.
March 8 to 12, 2021
Franco abducted Peter then took his hostage to the art studio, where Franco forced a full confession from Peter. Peter managed to break loose and grab a gun. Franco was shot trying to wrestle the gun away from Peter, prompting Peter to quickly erase his confession from Franco's cell phone then flee the scene. Franco died in Liz's arms, and Jason was briefly detained for shooting Franco. Jason paid Peter a visit. Cameron enlisted Josslyn and Trina's help to slip into the morgue because he refused to believe that Franco was dead. Maxie's contractions were determined to be false labor induced by stress. Peter tried to persuade Maxie to take James and run away with him, but she informed Peter that the man she loved had never existed. Sonny pawned his jewelry for a seat in a high-stakes poker game to help Lenny and Phyllis save the Tan-O. After a heart-to-heart talk with Anna, Jackie decided that it was time to tell Chase the truth about her one-night stand with Finn on the eve of her wedding to Gregory -- and the paternity test.
March 15 to 19, 2021
Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Franco. Cameron had a special visit from Zander Smith. Gladys paid Brando a visit at the hospital, and she revealed that she had been in town for several days. Jason was arrested for Franco's murder when Gladys claimed that she had seen Jason dispose of the murder weapon. Liesl gave Dante his final order to complete the mission and to claim that Dr. Kirk had instructed him to kill Peter. Dante lured Peter to Nathan's grave, but Sam intervened before Dante pulled the trigger. Brook Lynn returned to Port Charles with big news. Peter and Cyrus discussed their "mutually beneficial" arrangement. Valentin was stunned when Brook Lynn revealed that she was pregnant with his child. The paternity test revealed that Finn was Chase's father. Anna and Finn agreed that it was best to part ways because Anna couldn't promise not to lie again to protect him from the dangers of her work. Sonny confided to Florence that he had been gambling in the hopes of winning enough money to buy his rings back. Nina paid Phyllis a visit. Britt was frustrated when her appointment was rescheduled, because the tremors in her hand had grown worse. Alexis faced a difficult decision about her legal woes.
March 22 to 26, 2021
Nina made a shocking discovery when she paid Phyllis a visit at the Tan-O and met Sonny, who remained unaware of his true identity. Nina called Carly to let her know that Sonny was alive, but Carly refused to let Nina speak. Carly warned Nina not to take Michael to court for visitation with Wiley. Sonny believed that Nina was the woman from his dreams, and he was pleasantly surprised when she decided to stay in town for a few days. Cameron was furious when he learned that Jason had been arrested for Franco's murder. Trina encouraged Cameron to use his music to work through the grief of losing Franco. Trina made peace with Curtis, and she paid Taggert a visit. Curtis and Portia had a heart-to-heart talk. Brook Lynn assured Ned that she had a plan to deal with Valentin. Peter tried to crash Maxie's birthing class, so Britt advised Peter to stop stalking Maxie because it would push Maxie further away. Britt and Sam agreed that Maxie needed to be protected from Peter. Olivia was grateful that Sam had helped Dante. Cyrus warned Carly that the Corinthos organization's days were numbered. Laura surprised Martin with a private birthday celebration. Brando confided to Michael that Gladys was the witness against Jason.
March 29 to April 2, 2021
Unlikely alliances were formed as several people conspired to deal with the threat that Peter posed. Peter stepped up his campaign to woo Maxie back, but she and Britt secretly plotted to devise a plan that would keep Peter from being a part of his daughter's life. Liz was caught in the middle, as Jake defended his father, while Cameron accused Jason of killing Franco. Scott confronted Jason about Franco's murder. Liesl surprised Scott when she insisted that Peter -- not Jason -- was responsible for Franco's death. After a night of drinking, Scott and Liesl ended up in bed together. Jackie objected to working for a man like Peter, but he warned her that he intended to hold her to the two-year contract. Elijah met Nina, and he offered to show her around Nixon Falls. Elijah had someone dig up information on Nina. Phyllis suggested that Nina extend her stay to get to know "Mike." Trina and Josslyn were both accepted into Port Charles University, but Josslyn waited for her top pick to get back to her. Taggert was released into Jordan's custody. Curtis was stunned when he learned that Taggert had moved in with Jordan. Cyrus told Laura that Martin had helped Julian flee town after the bombing at the Floating Rib. Laura rescinded her invitation for Martin to spend Easter with her. Alexis pleaded guilty and was sentenced to serve time in Pentonville. Jason was denied bail.
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APRIL 2021
April 5 to 9, 2021
Before heading off to Pentonville to serve a three-year sentence, Alexis put her affairs in order, and she reflected on her past. Alexis recalled the vicious abuse that she had witnessed Mikkos inflict on her mother. After Cyrus threatened Alexis, Nikolas decided to track down Florence by using her love for hummingbird cake. Ava received a package that contained a sculpture of a man's hand and an ominous note that appeared to be from Ryan. Kevin was skeptical that his twin was capable of faking his catatonic state. Peter learned that Valentin had been spending time with Gladys, prompting him to confront Valentin and Anna. Valentin and Anna turned the tables on Peter by luring him into a trap. It was revealed that Brook Lynn was faking her pregnancy. Maxie and Britt laid the foundation for their plan to cut Peter out of his daughter's life. Michael and Sasha agreed to call it quits because Michael had feelings for Willow. Chase invited Gregory, Jackie, and Finn to dinner because he hoped to find a way for their family to move forward. Peter arranged for a waiter to drug Finn's coffee, but the plan went awry. Sonny remained unaware of his true identity as he turned up the charm to woo Nina. Josslyn confided to Jax that she had been waitlisted. Laura received a flower delivery from Spencer.
April 12 to 16, 2021
After Michael and Willow admitted their feelings for each other, they reconnected as lovers. Michael and Willow decided that Michael and Wiley would move into the gatehouse with Willow. Willow tried to tell Chase about her decision, but he fell victim to Peter's plot against Finn. Chase was rushed to the hospital with what appeared to be a flu-like illness, but his condition declined when he lost all feeling in his extremities. Brando shared his secrets with Sasha, and the two made love. Jax called Nina, but Phyllis intervened when she took the phone from Nina and insisted that Jax give Nina space. Anna and Valentin were forced to change their plans for Peter when they learned about Chase's illness. Anna met Cyrus. Ava urged Nikolas to stop searching for Cyrus' mother. Nikolas' private investigator found Florence. Alexis' new life in Pentonville got off to a rocky start. Josslyn admitted to Carly that she had been waitlisted at her first choice college. Jordan was crushed when Curtis told her that he wanted a divorce. Portia and Taggert talked about the past -- and Curtis. "Mike" told Nina that he didn't want to learn about his life prior to his memory loss because he was happy in Nixon Falls. Ned made plans to win Olivia back.
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JUNE 2021

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