Liz Keifer comments on AMC rumors
Posted Tuesday, July 22, 2003 8:55:23 PM
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Liz Keifer comments on AMC rumors

Amid rumors that she will soon be leaving Guiding Light, a show she's called home for over a decade, Elizabeth Keifer's (Blake Marler) has issued a statement to Soap Central that discusses what's true and what's speculation.

Earlier this month, Soap Opera Central/GL Online reported on the uncertainty regarding Keifer's future with Guiding Light. Keifer's co-star, Jerry verDorn (Ross Marler) confirmed late last month through his official fan club that Keifer had been taken off contract. Essentially, that means that Keifer has been let go, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the actress will no longer be seen on-screen. However, show insiders immediately began circulating buzz that Keifer was still a member of the Guiding Light cast - and that she could re-sign with later this summer.

Adding confusion to the mix is a rumor making the rounds that ABC's All My Children is interested in adding the veteran performer to its roster. All My Children is said to be introducing a new character to its canvas later this year and there is a strong desire to bring Keifer aboard in that role.

Is there any truth to the talk that Keifer could jump ship and head to another network?

"There is no official anything happening with AMC," Keifer tells Soap Central. "I have a long relationship with Megan McTavish, All My Children's head writer and she is aware of my status at Guiding Light. There is some interest but I have not spoken to anyone. I don't want to upset anyone over at GL nor do I want to speculate prematurely..."

A spokesperson for ABC declined to comment on All My Children's purported interested in Keifer, stating that it is not network policy to comment on rumors. A spokesperson for Guiding Light was unable to provide a statement before post time.

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