O'Leary, ver Dorn signed to new contracts
Posted Friday, March 05, 2004 1:02:52 AM
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O'Leary, ver Dorn signed to new contracts

Hot on the heels of the dismissals of executive producer John Conboy and actress Lindsey McKeon (Marah Lewis) is some good news for Guiding Light fans: Two popular performers are staying put.

Though things had not been looking good for a contract deal, Michael O'Leary (Rick Bauer) has, in fact, signed a new contract with Guiding Light. As reported in January, O'Leary's contract was down to its final weeks and show execs had not yet approached the actor about reupping. The show and the actor did come to terms on a new deal.

Jerry ver Dorn (Ross Marler), who recently celebrated his 25th anniversary with Guiding Light, has been signed to a new contract. There had been wide speculation that ver Dorn's character might be pared from contract status. According to an insider, ver Dorn had to agree to take a cut in the number of episodes in which he would be guaranteed to appear each week.

The terms of O'Leary and ver Dorn's contracts were not made available. It is not show policy to comment on actors' contracts.

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