Will Aleksander Return to GL?
Posted Tuesday, January 04, 2005 10:24:43 PM
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Will Aleksander Return to GL?

Postings across the Internet - including some on SoapCentral.com's Message Central message boards - are wondering if Guiding Light's Phillip Spaulding is really, really dead.

Fans of the Procter & Gamble produced CBS soap were stunned when news of Grant Aleksander's (Phillip Spaulding) firing was revealed in September 2004. Aleksander, a multiple Daytime Emmy nominee, had been with the show since 1982. He was last seen in scenes that aired in November after Phillip was murdered.

Or is that "murdered?"

It is unclear what - other than, perhaps, wishful thinking - has prompted the rumor mill. However, adding to speculation is the non-denial by Guiding Light's head writer David Kreizman when asked if Phillip would be returning to the canvas.

"I can't answer that," Kreizman responded open-endedly.

A Guiding Light spokesperson explained that it is not show policy to comment on rumors.

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