Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on GL
Harley and Mallet made love in response to Gus's “death.” Harley convinced Mallet that Dinah was his future. Jeffrey admitted that he had slept with Cassie. Josh rebuffed Reva's Valentine treat. Jonathan had an epiphany regarding his relationship with Tammy. Sandy continued scheming to find his way back to Tammy.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on GL
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Monday, February 6, 2006

As Sandy gave Tammy a ride back to the farmhouse, she pointed out they were not headed in the right direction. Sandy told her there was a surprise he wanted her to see first. When Tammy called Jonathan, Sandy said for her to tell him to meet up with them later. At CO2, Sandy introduced Tammy to Nicole, his girlfriend. Tammy asked how long they'd been dating, and Nicole said it had been three-and-a-half weeks. She let Tammy know that Sandy had told her all about their past, and she thought it was great that they could still be friends.

Jonathan arrived, and Sandy introduced him to Nicole. Jonathan confronted Sandy about the underage drinking bust at Outskirts. When Sandy replied that it sucked, Jonathan moved aggressively toward him, but Tammy stopped him. After the girls walked away, Jonathan told Sandy that he knew Sandy was setting him up. He had seen Sandy's shrine to Tammy in his room. Sandy said it was just a guest base for when Tammy returned to his life.

Tammy asked Jonathan what the scene had been all about. Jonathan told her about the shrine and how he was sure Sandy was the one selling the fake I.D.s to the college kids. Tammy told Jonathan that he had become so accustomed to anything or anyone he loved being taken away from him that he was scared everyone, including Sandy, would try to take her or his business away from him. The difference, she said, was that she loved him and they'd made it; they ware together. Sandy wouldn't get between them. They kissed. Jonathan looked relieved but asked Tammy to humor him and go somewhere with him. Sandy watched them and brushed Nicole off, saying he'd call her later.

Outside Sandy's room, Jonathan told Tammy that he could show her the shrine Sandy had set up. Just then, Sandy opened his door, holding a bag of Tammy's things, which he said he had been on his way to return to her. He gave her the bag, saying he'd see her on campus. Tammy looked at Jonathan questioningly, while he just shook his head.

At the kidnapping scene, Gus groggily became conscious. He saw the calendar on the wall was turned to February.

At the farmhouse, Jeffrey told Cassie that they would either resolve their problems, or he would leave and not return. Cassie told him she wanted to love him, not doubt him. If there was anything else he needed to tell her, he should tell her immediately -- like when it had been him instead of Richard with her and the kids. She wanted to know which memories she had that were truly with Richard versus memories with Jeffrey as a stand-in.

Jeffrey told Cassie he had done a terrible thing while protecting Richard -- he had fallen in love with Richard's wife. Jeffrey said he had been tormented every time Richard had thanked him for his loyalty. He had felt like a traitor. He spoke of falling in love with the way Cassie was with her kids and her beautiful eyes. He had tried to get the agency to release him from his duty, but they had been unable to, as he was the only person with exactly Richard's face. Cassie told Jeffrey that his story was every woman's dream. What he had done was not awful but really rather sweet. Jeffrey insisted she not call it that and said there was more.

After Dinah ran into Frank at CO2, Jeffrey called her to meet him at the farmhouse. Dinah didn't want to have any part in his "big revelation" to Cassie, but Jeffrey insisted. Cassie said Dinah had already told her everything about them masquerading as Richard and Cassie in Europe, but Jeffrey pushed Dinah to expose his entire obsession with Cassie. Dinah admitted that she and Jeffrey had been "together" during the deception. Jeffrey told Dinah to go on -- it was her big chance to get back at both Cassie and him.

Dinah said she had grown beyond that type of behavior, and what she had to say would only hurt Cassie. She asked what the point was. Jeffrey told Dinah to tell Cassie how much he had loved Cassie during that time. Stunned, Cassie listened as Dinah told of how Jeffrey had referred to Dinah as Cassie at all times. When they had been alone, he had whispered Cassie's name in her ear, even when they had been in bed, making love.

Dinah said as weird as it sounded, Jeffrey had been crazy in love with Cassie and had looked out for her for years. She told Cassie that Cassie had had not just one prince, but two. She told Cassie, "You took Hart away from me and then took Jeffrey, before you even knew." Cassie turned away, and Dinah asked if she was all right. Cassie said she didn't know. Dinah left after saying she was sorry.

When Jeffrey asked Cassie if it was enough, she told him she couldn't hear anymore. She had no clue what she should be feeling. She said to him, "How could you do this to me? Of all the people I thought I could count on to be honest, it was you, Richard, and you lied." She stopped herself when she realized the name by which she had called him. Jeffrey looked stricken.

After Cassie apologized for calling Jeffrey "Richard," he asked who she wanted him to be, Richard or Jeffrey. He said that because he had Richard's face, she might only love him because of it. She was not sure, and he said he had to get out of there.

At Company, Harley requested that Mallet, in respect of Gus's memory, let go of what had happened between them the night before. While she could let go of it, he said that he could not. Harley said it had been a horrible moment of weakness, and Mallet agreed. He insisted, however, that the two of them loved one another and had for years. He had taken on the warden's job for her, he had followed her and Gus to New York for her, and he had joined the Springfield Police Department for her.

Mallet told Harley that he knew she loved Gus. He really, really liked Dinah and would pursue a future with her if he knew Harley was out of his life -- Dinah deserved someone who focused on her 100%. But he also said when he and Harley were together, he felt at home and comfortable. He needed to know if there would ever be a time when they would get together again. He would wait as long as it took if there would be. He said he felt it was their last chance. If there was no hope, he'd walk away.

Harley told Mallet he had become a wonderful man, and she still loved him. However, as their hearts had not moved on, their lives had. She said she could never replace Gus with him. She couldn't pretend she didn't still love Gus. Gus deserved that. She told Mallet to go and be with Dinah; he deserved someone who wanted only him. Beth had been observing the conversation, just as she had eavesdropped on Frank's interaction with Jude and Zach earlier.

Inside Company, Frank embraced Harley as she told him she had to tell the boys about Gus. Frank offered to help, but she said she was the mother and would do it. The boys told of having pet a bullfrog at school and showed her a picture they had drawn of their family -- the two boys, Harley, and Gus. Harley began to explain that Gus wouldn't be returning home.

On Main Street, Dinah had carried a scarf out of a store and into the street to see its color in daylight. A store clerk accused her of trying to steal it. As Dinah ranted to the clerk, Mallet looked on approvingly. He intervened by asking the clerk if she had really thought the woman had been trying to steal the scarf. The clerk said yes and demanded that he do something about it. He looked at Dinah, showed her his badge, and said, "Lady, I'm sorry," as he threw her over his shoulder and carried her away -- with the scarf. Once around the corner, they kissed.

When Harley was not able to explain Gus's absence to the boys, Frank took over and had them draw more pictures. At the kidnapping site, Gus wrote Harley's name on the calendar. Beth pushed food beneath Gus's door, which he ate like an abandoned animal. At Company, Harley looked at a picture of Gus and the boys and forlornly blew out a candle.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Coop was sick in bed at Quinn's apartment. Lizzie, realizing that he was sick, headed out to get him cold medicine and things to make him feel better. Coop phoned Buzz to report out of work. Buzz told Ava she'd have to make the bank deposit because Coop was sick in bed. Ava left Company.

Ava showed up at Quinn's apartment to check on Coop. She had brunch for him and Lizzie. She sent him off to take a shower while she arranged the meal. When Coop stepped out of the shower, he told Ava she'd have to avert her eyes because his clothes were in the room with her. He became dizzy when he tried to get dressed, and Ava started to help him back into bed. Coop and Ava lost their balance and tumbled onto the bed together.

Just then, Lizzie walked in carrying all the stuff she had picked up, including food from Company, to help Coop recover quickly. Coop explained that "things aren't how they look" -- with him on top of Ava on the bed -- and Lizzie told him she knew that. Lizzie offered to walk Ava out of the room while Coop got back under the covers. Out in the hallway, Lizzie confronted Ava about trying to take Coop. Lizzie called Ava a slut. Ava shot back at Lizzie about catching Lizzie kissing Quinn.

Ava openly admitted that she was after Coop. Lizzie said Ava didn't stand a chance at breaking them up. Ava said she didn't have to break them up -- she just had to wait for Lizzie to screw things up herself. Lizzie returned to Coop and started to fuss over him. She began to call Nettie, the maid from the mansion, to help take care of Coop, but Coop stopped her. He told Lizzie that she was the one that made him feel better; all he needed was her.

Josh and Olivia were at the office, working. Olivia offered to go get coffee for both of them. At first, Josh refused, but Olivia convinced him to let her do something for him. As she was leaving the office, Cassie walked in to chat with Josh. Cassie told Josh that she understood why he didn't want to help her with her questions about Jeffrey anymore. Cassie filled Josh in on Jeffrey catching her with the CIA agent and being angry, the documents about Jeffrey being shredded, and Jeffrey's admission that he'd fallen in love with Cassie while playing Richard.

Josh told Cassie that she should choose love. After everything she had learned about Jeffrey, if she still felt love for him, she should choose love. Josh started to realize how choosing love could affect his own life. He talked through his broken relationships and how they could have been different if he had made different choices. Cassie told Josh not to be a stranger as she left the office.

Reva and Billy met at Company. They discussed how Olivia could be blown out of the water if they told Josh the truth about the switching of the drinks. Buzz overheard them talking, but missed the part where Billy and Reva said they wouldn't be telling Josh. Buzz saw Olivia approaching and walked outside to meet her. Buzz informed Olivia of Billy and Reva's supposed plan. Olivia questioned his motivation for telling her, and Buzz explained that it was time someone gave her a break.

Olivia left for Josh's office. When she arrived at the office, she told Josh that she had something to confess. She told Josh that she could have stopped Billy from taking that first drink -- she didn't admit to switching the drinks, though -- but her desire to have Bill get the job in Venezuela had kept her from doing it. She said that she felt remorse, but understood if he could never forgive her. She admitted that as she and Josh had gotten closer, she had known she'd have to be honest with him, or she'd never be able to allow their relationship to grow. She told Josh that she was going to go to CO2, and if he wanted to talk to her, that was where she would be.

As Olivia left the office, she ran into Billy and Reva. She told them that she had stolen their thunder, and they had no control over her anymore, since she'd already told Josh about her involvement in Billy's drinking. Reva and Billy were confused because they'd had no intention of telling Josh anything about it. As Olivia stormed off, Josh walked out of the office. Josh wasn't too happy to see them. He asked them if they had gone there to tell him about Olivia.

Billy and Reva told Josh they hadn't planned to tell him anything, but as the conversation continued, Reva told Josh that Olivia had actually switched the drinks on purpose. Josh said he was not sure he believed her. Billy took responsibility for his drinking. Josh said that he no longer needed to justify his choices to anyone, and he left. Billy and Reva were stunned and confused. Reva told Billy that she was going to get him back on the wagon, and then the two of them would show everyone how business was done.

Jonathan and Tammy stopped by the farmhouse to collect some of Tammy's things. R.J. saw them kissing on the couch and told Tammy that what she was doing was wrong. Jonathan spied R.J.'s roller blades and offered to show R.J. how to skate. They headed outside. Cassie returned from Josh's office and found Tammy at the farmhouse. She was happy to see Tammy and agreed to let Tammy take her things.

Jonathan entered the farmhouse, carrying R.J., who had fallen while skating. Cassie accused Jonathan of being responsible for R.J.'s injuries. Tammy told her mother that she had been the one who had given R.J. permission to go skating. Cassie made another angry move at Jonathan, and Tammy told her mother, "You don't get to do that anymore."

Tammy and Cassie stepped outside to talk. Tammy told Cassie that she could not continue blaming everything on Jonathan. Cassie said that ever since Jonathan had arrived in town, bad things had been happening. Cassie said if Tammy wanted to put herself in danger, that was fine, but she shouldn't be putting her brother in danger. Tammy responded with how Cassie had put the whole family in danger when she had married Edmund, the psychopath. Cassie slapped Tammy.

Tammy told Cassie not to say anything more and went inside to collect her things. Cassie walked back in and once again told Jonathan that if he really loved Tammy, he'd leave her alone. Tammy entered the room and saw the two talking. She knew that it couldn't be good. Jonathan took Tammy's things and said he'd wait outside for her. Tammy told R.J. that he'd see her and Jonathan soon and then left. On the farmhouse porch, Tammy told Jonathan that she no longer needed to fix things with her mother to move on with her life.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Jonathan was on Main Street in front of the movie house. He was alone, it was dark, and there was a thunderstorm raging. Then, he was at the door of Company, calling through the door that nothing would ruin the day for him and Tammy -- nothing. He was then in a room at the Beacon, where a hotel employee arranged flowers. The employee told Jonathan thunderstorms were omens of spirits with unfinished business being awakened. Jonathan laughed it off and requested more flowers and ice.

As the employee left the room, Jonathan's phone rang. It was Tammy, and she teased him that she couldn't make the evening, as something had come up. She was just kidding and was excited about them being together, with a fresh start and no one getting between them.

Jonathan glanced over to the window and saw Alfred/Nate's spirit standing there. He agreed that a fresh start was a great idea but reminded Jonathan that he didn't get a fairytale ending.

Alfred and Jonathan were in the doorway of the room where Jonathan had seduced and had sex with Tammy when he had first arrived in Springfield. Nate reminded Jonathan of how he had treated Tammy, and as Jonathan remembered, his eyes filled with tears. He escaped the room and slid down the wall onto the floor. Nate continued to bait Jonathan about his past.

Back in the Beacon room, Jonathan screamed for SpiritNate to leave him alone and insisted that he was different. He threw the vase of flowers against the wall where he'd seen Nate. As he picked them up, there was laughter, and SpiritDinah was sitting on the bed, painting her toenails. He complained to her that he had to deal with the living as well as the dead. Dinah told him it was all in his mind but that the one thing she had loved about him the most was he had been really good in bed. He had been a major turnon and not delusional or a hypocrite like others. She warned him not to change.

Nate reappeared. When Jonathan told Nate that he was different, Nate led Jonathan over to the mirror. Jonathan's reflection was evil looking with his snake wrapped around his neck. He heard Nate's voice jeering at him that he'd always be the same, the one who had destroyed Tammy's life and would continue to do so time and time again. Jonathan fought off Nate and Dinah as they poked fun at him, and they disappeared.

A lady from down the hall knocked on Jonathan's door, and he apologized for the noise. He told her that he was having some visitations from his past. The woman empathized with him and told him to order a drink and find a good game on the television because it always worked for her. Dinah and Nate reappeared. Jonathan told them that they could not ruin his evening with Tammy, and they'd better be gone when he returned. He left.

On Main Street, Jonathan admired a piece of jewelry in a store window and saw himself putting it on SpiritTammy. He bumped into SpiritSandy, who told him he was just checking up on him. Jonathan was skeptical, but Sandy declared himself to be just a figment of Jonathan's warped imagination. He invited Jonathan to let him take Jonathan to places. They visited the farm where SpiritCassie and SpiritTammy were arguing about Jonathan.

Tammy wanted to take R.J. to the zoo, and Cassie said she could not if Jonathan was going along. She wanted to give Tammy some of her belongings for her new home with Jonathan. Tammy was taken aback and thought that the farmhouse was also her home. Cassie wondered if Tammy was happy with Jonathan after wanting to be with him for so long. Tammy said that even though she loved Jonathan, "he is who he is" and would never change. She wished that loving him didn't hurt so much.

Jonathan was upset at what he heard. Cassie suggested that Tammy could leave Jonathan, but Tammy was hesitant. Cassie was afraid to leave him for fear of what he might do. Jonathan stated that Tammy wasn't afraid of him, and SpiritSandy responded, "Not yet, maybe!"

SpiritSandy gave Jonathan a glimpse of his and Tammy's wedding. No one other than Reva turned up, and the church was empty. Sandy told Jonathan that everyone hated him and was disgusted that he and Tammy were together. Sandy asked how long Jonathan thought he and Tammy could survive on just their love, and Jonathan told him that they'd leave town. Sandy then showed Jonathan some of Tammy's future.

Jonathan met a man, Dustin, who took Jonathan to his home -- his home with Tammy. They were married, Dustin had just made partner in his firm, and they had a young daughter, Katie. Jonathan watched as Tammy expressed her unhappiness when she had been with Jonathan and her happiness with Dustin. She undressed to take a dip in the hot tub with Dustin.

Jonathan found himself on Main Street again in front of the movie theater. The thunderstorm still raged. SpiritCassie approached him and asked if he had seen the movie. It was The Living Dead, a movie with a message, she told him. Jonathan questioned why she was there, and Cassie told him it was because he wanted her there.

Jonathan assumed that Cassie was happy with what had happened to him and Tammy. Cassie told him that Tammy had left him to save herself from being hurt by Jonathan. Jonathan was angry with Cassie for thinking that and grabbed her by the arms as Cassie taunted him that he'd never hurt Tammy, never grab her or shake her, "Right?"

Cassie and Jonathan were outside Company, and SpiritTammy was inside with Dustin. Jonathan said that it was supposed to be his date with Tammy. Cassie tried to persuade Jonathan to leave Tammy and let her find a new life. He entered Company and found it empty and beautifully laid out.

SpiritTammy arrived. Jonathan talked to her about their future and said that things wouldn't always be difficult for them. He told her that their rebel lifestyle would wear thin, and one day she'd want more. She'd want a home, kids, and money, and he would not always work in a bar.

The spirits of Dinah, Nate, Sandy, Cassie, and Dustin sat around watching and listening and threw insults and barbs in Jonathan's direction. Tammy reassured him that she'd be happy in that kind of life and couldn't wait to show him how much. As they left, the spirits goaded him, and in his frustration, Jonathan told them that if he could go back to his first day in Springfield, he'd change everything.

Jonathan found himself outside the farmhouse with SpiritNate. Tammy was outside. Nate told Jonathan that it was his first day in Springfield and asked how he wanted to play it. Jonathan introduced himself to Tammy in three different guises: her cousin, a recent arrival in Springfield, and as himself. As her cousin, Jonathan warned Tammy that Sandy was an imposter.

Tammy was delighted to have a cousin and declared that he could be like a big brother. She was not impressed when the second Jonathan told her that he was in acquisitions and mergers, and she seemed uninterested in him when Jonathan number three declared she was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen. Nate told Jonathan he needed to face the truth that he'd never be good enough for Tammy Winslow.

The scene flipped back to Company, where SpiritTammy was outside and being annoyed by a fellow student who was drunk and pawing her. Jonathan rushed out and angrily pulled the guy off Tammy. All the while, the other spirits were jeering at Jonathan and reminding him that he had a violent streak and that if Tammy had any sense, she'd just drop him. SpiritTammy persuaded Jonathan to let the guy go. Jonathan was upset and told her no one was allowed to treat her that way. The Spirit Chorus cried out, "You did!"

A tearful Jonathan told Tammy that the guy hadn't treated her like a person but as if she were there for the taking, like he had. The guy reminded him of himself when he had first arrived in Springfield -- how he had wanted to hurt Tammy and what he had done to her. Tammy exclaimed that she had thought they were past all that, but Jonathan wondered how they could ever get past it. He had shamed her and violated her but had let her know he had enjoyed every sick minute of it. SpiritTammy told Jonathan that she was fine; she knew why she was with him, and he was worth loving. Jonathan didn't think he was worth anything.

Jonathan found himself back in the room at the Beacon and was distraught. He looked at his reflection, expressed hatred for himself, and started to trash the room. Tammy arrived, and Jonathan told her to get as far away from him as she could. Tammy yelled at him to not give up on her after all they'd been through. She accused him of being too scared to love her and asked if he was going to smash everything up, even her. She told Jonathan that he had hurt her in the worst possible way but that he had also saved her life and given her love and passion.

Tammy said she had forgiven Jonathan a long time before, and that didn't mean she had forgotten, but she knew who Jonathan was inside. Jonathan still worried that he couldn't erase that part of his past, and the person who had done what he had was still inside. However, Tammy had faith in Jonathan; she trusted him, and he needed to trust himself. She was right where she wanted to be. Jonathan sobbed in her arms while Spirits Dinah, Sandy, Dustin, and Cassie watched. Jonathan looked over at them and sobbed, "You lose. I win!"

Feeling better, Jonathan asked to be excused. Outside the door, he found SpiritNate, who congratulated him on a nice little speech. Jonathan told Nate that he was done with him, and he was going to let him go. He didn't need him anymore and had only been keeping him around as an out if things hadn't worked out with Tammy. Jonathan told Nate that when a person was young and their parents slapped them, they didn't know any better, and no one could persuade them otherwise. But as a person got older, they understood that there was something that could change that: unconditional love, something that Nate wouldn't know about.

Nate reluctantly took his leave of Jonathan, saying that he hoped he wouldn't see him again. Tammy joined Jonathan in the hallway as she thought she had heard voices and had been scared that he'd run away. A happy Jonathan told her he was through running away from them. He reminded Tammy that there were a few things that they had promised they wouldn't do under Reva's roof and suggested that they get their own place together. Tammy was overjoyed at the idea and jumped into Jonathan's arms, laughing her agreement.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Dinah and Mallet wondered if their relationship was just about sex. They agreed to be exclusive "bed buddies" -- or maybe just "partners." The police station called to give Mallet a chance to interview his new partner.

Jonathan wanted to find a place where he and Tammy could live together. Jonathan intercepted a note from Sandy to Tammy. Jonathan angrily confronted Sandy and warned him to stay away from Tammy, or Jonathan would kill him. Sandy admitted to wanting Tammy.

R.J. wondered why he didn't see Tammy and Jeffrey as much anymore. Cassie realized that she had pushed her entire family away. She told Reva that she respected Reva's choices. Reva didn't respect Cassie for turning in Jonathan and Tammy to the police. Cassie and Reva confessed to missing each other. Reva asked Joshua if he wanted to spend Valentine's Day together. Joshua declined because he was still trying to figure out what it was that he needed. Frank asked Olivia about her Valentine's plans.

Joshua apologized to Jeffrey for investigating him. Jeffrey wondered if there was any chance that Cassie would ever get over it. Jeffrey ended up in the hospital after an accident. While he was on pain medication and thinking that Mel was Cassie, he confessed that he had slept with her while posing as Richard. Mel wondered whether she should tell Cassie. Jeffrey told Cassie that he had fallen off a horse while he had been trying to channel his "inner Richard." Mel decided not to tell Cassie when Cassie said how relieved she was that Jeffrey was okay.

Friday, February 10, 2006

AAt "Lizzie's" condo, Coop saw her looking at the newspaper article regarding Alan's memorial service. He tried to encourage her to go, but she refused. She said it'd only be a joke anyway -- Alan had had no friends; the only people there would be suck-ups trying to impress her family. Lizzie went on to say if it weren't for Alan, Gus would be home. Plus, she felt funny because her family kept hurting his.

Coop tried to assure Lizzie that she was not to blame for her family's actions; she was a good person. Lizzie reiterated that she was not going to Alan's memorial, but she would go to Company later to meet Coop. Coop took off for the Cooper dinner at Company while Lizzie took a shower. When Lizzie got out, she was more than a little annoyed that Quinn had let himself in.

Quinn reminded Lizzie it was his place, and he could take it back. He told her he was there to take her to her grandfather's memorial service. Lizzie told Quinn she was not attending the service and told him to get out. She would be meeting with Coop for his family's dinner. Quinn got a little annoyed at the mention of Coop's name and tried to convince Lizzie that he was the better man for her, especially considering all he'd given her. In appreciation for all he'd done, Lizzie kissed him and dropped her towel.

Lizzie scurried to get ready to meet Coop, leaving Quinn again tired of hearing about Coop and alone in the apartment. However, by the time she got to Company, Coop had already left to check up on her, wondering what was taking her so long. Upon seeing Quinn, he demanded to know what he was doing there. Quinn replied it was his apartment.

Alexandra was on her way to Alan's memorial service and was shocked when Alan-Michael told her he was not going. She was upset but unable to change his mind. Not really wanting to go in alone, Alex sat outside the church. Suddenly, Olivia walked by on her way to the service. Alex said she was surprised Olivia was going. Olivia responded that she couldn't figure out why Alex wasn't already in there.

Alex admitted she was not ready to say goodbye to her brother. He had been her worst enemy and her best friend. Olivia told Alexandra that Alan had been good to her once, and that was why she was going. She convinced Alex that Alex needed to say goodbye. She offered to go in with Alex. Alexandra accepted the invitation. After the service, Alexandra found Alan-Michael, who was on his way to the Spaulding Valentine's Day party. Alexandra told Alan-Michael she knew he had a big night ahead of him.

Gus and Alan spent a restless night. They started bickering, blaming each other for their situation. Alan said Harley and everyone else had given up on them, but Gus didn't believe it. He proclaimed at least people would mourn him. Suddenly, the pair heard someone on the other side of the door; it was Beth. Alan tried to plead with and bribe his unknown captor but only ended up injuring himself when he angrily banged on the door.

Alan reiterated that everyone had given them up for dead. Gus didn't think Harley believed it. Alan started contemplating what kind of funeral Alex had given him. He was sure that dignitaries from far and wide had gone to speak about the loss of a great man. Gus told Alan he was not a great man; he was a man who had killed his son in cold blood. Alan snidely asked Gus whom he thought Harley would turn to.

Harley set out to attend the family dinner at Company and passed by Mallet on the way out. When Mallet went back into his place, Dinah told him they needed to go to the dinner also. Mallet tried to tell her it was just a family thing, but she insisted they should both go there because they both cared about Harley. Mallet was still uncomfortable, which Dinah chalked up to missing his partner. She convinced him that both he and Harley needed to say goodbye to Gus.

In the meantime, the Coopers had closed Company for the night. They were having a special family dinner, though at Harley's request, it was not to be a memorial service. All Harley wanted was a nice, normal dinner. Before dinner started, Zach showed Harley a picture he had drawn of Gus in heaven. The picture upset Harley, and she rushed out to get some air.

Beth, who was on the way to Alan's service, saw Harley sitting there and said she was sorry. Beth told Harley they shared something -- they'd both lost a husband. Harley pointed out their circumstances did not compare. Beth insisted her marriage hadn't been entirely devoid of feeling. Harley didn't want to pick a fight and told Beth it didn't matter. At least Alan wasn't controlling her anymore. Beth defensively pointed out that Alan hadn't been using her; she was in control.

Harley unexpectedly offered Beth a job at Spaulding, in the PR department. She told Beth they did share something -- uncertainty over what had happened to their husbands. Beth left, and Buzz walked out.

At the cabin, Gus examined the door, looking for a way out. Finally he spotted something. There was a painted-over window above the door leading to the other room. Gus asked Alan to boost him. Although Alan worried that Gus wouldn't return for him, Gus gave his word that he'd take his father with him.

Outside Company, Harley ranted to her father about not being able to tell Zach the right thing. He told her she was being strong, but she retorted that she didn't want to be strong; she wanted someone to help her. Buzz hugged her and told her to let her family do it. Harley admitted she was afraid if she grieved, she'd seem pathetic, but Buzz assured her it didn't matter what other people thought.

Buzz told Harley it was all right to act like the man she loved was gone. Harley didn't know how to do that. His reply was to take her inside so they could have a dinner to honor Gus. During dinner, Harley shared stories about Gus when suddenly Mallet and Dinah arrived. They were not alone -- they had several policemen with them. They presented a touched Harley with the widow's flag.

At the cabin, Gus succeeded in breaking the window. He got into the kitchen area and found a cell phone with a low battery. Hoping there was enough power left, Gus placed a call.

At the same time, the Cooper dinner was over, and Mallet was telling Harley he hoped he hadn't overstepped. She replied no, she had needed it. At that point, with everyone occupied, the phone rang, and no one answered it.

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