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Springfield Presence
Sandy Foster (March 2003 to August 20, 2003 [voice only]; March 2003 to March 14, 2006)
At A Glance

Scott Bailey joined the cast of Guiding Light on August 20, 2003 in the role of Sandy Foster, the mysterious radio personality whose voice had been intriguing both Springfield residents and viewers alike since early March 2003.

Originally from Florissant, MO, Scott has also lived in Mt. Vernon, IL; Augsburg, Germany; Albuquerque, NM and Los Angeles. After receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University, Scott worked as a mechanical engineer for the Department of Energy. While studying to receive his doctorate degree from UCLA, Scott decided to postpone his studies in order to pursue another interest acting.

While pursuing television roles, Scott also worked at Universal Studios as the star of both live action shows Terminator 2: 3D as well as Spiderman. On television, Scott has appeared in Walker Texas Ranger, Chicken Soup For The Soul, MTV's Undressed and most recently, in a Lifetime Television movie called Just Ask My Children.

Scott currently resides in New York City.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION

Guiding Light
Sandy Foster
March 2003 to March 14, 2006; March 2003 to August 20, 2003, voice only

Dawn of Our Nation (as Scott M. Bailey)
Capt. Walter Laurie

The First Day
Capt. Walter Laurie

Just Ask My Children
Brandon Kniffen (Age 15-21)

MTV's "Undressed"

Walker, Texas Ranger
Danny Roberts
"Full Recovery" (episode # 8.11) 11 December 1999

Chicken Soup for the Soul
"Love Is Never Lost" (episode # 1.2) 31 August 1999

Vital Statistics
DATE OF BIRTH: December 16
PLACE OF BIRTH: Florissant, MO
HAIR: Black
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