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Bradley Raines

Actor History

James Rebhorn (May 1983 to Spring 1985; Recurring, September 20, 1989 to January 13, 1990)


Died in the Summer of 2001


Former Spaulding Enterprises Special Security Officer

Former Cedars hospital security guard

Former Spaulding Enterprises security guard

Resides At

Colorado at time of death

Marital Status

at time of death Divorced/Lillian Raines

Past Marriages

Lillian Raines (Divorced)



Elizabeth Raines (stepdaughter)

Flings & Affairs

None Crimes Committedn

Physically abused Lillian and Beth Raines [1970's - 1984]

Lied to Beth and Lillian that he got a promotion at Spaulding Enterprises, when he had actually gotten fired [August 16, 1983]

Sent Alan Spaulding a blackmail note, about Phillip's true parentage, for $10,000 [August 26, 1983]

Eavesdropped on Alan Spaulding and Justin Marler and then maliciously told Phillip Spaulding the truth of his parentage [August 1983]

Assaulted Beth [September 2, 1983]

Forcefully shoved Lillian down in a fit of anger [September 28, 1983]

Falsely accused Phillip Spaulding of raping Beth [October 3, 1983]

Coerced Beth into having a gynecological exam [October 5, 1983]

Threatened to kill Phillip [October 20, 1983]

Pulled a gun on Phillip, at Cedars, while he was working as a security guard [October 26, 1983; Warren Andrews had him fired for this]

Pulled a gun on Beth and raped her [October 31, 1983]

Physically assaulted Beth (slapped across the face) [Thanksgiving day, November 24, 1983]

Threatened Beth with a knife [Thanksgiving day, November 24, 1983]

Assaulted Lillian and gave her a black eye [December 7, 1983]

Falsely accused Phillip of harassment [July 1983]

Fraud; sent Alan a note in which he claimed to be Alan's sister, Alexandra [February 14, 1984]

Attempted to bribe Alan to get him off for his crimes, move to New York City and move to New York under an assumed name [February 14, 1984]

Stalked Alan, Lillian, Beth and Phillip at the Lakeland Country Club [February 14, 1984]

Listened into a private conversation between Rick Bauer and Mindy Lewis [February 14, 1984]

Listened into a private conversation between Mike Bauer and Lillian Raines [February 14, 1984]

Threatened and tricked Mindy Lewis into having sex with Phillip [February 15, 1984]

Falsely accused Neil Everest of raping Beth [January 10, 1990] Memorable Quotes

Bradley at his trial in late February 1984. Under cross examination by Ross Marler, Bradley is testifying as to his reason for raping his teenaged stepdaughter, Beth:

"No one could love Beth, like I did ... That's why I had to mark her. I had to make sure no one else would ever want her."

Brief Character History

Bradley Raines arrived in Springfield in 1983 with his family during his stepdaughter's senior year in high school. Though appearing to be a well-adjusted individual, Bradley had a violent temper and often beat his wife and stepdaughter. Both women were reluctant to report Bradley to the police and so the abuse continued. Not long after arriving in town, Bradley learned a dark secret involving Phillip Spaulding: Alan was NOT his biological father! Seeing dollar signs, Bradley anonymously blackmailed Alan for $ 100,000. Though he had every intention of continuing to milk Alan for money, when he found Phillip confessing his love for Bradley's stepdaughter, Beth, he flew into a jealous rage and told Phillip the truth. Bradley became more abusive than ever and when he mistakenly believed that Phillip and Beth were sleeping together, he brutally raped Beth! When Beth moved out of the Raines house to get away from Bradley, he got a court order to force her to come home. Beth complied but then ran off to New York with Phillip where Bradley followed. In the end, Bradley discovered the pair and almost died in a struggle with Phillip. Fortunately, for Bradley both Phillip and Beth saved his life. Bradley was ultimately arrested and at his trial pathetically confessed that he had to "mark" Beth so that no one would want her. After the trial, Lillian divorced him and he was then remanded to a psychiatrist hospital.

In 1985, Bradley, who was now in prison, met Beth's new love, Lujack, who was falsely accused of murdering Andy Ferris. Concerned, Lillian asked Bradley to help him. Finally, Lujack escaped, with Beth's help, during a benefit show where he was singing. To their horror, Bradley stopped them and demanded Beth's forgiveness for what he had done to her. He claimed he was a changed man now and wanted to help them. When Beth said that she forgave him, Bradley let the pair escape before the police arrived. That was Bradley's last appearance until 1989.

In 1989, Dana Jones's lover visited Bradley in prison and told him Beth (who was presumed dead) was still alive. After Bradley told him details of Beth's life, Dana's lover told Phillip that he had kidnapped Beth and wanted $ 1 Million. Although Phillip paid the money, he only found Dana. At the same time Bradley was released from prison, discovered Dana's lover as a swindler and was knocked out by him when he tried to confront him. Because of this, Bradley was shortly suspected as the swindler's accomplice. Later, Bradley was shocked to actually see Beth, who attacked him with a shovel because she thought he was her kidnapper, Professor Blackburn. After landing in the hospital after the attack, he told Lillian and Phillip that Beth was actually alive. Though Lillian doubted him, Phillip didn't. After Beth turned up alive, Bradley helped her to regain her memory. After Beth was fully recovered, Bradley left Springfield for good. Twelve years later, Beth would learn that he was dead and had left her a valuable silver mine in his will.

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