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Colonel Dax

Actor History

Thom Christopher (July 2, 1999 to February 19, 2002; July 25 & 26, 2002; March 14, 2003; May 12, 2003; June 5, 2003; March 15, 2004)


Former Dean of Internal Security of San Cristobel

Former Head of the Palace Guard of San Cristobel

Resides At

San Cristobel (assumed)

Previously exiled to St. Germain

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married (Assumed)

Past Marriages



William Winslow, Jr. (godson)



Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

Collaborated with Edmund Winslow to hide the fact that Edmund was still alive [September 14, 1999 - September 16, 1999]

Treason; Assisted Richard Winslow in his coup [June 15, 2001 - June 29, 200]

Sabotaged Alonzo Baptiste's stint in the Merchant Marines [2001] Final Words

"Richard was a great man, Cassie, a prince by character, not of birthright. There'll never be another like him, never."

Brief Character History

Colonel Dax was a man dedicated to the crown and country of San Cristobel. Head of the palace guard for decades, he was loyal to Prince Richard Winslow, as well as his father before him. Concerned that the monarchy was dying, in 1999, Dax convinced Richard that he had to take a wife to produce an heir. Thanks to Richard's ex-wife Reva Shayne, who had lived in San Cristobel for eight years under the name Catherine while she was under amnesia , Richard met her sister Cassie Layne and Dax persuaded him into entering into a marriage agreement with her. To Dax's delight, and despite the plots of Richard's evil brother Edmund, Cassie and Richard finally married in 2000.

In 2001, when Richard was learned to be illegitimate, Edmund was given the throne. Though he appeared to be loyal to Edmund, Dax knew how dangerous Edmund was and helped Richard to stage a coup and declare San Cristobel a democracy with Richard as president. Soon though, it became apparent that Dax's true allegiance was to the monarchy, not to Richard. When Dax learned that that the true heir to the throne, Prince William, had not died but was given away, he conducted a discreet investigation and learned that fisherman Alonzo Baptiste was the rightful ruler of San Cristobel. Investigating further, he learned that Alonzo left behind a wife and newborn son while he joined the Merchant Marines. Seeing a way to restore the monarchy, Dax manipulated Richard and Cassie into adopting the Baptistes' son, hoping that Alonzo (who had just returned to San Cristobel) would fight for custody of the boy. Unfortunately Alonzo didn't take the bait and was all set to leave the island again. Desperate to keep him on the island, Dax arranged it so that he'd miss the ship and his chances of re-signing with the Merchant Marines. With Alonzo securely on the island, Dax finally played his wild card and told Alonzo's opportunistic wife, Camille, that Alonzo was the true ruler of San Cristobel. The plan worked like a charm with Camille blackmailing Alonzo into taking the throne in February 2002. Though he tried to keep his schemes secret, an angry Richard learned that Dax was manipulating the situation and transferred him out of the palace. Though Dax was later deported off the island by Alonzo, apparently his schemes paid off with the restoration of the monarchy.

Months later, Richard died after lying in a coma after a car accident and despite his rocky final days with Richard, Dax attended his former king's funeral in Springfield with the permission of Alonzo. Dax even participated as a pallbearer and told Cassie that there will never be another honorable prince like Richard.

In 2003, Dax returned to Springfield to offer Edmund the Ambassadorship of San Cristobel. Apparently back in the good graces of the monarchy, Dax returned to Springfield again months later to attend a gala in Richard's honor and was asked by Edmund to get some information on Springfield's new District Attorney, Jeffrey O'Neill, who was the splitting image of Richard. Though he learned that O'Neill was not related to Richard, he did discover a 3 year gap in the man's records. In 2004, Edmund called Dax again with the suspicion that the child Cassie had miscarried years earlier hadn't truly died, but had been taken away by Richard's enemies. When Dax reported back and told Edmund that the doctor who delivered the baby had died, Edmund told him to keep digging around for more information until they knew without a doubt what happened to that baby. That same year, Dax returned to Springfield to finally give Edmund the information he gathered about Jeffrey--he was an operative for the CIA.

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