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Dr. Noah Chase
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Actor History

Mark Dobies (March 3, 2000 to August 17, 2001)



Secret Agent

Resides At


Marital Status

Single/Broken Engagement (Reva Shayne)

Past Marriages

Perdita (Divorced)


Mother (Deceased)





Flings & Affairs

Reva Shayne (Engaged)

Crimes Committed

Participated in Richard Winslow's attempted coup of San Cristobel [May 16, 2001 - June 29, 2001]

Brief Character History

Noah Chase's arrival in Springfield was a quiet one. A friend of the Winslows of San Cristobel , Noah followed Edmund Winslow to town, for lack of anything better to do, Noah, one of the country's finest cancer doctors, was immediately asked to take on the case of Lizzie Spaulding. Though hesitant at first, Noah took the case as soon as he met Lizzie and vowed to help her the best he could. While in town, he met Reva Shayne and was immediately charmed by her. Though realizing the danger, Noah pursued a relationship with Reva, the ex-wife of Josh Lewis and Noah's friend, Richard Winslow.

However, soon Reva would learn there was more to the good doctor than met the eye. One day, Reva received a mysterious note suggesting that she ask Noah about the other women in his life but Noah feigned ignorance and avoided answering questions about his personal life. When Noah backed out of dinner, one day, Reva confronted him and he admitted that Richard urged him to stay out of her life. Reva chastised him for following Richard's advice and they wound up making love. Soon after, Reva and Noah found themselves caught up in the illegal immigration trade in San Cristobel. After an immigrant named Diego died in Reva's arms following a construction accident, Reva set out to find his wife, Ramona. After Noah and Reva translated Diego's tape, Noah led a surprised Reva to the factory where Diego's wife was being used as slave labor. After being refused entrance into the factory, Noah and Reva told Detective Frank Cooper who promised to investigate. Meanwhile, Jake learned of Reva's visit and ordered the factory closed immediately, so when Frank, Reva and Noah decided to check out the place for themselves, the factory has been completely cleaned out. Although Reva promised to end her search for Diego's wife, she and Frank investigated anyway and were run off the road by an unidentified car. After Diego's funeral, Reva, despite Noah's protests, vowed to continue her search for Diego's wife. Her curiosity was piqued when she met Noah's friend, Woody and she also scheduled an interview with the economist Dr. Howard. When Reva attempted to pump him for information on Woody, Howard placed a cryptic call reporting Reva's activities. During a date with Woody, Reva had a hard time finding out anything about him and Noah feigned jealousy. A frustrated Reva urged Noah to explain the inconsistencies in his account of his past but Noah refused. Reva and Frank then investigated Woody and Reva convinced him to attend Richard and Cassie's party with her. When Woody suffered a fatal heart attack after while attempting to seduce Reva, Noah admitted to Reva that he was a government agent like Woody.

Noah also told her that there was an illegal immigrant labor operation being run by "the mob" in Springfield. Reva was shocked to learn that the immigrants were shipped through San Cristobel and she and Noah continued to try to conceal Woody's body. They brought Woody's body to a dive bar and, after distracting a following Josh and Olivia, they returned Woody to his hotel room where Noah called Washington to try to explain Woody's death. Reva felt slightly jealous when Noah talked to Perdita, his contact at the agency. Noah then left for Washington D.C. to ensure that he and Reva weren't in trouble because of Woody's death. Meanwhile; Reva flew to San Cristobel and waited for a ship full of American-bound illegal aliens to dock. While recording her observations, Reva followed some illegal immigrants onto a shipping container and Reva befriended an ailing immigrant named Catalina Quesada. To her surprise, Noah then unexpectedly showed up to protect her. On the way to Springfield, Catalina fainted while she, Reva and Noah were being herded on to a truck. Later, Noah was horrified when Reva ran off to some women and delivered Diego's message to Ramona. Unfortunately, Ramona's emotional reaction drew attention and blew Reva's cover. Noah valiantly tried to help Reva escape, but a guard beat him and he and Reva were locked in a dark room. Later, the overseer of the immigrant trade arrived to interrogate Reva and Noah. In the meantime, Danny Santos was shocked to learn of his family's involvement of the trade of illegal immigrants and told the foreman to shut down the operation and release Reva and Noah. Later, Richard and Cassie arrived and Reva was shocked to learn that Richard was aware of the illegal immigrant trade in San Cristobel. He explained that he was cooperating with the agency's investigation.

In early 2001, Reva and Noah were stunned to find Perdita, Noah's ex-wife, naked in his bed! After sparring with Perdita, a jealous Reva announced that she and Noah were engaged. Later, Noah discovered a listening device left by Perdita and explained that he and Perdita had "an arranged marriage" as part of their cover as agents. Afterwards, Reva found Perdita's gun under the sheets. Later, Noah informed Reva of the danger Perdita presented and told Reva he must move in with her to protect her. Meanwhile, Reva plotted with Noah to get Perdita out of their lives and enlisted Alan's help. First, Reva told Perdita that she may have a customer for her, and then, Alan made Perdita an offer she couldn't refuse. As expected, Perdita walked right into Reva and Alan's trap and they exposed her as an art smuggler. After Reva informed Perdita that she had no options, Perdita reluctantly agreed to sell Alan the artwork at a discount and left town. With Perdita gone, Noah joyfully accepted Reva's marriage proposal. Unfortunately, things changed when Reva was blinded in an accident trying to escape San Cristobel. Upon returning to Springfield, Reva reacquainted herself in her house and Noah assured her that he would never leave her. Anxious about reuniting with Josh, Marah, and Shayne, she lashed out when she felt as if she was being treated as if she was helpless. When Noah suggested that they marry immediately, Reva declined because she didn't want him to have to take care of her. Luckily, Reva's sight returned.

Weeks later, an earthquake hit San Cristobel and Reva was caught in it! Josh arrived to help Noah and Richard rescue Reva. Josh's efforts to save Reva resulted in everything loosening and crashing down around her. An unconscious Reva finally responded when she heard Josh's voice. Josh agreed to let Noah go down to save Reva. Noah fastened her into the harness, but as they finally raised her up another aftershock hit. Noah and Reva survived the aftershock. Reva was pulled to the surface and she and Josh worked together to save Noah --getting him out of the shaft just before it collapsed. Afterwards, Reva proposed marriage to Noah, but he turned her down since he felt that she was still in love with Josh.

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