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Henry "Romeo" Jones
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Actor History

Oliver Macready (July 24, 2001 to June 17, 2002)



Former bartender at Infierno

Resides At


Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages






Flings & Affairs

Tory Granger (flirted & kissed)

Marah Lewis (one-night stand)

Crimes Committed

Mob activity

Shot a stun gun at Gus Aitoro and Harley Cooper Spaulding [November 7, 2001]

Stalked Ben Reade and Marah Lewis [January 3, 2002 - January 31, 2002]

Involved in an illegal card game at Infierno [March 4, 2002]

On the order of Maria Santos, killed Catalina Quesada by knocking her on the head with a statue and then placed the statue in the hands of an unconscious Marah Lewis [April 15, 2002]

Stole Catalina Quesada's St. Anthony medal [April 15, 2002]

Threatened to kill an unconscious Maria Santos [April 22, 2002]

Threatened to kill Maria Santos, again [May 17, 2002]

Stole Carmen Santos' s gun [May 22, 2002]

Threatened to murder Marah Lewis and Tony Santos [May 22, 2002]

Held Marah Lewis hostage [May 22, 2002 - May 27, 2002] Memorable Quote

Romeo Jones on June 17, 2002, as he tries and goad Tony Santos with his revelation that he had sex with Marah Lewis and then lets it out that he stole Marah's St. Anthony medal, which of course means he also killed Catalina (two cops are listening in all of this and soon arrest him.):

" I bet Marah's still telling you she wants you to be her first, right? Well, sorry sucker, I beat you to it. Think about what you saw that night in Infierno. I'm sure Marah told you that she was only pretending to come on to me. Think about what it looked like when you walked in. Be honest now. And when do you think I gave her that St. Anthony medal? When we were playing pinochle?"

Brief Character History

Romeo Jones arrived in Springfield in the summer of 2001 to help his childhood friend, Tony Santos take over the family business. Having grown up in the mob, Romeo liked the lifestyle and the mob's ruthless way of doing things. Romeo proved to be Tony's best friend, giving him advice, helping in mob-related activities, and even helping Tony's cousin, Danny, pull off a sting. Though he failed to understand Tony's interest in good-girl Marah Lewis, he tried to tell Tony to use every trick in his disposal to win her and was often exasperated by Tony's approach when dealing with Sam Spencer, a rival for Marah's affections. Towards the end of the year, Romeo found a kindred spirit in Tory Granger, a woman who liked to work people the same way he did.

Romeo was at Tony's side throughout Tony's many relationship crises, but wanted power that Tony and the rest of the Santos family refused to give him. Meanwhile, in late March 2002, Catalina Quesada was killed. Tony's grandmother, Maria, planned to confess her part in the murder, but had a stroke before she could do so. Romeo, Tony's supposed friend, wanted her to keep silent due to the fact that he had killed Catalina on her orders. The original plan was to frame Marah Lewis, but Tony arrived and got blood, literally, on his hands when he found Catalina's dead body and Marah's unconscious body. Before fleeing the scene, Romeo stole Catalina's necklace.

Romeo desired everything Tony had, and that included Tony's girlfriend. One night, Romeo had sex with a drunken Marah in the Infierno office. The next morning, he went to her dorm room for more, and she realized he was wearing Catalina's necklace (which Tony had originally wanted to give to Marah). She began cozying up to him in an attempt to get more information. When Tony learned of Romeo's true nature, he escaped from prison. When Romeo found out Marah was scamming him, he took her hostage. Tony tracked him and Marah down, rescuing her before the police arrested both men.

Romeo still had an ace up his sleeve - his night with Marah. Carmen Santos wanted Tony to find out about this night, and pressured Romeo into confessing. Romeo agreed, demanding money and her help in helping him escape prison. However, the only thing Carmen promised him was that he would be killed by a mob goon on the ride to the county jail, if he didn't tell Tony what had happened. Romeo gleefully told Tony how the pure, sweet, innocent Marah had given her virtue to him. Thus Romeo left the free world, with a final smirk on his face, knowing the havoc he had caused for so many.

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