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Zachary Smith

Actor History
Brody Hutzler (June 1996 to January 27, 1997) Occupation

Spirit of a dead man?
Hired to restore the Lighthouse

Resides At

temporarily at the Lighthouse that he was contracted by Ed Bauer to repair. Marital Status

In a previous life to Mary Bauer? Past Marriages

None Relatives

None Children


Flings & Affairs
Michelle Bauer (attracted to)
Crimes Committed
Helped Vanessa Reardon fake her own death [September 1996]

Made Nola Reardon an unwitting accomplice to Vanessa faking her own death by giving Nola a letter from Vanessa [December 3, 1996] Memorable Quote

Zachary Smith, otherwise known as Angel Zachary. musing, to himself, whether he will tell Michelle that he'll go to the upcoming Harvest Dance with her:

"I can't go out with her. Can I?" Brief Character History:

The mysterious Zachary first appeared, in 1996, when it looked as though newlyweds Lucy and Alan-Michael Spaulding were about to go down with their yacht. Zachary managed to call for help with a broken radio and then mysteriously disappeared. Soon after, that summer, Ed Bauer (Alan-Michael's great-uncle) contracted Zachary to restore the burned out lighthouse. Meanwhile, Meta Bauer (Ed's aunt) noticed how much Zachary resembled a man, also named Zachary, who was in love with Meta's cousin, Mary Bauer, back in the 1940's. Meta, initially, thought that Zachary might be the grandson of the Zachary that was in love with Mary Bauer. Michelle Bauer looked a lot like Mary Bauer and Zachary became attracted to Michelle because she reminded him of Mary. Unfortunately, any relationship that they might have had was quashed by the equally mysterious man called The Fisherman who kept reminding Zachary of his "mission." Something tragic did happen between Zachary and Mary Bauer, although it never was explained exactly what it was.

Later, when Vanessa Reardon became very ill, Zachary became her co-conspirator when she decided to fake her own death to spare her husband, Matt Reardon, her daughter, Dinah Marler and her son, Bill Lewis the pain of watching her die of a degenerative disease. Zachary planted Vanessa's wedding rings in her burning car, to make it look as if she'd died, and then whisked her off to a sanitarium in Switzerland, while her family mourned.

In January 1997, during the 60th anniversary of the opening of Cedars Hospital in Springfield, Zachary had been able to restore the lighthouse enough so that the whole town could band together to get the light spinning in order to guide some stranded boaters safely to shore.

Zachary was last seen visiting an ill Vanessa in the sanitarium.

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