GL Exec Producer Talks Casting Dreams

Posted Sunday, April 02, 2000 10:08:47 PM
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Casting Dreams

GL's Exec. Producer Paul Rauch is considering a return to some long-ago Springfield residents. He tells SOD, "we are considering bringing Alexandra (Spaulding) back." Longtime GL fans will recall that the role, originated by Beverlee McKinsey was last played by Marj Dusay, who bolted less than a month after her return in 1998 to Pine Valley and All My Children!

While some fans are keeping their fingers crossed for a McKinsey return (her rep had no comment), Rauch says that GL is looking to recast with a new face. Among the strong contenders are daytime divas Robin Strasser (ex-Dorian, One Life to Live), Louise Sorel (ex-Donatella, PC, ex-Vivian, Days Of Our Lives) and Kathleen Noone (ex-Bette, Sunset Beach; ex-Ellen Chandler, AMC).

Rauch also mentions that TPTB have been toying with the idea of having Alan-Michael Spaulding return as well. The role, originated by Carl Tye Evans, was last played by Michael Dietz (ex-Joe, Port Charles). Fan favorite, and Emmy winner, Rick Hearst would make many a GL fan happy to tune in. While Rauch isn't commenting on his choice, Evans lives in New York, where GL tapes.

And despite being mentioned more frequently than in years past, there is no plan to bring back Bauer family patriarch, Ed Bauer. Last played by Peter Simon, the character is in Africa doing medical research. GL veterans Jerry VerDorn (Ross) and Michael O'Leary (Rick) both still keep in touch with Simon, and encourage fans to write to TPTB to bring Peter back to Springfield. What will happen in the coming months? Stay tuned!

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