Bundy out, Marah to be recast

Posted Tuesday, October 09, 2001 1:11:06 PM
Bundy out, Marah to be recastt

A Guiding Light spokesperson has now confirmed a report made by Soap Central earlier this week regarding the reported departure of Laura Bell Bundy (Marah Lewis). Bundy will, in fact, be vacating the role of Marah Lewis, a role she has played since 1999.

"There is a divine force pulling me in a new direction. I had a two-year contract. That two years is up, and it is the right time to continue discovering what life has in store for me," Bundy said in a statement.

The decision to leave GL apparently was not made lightly - nor without some struggle.

"Guiding Light has been one of the greatest experiences of my life - I have learned so much as an actress, and as a person," Bundy adds. "I want to thank the fans for their love and support over the last few years. There would not be a Guiding Light without you."

Bundy makes her final on-air appearance on Monday, October 29th. The role of Marah will be recast. Beginning Tuesday, November 6th, actress Lindsey McKeon will take over the role.

McKeon, a New Jersey native, has been acting since the age of 10. She has been seen previously in Saved By the Bell: The New Class and in recurring appearances on the series, Boy Meets World. This will mark her first daytime role.

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