A "Mockumentary" of Josh, Reva's Wedding

Posted Sunday, June 02, 2002 10:52:05 PM
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A 'Mockumentary' of Josh, Reva's Wedding

Banyan Productions' A Wedding Story recently filmed their first "mockumentary" on the set of CBS' Guiding Light when characters Reva (Kim Zimmer) and Josh (Robert Newman) got hitched during the drama series' 50th season.

Staying true to form, this special A Wedding Story episode will follow Reva and Josh (in character) through the days leading up to their wedding, the ceremony and the star-studded reception. In addition, "Guiding Light" viewers will see "A Wedding Story's" crew on the series when Josh and Reva's children ask them to cover the ceremony.

Reva Shayne is played by three-time Daytime Emmy Award winner Kim Zimmer who has been a member of the Guiding Light cast for 19 years. Josh Lewis is played by Robert Newman, who has earned legions of fans since his first appearance on the drama series in 1981. This will be Reva and Josh's third marriage to each other.

Reva and Josh's A Wedding Story will air on TLC on Thursday, June 6th and in a special prime-time slot on Saturday, June 8th at 10 PM/EST, following another Banyan Productions' ratings-winner Trading Spaces. Guiding Light viewers can watch Reva and Josh's wedding ceremony on Monday, June 10th on CBS (Check local listings).

A Wedding Story has become a daily viewing ritual for fans around the country. The show follows a real-life couple through the days leading up to their wedding. Spontaneous moments are captured as the soon-to-be-newlyweds talk about their relationships and share tensions. The wedding day brings a pure emotional climax to the story.

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