Sources: O'Leary To Be Taken Off Contract

Posted Sunday, February 01, 2004 4:59:23 PM
Sources: O'Leary To Be Taken Off Contract

Though unconfirmed by show executives, there are rumblings that actor Michael O'Leary (Rick Bauer) will soon be taken off contract at Guiding Light.

O'Leary, who has been with Guiding Light off and on since May 1983, will see his contract expire at the end of February. To date, show execs have not approached the actor with a new contract. While that does not necessarily spell doom for O'Leary, shows usually approach performers up to three months before their contracts expire.

If O'Leary is taken off contract, he could remain with the show in a recurring capacity. There are basically two differences between being a contract player and being on recurring status: airtime and salary. Contract players are usually guaranteed that they will be seen on-screen a certain number of times per week. These guarantees also determine salary. For recurring performers, there is no guarantee about how often they will work and, expectedly, the performers are paid a base salary only when they work.

Last year actresses Beth Chamberlin (Beth Raines), Elizabeth Keifer (Blake Marler) and Yvonna Wright (Mel Boudreau) were all taken off contract.

A spokesperson for Guiding Light was unavailable for comment.

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