GL's Matt and Vanessa To Return

Posted Monday, January 10, 2005 6:16:06 PM
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GL's Matt and Vanessa To Return

A spokesperson for Guiding Light has confirmed that two veterans will return to the show's canvas later this year. As of this moment, however, the exact airdates are not yet written in stone.

A Guiding Light spokesperson has confirmed that both Kurt McKinney (Matt Reardon) and Maeve Kinkead (Vanessa Reardon) will return to the show's canvas sometime in 2005. The return should please long-time viewers of the show, some of whom have complained that the show had recently lost its footing my focusing on characters that were not tied to the shows' core families. The return of Matt and Vanessa also shows that head writer David Kreizman has a "deep respect for Guiding Light's rich history."

Though the two characters' returns will be tied to one another, McKinney will appear on-screen several weeks prior to his on-screen wife. McKinney's first airdate is scheduled for late February. McKinney last appeared on Guiding Light in August 2000.

The date of Kinkead's return is still very much uncertain. Though a show spokesperson first revealed that the actress would be returning back in December, no airdates have been mentioned. Kinkead exited Guiding Light in September 2000, but returned for a brief period of time in June 2002.

When they were initially written out of the show in the summer of 2000, Matt and Vanessa were headed to Europe to take care of their daughter, Dinah, who had revealed that she was pregnant. Now with Dinah back in Springfield, it is presumed that Matt and Vanessa will be dropping in to check on her.

Both McKinney and Kinkead's returns are expected to be on a recurring basis.

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