No Fond Farewell For ver Dorn

Posted Monday, September 26, 2005 2:48:47 PM
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No Fond Farewell For ver Dorn

With ver Dorn out, what should GL do with the character of Ross?
No one can replace ver Dorn; Give Ross an honorable exit. 38%
GL needs to do whatever it can to get ver Dorn back NOW. 30%
Does it matter? I don't suspect GL will be on TV much longer 19%
Ross is still needed. I think GL should recast the role. 10%
I don't see a need for Ross. He could easily be killed off. 2%
Other 1%
It doesn't matter to me what happens to Ross. 0%

Poll Posted: September 19, 2005
As previously reported by Soap Central, Jerry ver Dorn (Ross Marler) will exit Guiding Light in October, leaving behind a show that he's called home for 26 years. Fans of the actor, however, will still be able to tune in every day and see the actor on screen: he's found a new role at ABC's One Life to Live.

Due to the sudden nature of ver Dorn's exit, Guiding Light reportedly did not have time to craft a proper farewell for ver Dorn or his character. Since he was a recurring player with Guiding Light, ver Dorn technically didn't have to give any sort of notice to show execs in order to accept an offer with the rival ABC soap. However, now that ver Dorn is under contract to ABC, he is unavailable to film any additional scenes at Guiding Light.

"The role of Ross will not be recast. Unfortunately, Jerry verDorn has begun working under contract with One Life, so he's unavailable to tape any farewell episodes on Guiding Light," a Guiding Light spokesperson explained.

"We are very sorry to lose the character of Ross Marler and the talents of Jerry verDorn," added GL executive producer Ellen Wheeler. "We wish him much success as he heads to One Life to Live. Guiding Light was lucky to have him for 26 years."

The final airdate for ver Dorn on Guiding Light is October 15th. He makes his One Life to Live debut on October 22nd.

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