GL Confirms Bailey's Exit

Posted Monday, February 27, 2006 10:57:53 AM
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GL Confirms Bailey's Exit

Guiding Light is now confirming that Scott Bailey (Sandy Foster) will exit the show. News of Bailey's impending exit was first reported by Soap Central back in January. At that time, Guiding Light had no comment about Bailey's future with the show.

Bailey's exit is a bit anticlimactic. The actor has seen little in the way of airtime for much of his last few months with the show. Recently, however, his character has been trying to drive a wedge between Jonathan and Tammy. Unsuccessful, his character will leave Springfield.

The character of Sandy Foster first debuted in March 2003 as a voice on the radio. It wasn't until August of the same year that viewers saw Bailey's face.

Bailey bids farewell to Springfield on March 14th.

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