Jonathan and Tammy Torn Apart -- By a Cup!

Posted Saturday, May 06, 2006 7:50:58 PM
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Jonathan and Tammy Torn Apart -- By a Cup!

The Stanley Cup, one of the oldest and most revered trophies in all professional sports, made its "acting" debut on the set of the longest-running television show in broadcast history, Guiding Light. The Cup shot a scene with the show's most popular couple, Jonathan and Tammy, played by recent Daytime Emmy winner Tom Pelphrey, and Stephanie Gatschet, respectively.

In the scene, Tammy (Gatschet) leaves Jonathan (Pelphrey) for "Stanley" (Stanley Cup). Jonathan confronts the new couple in Company, the trendy restaurant in the fictional town of Springfield.

When asked to explain why she has chosen Stanley over Jonathan, Tammy admits "Stanley is the kind of guy I've been looking for all my life. Older, polished, well traveled...He's just...he's one of a kind...a man of the people."

The Stanley Cup took part in the one-day shoot at Guiding Light's New York City studios as part of its Stanley Cup Playoffs tour. Since embarking on the tour in April, the Cup has dined with actors Kurt Russell, Susan Sarandon and rapper Lil' Jon; performed a duet at the Grand Ole Opry with country music star Dierks Bentley; and jammed with country duo Montgomery Gentry in a Nashville music studio.

Photos from Stanley's visit to Springfield can be viewed at

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