GL exploring a possible Shayne return

Posted Wednesday, September 03, 2008 12:51:15 AM
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GL exploring a possible Shayne return

Guiding Light is quietly exploring the possibilities of recasting the role of Shayne Lewis, Josh and Reva's son. While the show won't comment on future story plans, some fans are already discussing what they'd like to see the show do if and when Shayne returns. Marty West was the last actor to appear as Shayne, exiting GL in 2004.

Shayne Lewis may be headed back to Springfield in the not-too-distant future. A spokesperson for Guiding Light confirms that the show is exploring the possibility of a return of the only son of Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne. Fans should not yet get too excited. The character's return is far from a done deal.

Would you like to see Shayne Lewis written back into a GL storyline?

Yes. Shayne is a vital character with story potential. Bring him back!
I'd like to see Shayne return to GL, but not if it is part of a gay storyline.
There are other characters I'd rather see return before Shayne.
I don't really care for Shayne and don't see a need for his return.
I am not familiar with the character of Shayne Lewis.
I have no opinion about the possible return of Shayne at this time.

"A casting notice for Shayne went out a few weeks ago and if we find an appropriate actor to play the part, Shayne will return to the canvas later this year," a Guiding Light spokesperson tells Soap Central.

Whoever lands the role of Shayne, if and when the role is recast, will become the seventh actor to play the part. Four actors held down the role in the 1990s and there have thus far been two actors this decade to appear as Shayne. The most recent actor to portray Shayne was Marty West.

Also to be determined is how old Shayne will be when he makes his on-screen return. Born on-screen in 1990, Shayne was "aged" by the show's writers to 18 in 2003. It's been over four years since Shayne left Springfield bound for a Peace Corps job in Bosnia.

Already some Guiding Light fans are speculating about future story for the still-uncast Shayne. Several message board postings have wondered if Guiding Light will use Shayne's return as a catalyst to explore a gay storyline. GL would not comment on possible storyline, noting that it has not yet been decided if Shayne will return to the canvas.

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