BUCHANAN Family Tree
Pike Buchanan
Brother of Asa (see below) and Jeannie (see below).

m. Rebecca (deceased)
    c. Austin Buchanan (deceased)
Asa Buchanan
Brother of Pike (see above) and Jeannie (see below).

m. Olympia (deceased) (died 1980)

    c. Clint Buchanan
        a. Maria Vasquez (deceased) (died 1987; see Vasquez)
            c. Cordero Roberts
                m. Tina Clayton Lord (married 1986; divorced 1987; see Lord)
                    c. Clinton James Roberts (born 1987)
                m. Kate Sanders (married 1987; invalid; see Sanders)
                m. Tina Clayton Lord (married 1988; divorced 1990; see Lord)
                m. Tina Clayton Lord (married 1991; divorced 1993; see Lord)
                    c. Sarah Victoria Roberts (born 1991)

        m. Victoria Lord (married 1982; divorced 1985; see Lord)
            c. Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan Sr. (born 1976; adopted; see Riley)
                m. Lee Ann Demerest (married 1992; divorced 1993; see Demerest)
                    c. Demerest Buchanan (born 1992; died 2006)
                        a. Kelly Cramer
                            c. Zane Cramer (born 2006)
                m. Cassie Callison (married 1998; annulled 1998; see Cramer)
                m. Kelly Cramer (married 2003; divorced 2004; see Cramer)
                    c. Kevin Riley Buchanan Jr. (born 2004; died 2004; stillborn)
            c. Joseph Francis Riley Buchanan (born 1980; adopted; see Riley)
                m. Kelly Cramer (married 2000; divorced 2001; see Cramer)
                m. Jennifer Rappaport (married 2003; divorced 2003; see Rappaport)
            c. Jessica Eugenia Buchanan (born 1986; twin to Natalie; adopted; see Laurence)
                a. Will Rappaport (see Rappaport)
                    c. Megan Victoria Buchanan (born in 1999; stillborn)
                m. Augustico Santi (married 2004; died in 2004; see Espinoza)
                a. Nash Brennan (deceased)
                    c. Bree Brennan Buchanan (daughter; born 2006)
                m. Antonio Vega [Married: Nov 9, 2006; Divorced: Jul 6, 2007]
                m. Nash Brennan [Married: Jul 12, 2007]
            c. Natalie Buchanan (born 1986; twin to Jessica)
                m. Mitch Laurence (married 2002; divorced 2003; )
                m. Cristian Vega (married 2003; divorced 2005; see Espinoza and Vega)
                m. Jared Banks (deceased) (married: May 2009)

        m. Victoria Lord (married 1986; divorced 1994; see Lord)
        m. Lindsay Farrell (married 1998; divorced 1998; see Farrell)

    c. Bo Buchanan
        a. Emma Bradley
            c. David Vickers
        a. Becky Lee Hunt (see Hunt)
            c. Drew Buchanan (deceased) (born 1983; died 1998)
        m. Delila Ralston (married 1983; divorced 1984; see Ralston)
        m. Didi O'Neill (deceased) (married 1986; died 1988; see O'Neill)
        m. Sarah Gordon (deceased) (married 1990; died 1992; see Gordon)
        m. Cassie Callison (married 1991; invalid; see Cramer)
        m. Nora Hanen (married 1995; divorced 1999; see Hanen)
            c. Matthew Buchanan (born 1999)

a. Renée Divine
    c. Ben Davidson (deceased)
    Adopted by Sam and Jane (Rappaport) Davidson (see Rappaport).

m. Pamela Reed (invalid)
m. Samantha Vernon (deceased) (married 1981; divorced 198?)
m. Delila Ralston (married 1983; divorced 1983; see Ralston)
m. Becky Lee Hunt (married 1983; divorced 1985; see Hunt)
m. Pamela Reed (married 1986; divorced 1987)
m. Renée Divine (married 1988; divorced 1992)
m. Blair Cramer (married 1992; divorced 1992; see Cramer)
m. Alex Olanov (married 1994; invalid; see Olanov)
m. Alex Olanov (married 1996; divorced 1996; see Olanov)
m. Renée Divine (married 1999; divorced 2001)
m. Gabrielle Medina (deceased) (married 2001; divorced 2002; see Medina)
m. Gretel Rae Cummings (married 2002; divorced 2003)
m. Renée Divine (married 2004)
Jeannie Buchanan (deceased)
Sibling of Pike (see above) and Asa (see above).

m. Miguel Garretson (deceased)
    c. Rafe Garretson
        m. Samantha Vernon (married 1984; died in 1984)
            c. Sammi Garretson (born in 1985)
        m. Delila Ralston (married 1987)


  • Pike and Asa Buchanan are second cousins of Wanda and Paul Webb. They share the same great-grandparents. See the Webb family tree for more information.
  • Pike and Asa's grandparents were Buck Buchanan (son of Jasper) and Dorothy 'Blaize' Pardee, who wed in 1888.

  • KEY
    m. Married
    c. Child
    a. Affair
    r. Rape


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