LORD Family Tree
Victor Lord (deceased) (died in 2003; faked death in 1976)
Brother of Powell (see below) and Gwendolyn (see below).

m. Eugenia Randolph (deceased) (died 1959)

    c. Victoria Lord
        a. Roger Gordon (see Gordon)
            c. Megan Gordon (deceased) (born 1963; died 1992)
                m. Jake Harrison (married 1991; dissolved 1992; see Harrison)
        m. Joe Riley (deceased) (married 1969; invalidated 1971; died 1979; see Riley)
        m. Steve Burke (married 1971; divorced 1973)
        m. Joe Riley (deceased) (married 1974; died 1979; see Riley)
            c. Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan (born 1976)
            Born Kevin Lord Riley, legally adopted by Clint Buchanan (see Buchanan).
            c. Joseph Francis Riley Buchanan (born 1980)
            Born Joseph Francis Riley Jr., legally adopted by Clint Buchanan (see Buchanan).
        m. Clint Buchanan
            c. Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan (born 1976; adopted)
                m. Lee Ann Demerest (married 1992; divorced 1993; see Demerest)
                    c. Demerest Buchanan (born 1992; died 2006)
                        a. Kelly Cramer
                            c. Zane Cramer (born 2006)
                m. Cassie Callison (married 1998; annulled 1999; see Cramer)
                m. Kelly Cramer (married 2003; divorced 2004; see Cramer)
                    c. Kevin Riley Buchanan Jr. (born 2004; died 2004; stillborn)
            c. Joseph Francis Riley Buchanan (born 1980; adopted)
                m. Kelly Cramer (married 2000; divorced 2001; see Cramer)
                m. Jennifer Rappaport (married 2003; divorced 2004; see Rappaport)
            c. Jessica Eugenia Buchanan (born 1986; twin to Natalie; adopted)
                a. Will Rappaport (see Rappaport)
                    c. Megan Victoria Buchanan (born in 1999; stillborn)
                m. Augustico Santi (married 2004; died in 2004; see Espinoza)
                a. Nash Brennan
                    c. Brennan (daughter; born 2006)
                m. Antonio Vega (married 2006)
                m. Nash Brennan [Married: Jul 12, 2007]

            c. Natalie Buchanan (born 1986; twin to Jessica)
                m. Mitch Laurence (married 2002; divorced 2003; died 2003)
                m. Cristian Vega (married 2003; divorced 2005; see Espinoza and Vega)
        r. Mitch Laurence
            c. Jessica Eugenia Buchanan (born 1986)
            Initially believed to be Clint's daughter, adopted as an adult (see Buchanan).
        m. Sloan Carpenter (deceased) (married 1994; died 1995; see Carpenter)
        m. Ben Davidson (deceased) (married 2000; died 2004; see Rappaport)

    c. Meredith Lord (deceased) (died 1973)
    Eugenia's child with an unnamed male, raised as Victor's daughter.
        m. Larry Wolek
            c. Daniel Wolek
            c. Unnamed female child (Daniel's twin, deceased)

a. Dorothy Randolph (deceased)

    c. Tony Lord (deceased) (died 1983)
        a. Pat Ashley
            c. Brian Kendall (deceased) (died 1978)
        m. Cathy Craig (married 1976; divorced 1976; see Craig)
        m. Pat Ashley (married 1982; dissolved 1983; see Ashley)

m. Irene Manning (deceased)

    c. Tina Clayton Lord
        m. Cordero Roberts (married 1986; divorced 1987; see Buchanan)
            c. Clinton James Roberts (born 1987)
        m. Cordero Roberts (married 1988; divorced 1990; see Buchanan)
            c. Sarah Victoria Roberts (born 1991)
        m. Cordero Roberts (married 1991; divorced 1993; see Buchanan)
        m. Cain Rogan (married 1994; invalid)
        m. David Vickers (married 1995; divorced 1995)

    c. Todd Manning
        m. Blair Cramer (married 1995; annulled 1995; see Cramer)
            c. Starr Manning (born 1996)
        m. Blair Cramer (married 1995; divorced 1997; see Cramer)
        m. Téa Delgado (married 1997; divorced 1998; see Delgado)
        a. Téa Delgado (married 1998; annulled 1999; see Delgado)
            c. Danielle Rayburn (born 2002)
        m. Blair Cramer (married 2001; divorced 2002; see Cramer)
            c. Jack Cramer Manning (born 2001)
        m. Blair Cramer (married 2003; divorced 2004; see Cramer)
        m. Blair Cramer (married 2007; divorced 2008; see Cramer)

    c. Victor Lord, Jr.
        r. Margaret Cochran
            c. Sam Manning (born 2006)
        m. Téa Delgado (married 2010)
            c. Victor Lord, III (born 2012; stillborn)

m. Dorian Cramer (married 1975; dissolved 1976)
Powell Lord Sr. (deceased)
Brother of Victor (see above) and Gwendolyn (see below).

m. Margaret (deceased)
    c. Powell Lord II (deceased)
        m. Trish
            c. Powell Clayton Lord III (deceased)
Gwendolyn Lord (deceased)
Sibling of Victor (see above) and Powell (see above).

m. Jonathan Abbott (deceased)
    c. Richard Abbott
        m. Becky Lee Hunt (married 1978; divorced 1981; see Hunt)


  • Victor, Powell and Gwendolyn were the grandchildren of Randolph Lord and Virginia 'Ginny' Fletcher, who wed in the late 1880s.

  • KEY
    m. Married
    c. Child
    a. Affair
    r. Rape

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