Ty Treadway
Treadway to return to One Life to Live
by Dan J Kroll
Posted Friday, October 17, 2003 3:23:13 PM
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Ty Treadway to return to OLTL

How do you feel about Treadway's return to OLTL?
 It's great. I'm a fan of Treadway's work.   66% 
 I'm not sure how I feel. I need to see why he is returning.   14% 
 I like Treadway, but there's no need for Troy to come back.   11% 
 I've never cared for Troy, so he needs to stay at St. Anne's   8% 
 Other   1% 

   Poll Posted: October 17th. 2003
Ty Treadway (ex-Colin MacIver, ex-Troy MacIver) will return to One Life to Live in November.

Treadway, who co-hosts SOAPnet's talk show, Soap Talk with Days of our Lives alum Lisa Rinna, was last seen on-screen this past summer when his character was carted off to St. Anne's, a mental health facility. This was the second time that Treadway had seen himself cut from the One Life to Live cast.

From May 2000 to May 2001, Treadway played the evil Dr. Colin MacIver. Treadway was popular among viewers, but his exit was dictated by storyline - Colin was pushed down a flight of stairs and died of the injuries he sustained in the fall. The actor, however, wasn't just popular among fans. Then-executive producer Gary Tomlin admitted that he'd wished Treadway's Colin hadn't been killed off, but confessed that Colin's death was needed to progress storyline. Show execs then devised a way to bring the fan-favorite actor back to the show, in the old tried and true soap opera twist: the look-alike.

Just a few weeks later, Treadway was back in the role of Troy MacIver, Colin's brother. In June 2003, Treadway announced during a taping of Soap Talk, that shortly before boarding a flight from New York to Los Angeles, where SoapTalk is taped, he had been informed that he'd been let go.

A spokesperson for ABC declined to comment on Treadway's return. Speculation among Internet users is that Troy will turn out to be the so-called "music box killer." A first airdate has not yet been made available.

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