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Familiar faces return as Rex's life hangs in the balance
by Dan J Kroll
Posted Monday, September 15, 2008 11:42:16 PM
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Familiar faces return as Rex's life hangs in the balance
It isn't Sweeps for about another six weeks, but One Life to Live is already rolling out the blockbuster storylines. By month's end, one One Life to Live character will be hovering somewhere between life and death. His tragic situation will bring about some dark comedy and, as you can imagine, a lot of drama.

Tragedy will grip Llanview by month's end as one of the show's popular characters -- Rex Balsom -- will face death.

The events leading to the dramatic development are just as compelling. Brody lies to Shane about taking him on a camping trip on the Llantano Mountain. In actuality, Shane is being kidnapped. Rex, Gigi, and Bo soon realize that Shane has been kidnapped and the situation is made much worse when they learn some disturbing information about Brody. Rex manages to track down Brody and, during the ensuing struggle, Rex is shot. As Rex's life hangs in the balance, several familiar faces from One Life to Live's not-so-distant past will make special appearances.

Ty Treadway (ex-Colin MacIver and Troy MacIver) reprises the role of Colin in a series of dream sequences. Treadway's character will taunt Rex as he hovers between life and death - on a game show. The show, titled So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco's Father, was filmed in New York on the set of ABC's hit daytime game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The fake hosting gig won't be too much of a stretch for Treadway. The actor turned real-life game show host last year when he presided over the short-lived Merv Griffin's Crosswords. In addition, Treadway was nominated four times for his hosting gig on SOAPnet's now-canceled talk show Soap Talk. Colin was killed in 2001 and his brother, Troy, was carted off to prison in 2003.

Treadway's two-episode return will air October 1st and 2nd.

Also returning to pay a heavenly visit is Jessica Morris (Jennifer Rappaport). Jen and Rex were married - and divorced - in 2003. Morris exited One Life to Live in May 2005 when her character was killed.

Melissa Fumero (Adriana Cramer) will also return to Llanview during Rex's health crisis. Though still very-much alive, Fumero exited OLTL earlier this year. Adriana's return will cause trouble for Gigi, as Adriana refuses to allow Gigi to see Rex. Fumero begins her short-term return on September 18th.

In related news, One Life to Live has shuffled its tape schedule to accommodate the storyline. The soap has been filming episodes out of order, which several show sources claim has made things harder on the actors. Some of Rex's hospital scenes were filmed days before the scenes in which Rex was shot.

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