Catherine Hickland
Catherine Hickland returning to One Life to Live
by Dan J Kroll
Posted Tuesday, May 05, 2009 6:33:40 PM
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Catherine Hickland returning to One Life to Live
Catherine Hickland returns to One Life to Live in June, more than eight months after her last appearance on the ABC soap. Hickland made her debut as Lindsay Rappaport 11 years ago this month. Prior to joining OLTL, Hickland appeared on The City, Capitol, and several other soaps.

Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport) will be returning to One Life to Live in June. The actress made the announcement on her Facebook page, but did not elaborate on the plot twist that will bring her currently jailed character back to the canvas.

Hickland, a veteran of no fewer than six daytime drama series, appeared as a contract performer on One Life to Live from May 1998 through May 2005, when the popular actress was dropped to recurring status. Despite being taken off contract, the actress continued to make appearances on the ABC soap through July 2008, when Lindsay confessed to the murder of Spencer Truman. According to insiders, network execs felt that Lindsay was written into a corner with little possibility of future story -- and Lindsay was carted off to the Statesville Correctional Facility.

Prior to her time on One Life to Live, Hickland appeared as Tess Wilder on Loving and its spinoff, The City. Hickland has also been a part of The Bold and the Beautiful, Capitol, and Texas.

Since leaving One Life to Live, Hickland has written a best-selling book, The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure, which is available in most major bookstores and online. Hickland also hosts Conscious Loving Radio, a weekly Internet radio show devoted to anything that has to do with living a more joy-filled life. The actress also continues to sell her own line of cosmetics, Cat Cosmetics.

Hickland will first air on July 31. Her return is expected to be short-term.

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