OLTL actor hospitalized, arrested for drunk driving
Posted Tuesday, January 20, 2015 2:53:46 PM
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OLTL actor hospitalized, arrested for drunk driving
Former One Life to Live star Brandon Buddy has found himself in some serious trouble.

The glitz and glamour of being a television actor have apparently worn off for One Life to Live's Brandon Buddy (ex-Cole Thornhart). The actor was arrested over the weekend for drunk driving.

According to TMZ, law enforcement agents report that the Texas native was arrested in Austin on Sunday, January 18, after he was seen taking off in his car while seemingly under the influence. Buddy was reportedly covered in scratches and had just grabbed a beer at a gas station before being stopped.

Cops took the "semi-conscious" star to a nearby hospital before arresting him for driving while intoxicated.

The publication also reports that Buddy is also being investigated for possessing dangerous drugs and was found with an unnamed prescription medication in his car on January 4.

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