Winterthorne casts John-Paul Lavoisier and Kevin Spirtas
Posted Sunday, March 08, 2015 11:15:09 AM
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Winterthorne casts John-Paul Lavoisier and Kevin Spirtas
The webseries Winterthorne is amping up its cast with even more soap opera favorites.

The casting blitz for the new online series Winterthorne began with Martha Madison (ex-Belle, Days of our Lives) and has since expanded to include a slew of daytime giants like Dallas' Linda Gray (ex-Sue Ellen) and General Hospital's Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones). And the casting party continues with the announcement of two more stars who have joined the series: former One Life to Live actor John-Paul Lavoisier (ex-Rex Balsom) and DAYS' Kevin Spirtas (ex-Craig Wesley).

Lavoisier will be taking on the role of Hugh Cambridge, a handsome and mysterious man from Miranda's (Madison) past. Hugh is hellbent on becoming a member of the Winterthorne family, and Miranda has severely underestimated his intent to seduce her.

"John-Paul has a great edgy quality that I wanted for the character of Hugh," explains series creator and Emmy-nominee Michael Caruso. "John-Paul is fantastic at creating subtle, smoldering layers with his acting that will build into something dangerous within the character."

Adds Emmy-nominated director Sonia Blangiardo, "I'm so happy to be working with my old friend, the very talented John-Paul. Winterthorne will exceed expectations with him involved as a part of this amazing cast."

Meanwhile, Spirtas will be taking on the role of Dominic Delacort, a major player within the family who has been charged by the Winterthorne women to train their husbands and future husbands in the art of making candy. There is a sense of wonder within him alongside a sense of true bitterness for being controlled by them.

"Kevin is a wonderful actor," Caruso enthuses. "And I think what struck me about him as perfect for the part of Dominic is the sense of mischievousness he possesses. Dominic is a character that has been put in a very specific position of power by the Winterthorne women, and yet he's powerless at the same time, and we really see him struggle with that."

Madison adds, "Kevin is not only a delightful person, but an incredibly talented actor. I loved watching him play the devious character of Craig Wesley on DAYS. He made it fun to root for the bad guy!"

Winterthorne begins three weeks of production in late March, both in and outside of the Los Angeles area. Spirtas and Lavoisier join previously announced cast members Martha Madison, Linda Gray, Kirsten Storms, Michael Caruso (DeVanity), Kathleen Gati (Liesl Obrecht, GH), Gordon Thomson (ex-Walter, DAYS; ex-Hal Freeman, Passions; ex-A.J. Deschanel, Sunset Beach), and Josh Thrower.

The idea behind the series, according to its official Indie Gogo page, is to tell a tale where the women of the Winterthorne family are the ones who hold the power, and their husbands exist to support them in their every move. Powerful drama, gothic whimsy, and a slight touch of fantasy are the main themes of the series, which aims to bring viewers a soap opera that offers something slightly off the beaten path with storylines and visuals that immerse the audience in a different world.

What do you think of Winterthorne casting Lavoisier and Spirtas? Are you excited to see them take on their new roles? Share your thoughts in our Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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