One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 1, 2002 on OLTL
Allison attempted to keep Jessica and Seth quiet and tried to frame Roxy for their “murder.” Niki strived to pass herself off as Viki. Todd and Blair lost their children to foster care. Lindsay was sentenced to Statesville.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 1, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, April 1, 2002

Allison believes that she has killed Seth and Jessica, and she plants Roxy's scarf at the crash scene. Seth pries Jessica from the wreck and pulls her into a cave. As a thunderstorm approaches, Seth hides his injuries as he assures a barely conscious Jessica that everything will be fine.

Meanwhile, Natalie leaves a message for Seth to meet her at Break Bar, and he doesn't show. Natalie returns the cash Max thinks Seth stole, and he agrees to give Seth another chance.

"Viki" confuses Ben when she reveals that she wants to take a solo holiday, and "Viki" refuses to let Ben call Rae for help.

Nora remains conflicted about Sam, while Troy insists they belong together.

Cristian shares his continued hope for a rekindled romance with Jen, but Jen then surprises Al by saying that she wants to get married right away.

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

Jen is asleep in Al's bed; Al hears her mumble Cristian's name; he panics and when she wakes up he tells her he wants to get married now and Jen agrees. Al asks Jen about where she wants the wedding to take place; Cris is at the door and when he comes in he asks Al if it is true that someone saw him walking. Al denies he can walk and Cris leaves. Outside Jen tells Cris that she and Al are getting married right away. Jen comes back to the gatehouse and sees Al standing. She is shocked!

Cris then goes back to Shawna and Molly and tells them to stay out of his and his brother's life and that Al can't walk. Shawna said she never said that (but she did).

Antonio goes to Serenity Springs where Cris is trying to work off his anger about Jen and Al. Antonio is angry about an article in the Sun calling him teacher's pet. Shawna is in the background and is very pleased, as she was a part of the plan to ruin Keri. Shawna then tells where Cris can hear that she saw Al at his therapy and that he can walk. Cris leaves when he hears this. In the meantime Keri has come in; she and Antonio talk about the trouble she is in and Keri proceeds to plant a big kiss on Antonio for Shawna's benefit. Shawna is shocked. Antonio and Keri leave to go to Lindsay's hearing.

Viki has now become Niki and is trying to keep it from Ben. Ben is not pleased that Viki has not been telling him about her problems. Niki is having a hard time playing Viki when Ben is around because as Niki she really likes Ben a lot. Ben and Viki talk about her problem about her hating Natalie. Ben asks if she has considered going to therapy with Natalie and Viki said she thinks she can handle it; that she won't always feel this way. Ben picks up a book that Viki was reading and asks her what it is. She tells him it is Natalie's book. That she was reading it thinking she can get to know more about Natalie (which is not true, she was reading the book because it is the kind Niki would read). Niki leaves the house and goes to the dress shop to buy a Niki outfit when Bo comes in. He is shocked to see Viki having such an outfit fitted. So unlike her.

Blair is grooming Starr for the visit from the social worker; in the meantime Todd has Jack at the Sun because Blair does not want him at home when the social worker comes. Gabrielle walks in and Todd asks her to watch Jack while he goes home to be there when the social worker comes. Todd comes home; he and Blair argue over Jack's adoption; the doorbell rings and Starr answers it. It is the social worker and she walks in to hear Blair and Todd in a heated argument. They explain away their argument; the social worker warns them they could lose Starr if it is her recommendation; Starr comes into the room and tells her that Blair and Todd are wonderful parents. The social worker then says she will recommend that Starr should stay with her parents. Todd and Blair are elated; Gabrielle brings Jack home and Blair is holding him saying how much his mommy loves him when the social worker comes back to the house; says she left some papers. She then asks about Jack; Blair tells her he is their son. The social worker says there is no record of him; that she will look into it and that they could lose both their children. Todd is very angry.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Jen was shocked and thrilled when she unexpectedly returned to the carriage house and found Al standing next to his wheelchair. Al seemed uncertain of what to do for a moment, then collapsed to the floor. He told Jen he had tried to stand by propping himself against the couch, but he still couldn't feel his legs. Gabrielle walked in and, overhearing part of their conversation, assumed Al had told Jen the truth that he can walk. Al managed to signal her to keep quiet before she revealed the secret. Feeling a bit guilty for deceiving Jen, he asked her if she was 100% sure that she still wants to marry him, even if he may be in a wheelchair his entire life. Jen insisted that she loves him and wants to marry him.

Bo was confused when he ran into "Viki" at the dress store trying on a rather tacky outfit. She told him that she was going to a costume party with Ben and had to hide her anger when he asked if she was going as a hooker. Next, Natalie came into the dress store. She had not been able to reach Seth on his cel phone and was getting worried. Have you seen Jessica, she asked "Viki". "Viki" told her that Jessica had called the night before to say she wouldn't be home, she assumed that Jessica spent the night with Seth. Natalie was not happy to hear that and rushed out of the store, passing Rae on her way out. Rae suggested to "Viki" that she and Natalie come for family therapy, but "Viki" told her it wasn't necessary, she will work everything out on her own.

Jessica and Seth woke up in the cave near the accident site where Seth had carried her the night before. Jessica apologized to Seth for not believing in him about the stole money and everything. Seth forgave her. He tried to climb back up the hill to the road, but it was too slippery with mud. He did find a leopard print scarf with the letter "R" on it near the car, which Jessica immediately recognized.

Having returned from their ride, Allison told Roxanne that she needed to leave town in case Jessica and Seth decide to go to the police. Roxanne packed up her things, in two plastic garbage bags, but before she could leave, there was a pounding on the door. Allison hid in the kitchen while Roxanne opened the door to find Natalie standing there, demanding to know if Roxanne had seen Jessica or Seth. Rather than answer, Roxanne fainted to the floor. Natalie didn't buy her act and rushed to the kitchen to get a glass of water to throw on Roxanne and prove she's faking. When she opened the kitchen door, it hit someone, she saw Allison standing there.

Hank offered Lindsay a deal, reveal the identity of the person who gave her the memory erasing drug (R.J.) and he will ask the judge to show leniency at her sentencing. R.J. showed up at the courthouse, supposedly to show support for Nora, but really to find out what Lindsay was going to do. Lindsay informed him she planned to tell the truth about where she got the drug.

Also in the courtroom, Sam confronted Nora with legal papers detailing visitation rights for Matthew. Nora tried to tell him they weren't necessary, she would never keep him from seeing Matthew. But Sam insisted, wanting to put his rights for the future in writing, especially if Matthew were to have a stepfather in the future. Nora told Sam that she wasn't planning to get married, but he told her to sign the papers and get them back to him.

Jen showed up in the courtroom, still angry at Lindsay for pretending she was a seven year old when Jen went to see her in jail. She informed her mother that she and Al were getting married soon, she had no intention of waiting 30 years until her mother got out of jail to get married. Judge Fitzwater arrived and began the sentencing hearing. Hank asked for the maximum penalty, 30 years, but before he could finish his statement to the court, Lindsay said she had something she wanted to say and took the stand.

Thursday, April 4, 2002

Blair argues with Todd over lying to the social worker. He concludes that nothing else could be done except this and... running away. Todd announces that he has chartered a plane, arranged hotel accommodations, and purchased fake passports under other names. Blair reminds him that no matter where they go, it won't go away and the social worker will follow them. Todd says that he has thought of that and they are going out of the country, for good, where no one can find them. Blair wants to stay because running makes them look guilty and they need to prove that they are good parents. Starr overhears the conversation and asks if they are going somewhere.

Troy arrives in the courtroom, as Lindsay seems to be ready to name R.J. on the stand. Instead, she alleges that what happened wasn't her fault. Nora interrupts and asks Lindsay to take responsibility for her actions. Lindsay continues to say that she never wanted all this to happen. The reason she did what she did was for her love for Bo. She wanted some time to build her love with him before Nora came back into the picture. Lindsay agrees that she will pay for what she has done but in the process, her children will hate her. And she will miss her daughter's wedding. The Judge asks Lindsay to step down and calls Troy to the stand.

Natalie wakes up Roxanne with a claim that Allison is working on her last beer. Allison maintains that she hasn't seen Roxy in 20 years. Roxy agrees and says that Allison met with her over money trouble since Natalie cut off Allison's share of the money. Natalie asks why Roxy "fainted" when she arrived and why Allison was hiding in the closet. Roxy covers by saying she thought it was the police. Natalie senses something fishy and accuses Allison of pulling Roxy's "purse string" and that the two of them have a plan in action.

Jessica identifies Roxy's scarf at the crash site and tries to guess where it came from. Seth remembers that he gives rides to Natalie and maybe somehow it got into his car from her. Jessica tries to walk on her injured ankle and makes it to the other side of the rock area. She then considers how the scarf could have been found outside of the car. She concludes that Roxy might have been the one who ran them off the road. Seth brushes off the possibility and decides to climb the hill again for help.

Blair tells Todd that he can leave, but Starr, her, and Jack will stay here. Todd asks Starr where she would like to live if she had any choice. She first says Pluto, but if it's on earth, right here; even if it has few reptiles Todd finally agrees to stay and tells Blair that he has found a lawyer. Blair brings up the idea that both Sam and this lawyer can work together. Sam is up to speed and they can both strategize on their case. Todd appeases Blair by saying that he will indeed call him. While Blair tends to the baby, Todd recalls the "drunk incident" with Sam and tosses the phone away onto a chair.

Troy testifies that he was not the real victim, other than Nora, his brother Colin was. Lindsay pushed Colin over the edge, and maybe now he can rest easier in his grave because justice has been done. Nora is called to the stand and mildly gloats over Lindsay being caught. She admits that catching her became an obsession, but now it's over. Nora says that can now forgive Lindsay and even feel sorry for her. Nora comments on the irony of the situation. She has finally been let out of her emotional prison, but now Lindsay's jail life is just now beginning. After Nora leaves the stand, the judge announces that she has made her decision.

Natalie continues to grill Roxy and Allison over the scheme. She pieces together that Seth and Jessica's disappearance might have something to do with it. Allison assumes that the two of them probably ran off to one of the many hotels between here and Llanview. Natalie threatens that the next time she comes; she will have the cops with her. After Natalie leaves, Roxy asks Allison where Seth and Jessica are. Allison reiterates her story that the both of them ran off. Roxy becomes concerned over Natalie threat and worries about clues that might implicate the two of them. While Roxy searches her house, Allison pockets Roxy's silver hair clip. Allison assures Roxy that everything will be okay and she'll go check Seth's apartment for possible evidence he might have against them.

Blair tells Todd that because Starr overheard the situation, she's going to take Starr to get ice cream. She asks Todd if he called Sam and he lies that he left a message on his machine. The whole family walks toward the door to leave. When they open the door, they are surprised to see the infamous social worker with two policemen at her side. She announces that they are here to move their children to a foster home pending the hearing.

The judge explains that the crimes Lindsay has done were cruel and planned out. However, because Lindsay has shown remorse, she will subtract 2 years from her overall sentence. This leaves her sentence to 28 year in prison. After adjouring, Gabrielle comforts Lindsay. Gabrielle reminds her that she was once in this position, and it seemed that she was sent to prison for life. But, "you are a strong woman Lindsay, and you will get through this." Lindsay contends that she has nothing to live for now. Gabrielle points out that she has a daughter and a family, including her and Al, who will be there to support her. Jen also comforts her mother with a hug and tears. She walks out in handcuffs and runs into Sam, Nora and Troy who proceed to stare at her. Lindsay faints but Troy helps her regain consciousness. Once she has recovered, Lindsay is lead out through the flashing cameras and reporters.

In the courtroom, a reporter approaches Keri over Shawna's allegations. Antonio ushers the man away and Keri reveals to R.J. her intention to stay and fight the charges.

Meanwhile Al, who was with Jen during the trial, receives a phone call from Natalie. She describes her idea that Roxy and Allison have something to do with Seth and Jessica's disappearance. She instructs him to go to Seth's apartment and try to find clues of where they might be.

While Roxy searches for her lost clip, Natalie returns. She reminds Roxy that something is going on and she can find out now without Allison there to guard her.

Al uses the spare key under the mat to enter Seth's apartment. He looks around while Allison approaches the door.

Friday, April 5, 2002

After Allison leaves Seth's apartment, Natalie arrives to find out what Al found. Al told Natalie that a woman with brown hair was looking around. Natalie realizes the woman was Allison. Natalie and Al argue over Seth missing status. Natalie tells Al to go to the police since he saw Allison in Seth's apartment. Al refuses so Natalie threatens to tell Jen that Al could walk, Al threatens to tell Seth that Natalie framed him for theft. Cristian goes to Seth's apartment looking for Jessica and finds Natalie there.

Cristian goes to the dress shop looking for Jessica and spies Jen trying on her wedding dress. After exchanging a few words with Gabrielle, Cristian asks to speak with Jen in private. He tells her all he wants is for her to be happy and he hopes she has a beautiful wedding. Al arrives at the dress shop to find Jen still in her wedding dress talking to Cristian. After Jen goes to change out of her wedding dress, Al tells Gabrielle that Natalie knows he can walk and he has been paying for it ever since. Gabrielle tells Al that Natalie can ruin his wedding and Jen walks in and asks how can Natalie ruin their wedding?

"Niki" argues with Viki (who is now trapped inside her own body). Viki tells Niki she can't fool her daughters because she doesn't have any maternal instincts. Viki also tells Niki that she can't go on avoiding Ben. Viki also informs Niki that if she makes love to Ben he will know that she is not Viki and if she doesn't he will know something is wrong.

Sam arrives at Todd and Blair's house in time to stop child services from taking the kids. Sam tells Ms. Major that he has an order from the judge to put the kids in the care of family member. Sam calls Viki (Niki) and Ben to come over. Blair blames Todd for this mess and Todd says he blew it and was sorry. Blair begins to cry and she and Todd hug and decide to keep praying. When Ben and Viki arrive Todd tells her that child services is trying to take their kids away. Viki (Niki) says "oh really". Ben looks at Viki with a puzzled look on his face. Sam explains that the kids will be placed into foster care unless Viki (Niki) and Ben take them. Viki (Niki) says "over my dead body".

Allison tells Roxy to leave town, she gives her money and a map. Roxy hugs Allison and tells her she is spooky sometimes. Allison tells Roxy good luck. After Roxy leaves Allison calls the police to report a stolen vehicle.

Seth and Jessica are still stranded as they try to figure out who ran them off the road. All the evidence points to Roxy, but Jessica and Seth cannot believe Roxy would do anything like that. Meanwhile Seth tries to calm Jessica's fears as they both realize no one knows they're missing.

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