One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 15, 2002 on OLTL
Rae admitted the truth at a “Woman of the Year” banquet. Cristian grew suspicious of Viki. Ben started to remember details of his accident. Blair attempted to seduce Troy. Cristian and Natalie shared a kiss.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 15, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, July 15, 2002

Blair is thinking of her evening with Troy as Troy and Nora begin to make love. All of a sudden Nora jumps up remembering the Woman of the Year Awards ceremony for Rae. Troy tries to convince her not to go. Nora has to go as she is the key speaker. Nora then calls to get a ticket for Troy, but no avail, they have been sold out.

Asa is overjoyed over his "hot tip" on Rae. Renee is suspicious about Asa's mood as she knows how he feels about Rae. Asa attributes his monkey suit and great mood to Ben getting better.

Niki is rushing around and pulls a wad of cash out of the fireplace. After congratulating herself on her forethought, she heads for the door only to find Bo outside. Bo questions Niki as to where she is going with her suitcase. Niki explained that she was packing it up for Ben and bringing it to him. Bo gets a call from the hospital saying Ben has come out of his coma and is talking, Niki faints.

After Nora leaves, Troy calls Blair and apologizes that he and Nora would not be able to make it to Starr's pool party. He explains Nora had to speak at the Woman of the Year Ceremony for Rae. Blair asks Troy to come anyway as it is so hot and Starr will be so disappointed.

Sam arrives to pick up Blair and Starr. Blair feigns that she is not feeling well and will send Starr in her place. As Sam directs Starr to her corsage, he confronts Blair as to why she is really not going. Sam knows Blair doesn't want to go because people will ask her about Todd. Blair assures Sam there is no Todd.

Jessica tells Rex and Seth that Ben is coming out of his coma. Jess continues to insinuate Natalie's guilt. Natalie leaves and Cristian follows.

Niki wakes up and wonders what happened. Bo explains with all the stress she has been under, no wonder she fainted. Niki wonders what Ben is saying. Bo suggests they go to the hospital and find out. Niki agrees and starts to rush out. Bo stops and tells her she cannot drive and that he will drive her. Niki reluctantly agrees.

Cris catches up to Natalie in the park. Natalie is still very concerned about DID. Natalie believes when Ben wakes up she will either be on her way to prison or a mental institution. Cristian is convinced Natalie did not do this to Ben. Natalie tells Cristian he is her best friend. Natalie asks Cris not to come see her when they send her away. Cristian says that he just wants to be with Natalie and they kiss passionately.

Hank shows Nora the certificate he is going to have framed for Rae. Nora questions his feelings towards Rae. He admits there is something there.

Renee wishes Rae luck as she is finishing writing her speech. As Renee walks off, Rae says she may lose her friends, but at least she will be able to keep her dignity by being the one to tell them first. Rae thinks if they hear it from her first they might understand.

Blair answers the door to Troy. Troy assumes Blair is on her way to the ceremony by her dress. Blair tells Troy that Starr is upstairs getting her suit on and sends Troy on out to the pool.

Sam thanks Asa for all of his help with Ben. Starr comments that this is even more boring then her mom said it would be. Asa assures her things will pick up.

Renee welcomes everyone to the celebration for the Woman of The Year. Nora comes to the podium to give her speech honoring Rae. Nora stresses how important Rae has become to them after blowing into town. Rae is so professional and highly trained. Nora went on to mention how everyone has shared their secrets, intimate thoughts with Rae and Rae helped them to be honest. Rae looks very uncomfortable.

Bo and Niki arrive at the hospital. Jessica asks Niki if she got the dice. Niki looked confused as Jess reminded her that was what she went home for. Bo starts looking at Niki suspiciously. As Larry encourages Viki to go in and see Ben, Bo asks if he can accompany her. Larry agreed that would be fine. As they were going in Niki freaked out and said she couldn't go in, she didn't think Ben should see her so emotional. Larry said that would be the best medicine for Ben. Niki swallows hard and enters Ben's room with Bo.

Nora wraps up her speech and calls for Rae to come to the podium. As Rae reaches the podium, Asa stands up and announces that Dr. Rae Cummings is a man!

Blair starts the music as Troy is getting out of the pool. Blair walks up behind him and puts her hand on his shoulder. A surprised Troy asks where Starr is. Blair replies, "You don't need anyone but me," and she drops her towel.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Asa busts Rae just as she is about to give her acceptance speech. Announcing she is a man, the audience filled with the Doctors' friends sound a collective gasp. Rae discourages Nora from defending her, and admits that Asa is telling the truth. She tells everyone how she gained her diploma. Afterward, Nora tells Rae that she had trusted her and is visibly put off by her deception. Hank is disappointed that Rae hadn't confided in him, and any chance they might of had at bringing their relationship to the next level disintegrated. With that, he advised her to seek out an attorney to defend herself against possible criminal charges.

Fresh from their swim, Blair grabs hold of Troy and lays a wet one on him. He recoils, saying yes he is attracted to her, but he's in love with Nora. He soon realizes that Starr isn't even home and the evening was deceptively designed by his hostess. Irate, he wants to know why she is pursuing him. He reiterates his love for Nora. Feeling rejected, Blair blurts out that the reason for her seduction is for Sam's sake. She quickly attempts to change the subject, while being pressed for the truth she prevaricates, until finally Troy detects her true motives, thinking Sam put her up to it. She lashes back that he is responsible for breaking up two people who were very much in love with a family of their own.

Cris impulsively delivers a soft, sensual kiss to Natalie, while waiting for word on Ben. She encourages him to leave, but he won't have it, assuring her she couldn't possibly have hurt anyone. He apologizes for the smooch, she tells him not to feel guilty about it. Just then her phone rings, Rex is on the other end, informing her that Ben is fully conscious. Rex is asked by Nat to keep the kiss he witnessed secret.

Ben's first words to Niki are "it was you." Before Bo could ask what he means, he elucidates that "Viki" was by his bedside the entire time, talking to him. Relief bathed Niki's face, as her husband went on to say he didn't remember the "accident." The last thing he recalled was being with Seth. Niki blows off the possibility of Ben remembering anything, when Larry walks in and contradicts her.

Meanwhile at the banquet hall, Renee encourages Rae to be strong. Roxanne and Max are sniping at one another and it's not long before he leaves. Gabby tells Roxy that Max will come around and suggests a beauty makeover, before taking off. Asa taunts a denigrated "Gretel," who is seated at a table alone. Roxy makes off with the trophy bowl.

Sam had taken Starr to "Hallowed Grounds" because things heated up at the award ceremony. Emily and Chad were there as well. He promises there won't be anymore bombshells from his past. He leans in to kiss her and knocks over a cup of coffee. Chad encounters Sam while on his way to find something to clean the mess he had made, and he reminds the boy of his taking advantage of a smashed Blair in the alley, both barely dressed and in dire need of a room. Emily is standing behind Chad as he is being reminded of the intense interlude. She leaves the coffee bar ostensibly ignoring Chad's pleas for another date, giving him a nebulous answer.

Bo promises to investigate what really happened to his brother, while Larry insists Ben's memory might return in time.

Niki laces into Natalie, saying she's taken everything she loves away from her.

Troy is shouting that leaving Nora is not an option, when Sam enters the living room with Starr and asks what's going on. Troy promises to tell him.

Meanwhile, in Larry's presence, Ben says he remembers.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Sam and Starr arrive in time to find Troy yelling at Blair. When Starr asks if Troy is mad at her mom he hedges and finally claims to be involved in a shouting match over politics. He came to visit her but she wasn't there, he tells the little girl. Blair walks him out to thank him for not spilling the beans on her trying to seduce him but he cuts her off. She tried to ruin his relationship with Nora and he's pretty steamed over it. Troy leaves Blair wondering if he'll rat her out to Nora. Sam asks for the real story and she admits to the argument being about him and Nora, that they should be together. Sam too is angry and orders Blair to stay out of his business. Starr comes to retrieve Sam so that he can see her headless doll collection.

R.J. welcomes Keri home from Hawaii and she gently breaks the news of her engagement to Antonio. He claims to be happy for her as her fiancé arrives from parking the car and eyes him suspiciously. Antonio advises his future father-in-law that nothing will come between him and Keri as they shake hands. He goes to get the champagne as Keri apologizes to her dad for not preparing him sooner. She asks him to be happy for them and he agrees quickly. They all toast their families as the men continue to glare at each other. Keri gives her father a gift. She mentions that something sad happened on their trip though she doesn't disclose any specific details. He'll read about it in the papers, she discloses.

Allison decides to go along with Lindsay's suggestion for escape; she's eager to see "Dave." When she gets the newspaper and reads about Ben's fall she realizes that there's no longer a reason to escape, as Lindsay tries to convince her otherwise. Allison mentions that his wife must have pushed him, she's Niki now. Lindsay suggests that she might be the only person to rescue "Dave" now and the only one to know about Niki. She urges Allison to reconsider their escape plan.

At the hospital, Niki puts an act on in front of everyone, yelling at Natalie and accusing her of pushing Ben through the window. Bo stops her short, advising her that it's his investigation now. Rex admits to Nat that he and Jessica saw someone with red hair in the bedroom. Niki tries to avoid going into Ben's room when he awakens and tries to take off instead. Cris stops her while Jess is confused by her mother's reactions. Natalie runs off with Cris in close pursuit. Bo retrieves Niki but when they see Ben the only thing he can remember is red hair and breaking glass. Niki immediately demands to know when Bo will arrest Natalie. The police commissioner explains that he doesn't have enough evidence to arrest Nat and needs further proof. He'd like to know why Viki is so eager to have her convicted? She claims to be afraid of her.

Nora and Emily both arrive at Troy's loft at the same time. Emily wants to cry on her brother's shoulder about her awful date, mentioning that he's a great listener. Nora admits they've had disagreements and Em lets it slip that if Troy gets mad he gets even. When Nora tries to pursue this, Emily manages to avoid an answer and is able to leave when Troy returns home. Troy admits he went to see Starr but spent time with Blair when Nora mentions that Starr was at the woman of the year ceremony. He divulges that they talked about Starr which causes Nora to compliment him on being in the girl's life. She makes a call to Blair while Troy goes off to shower, startling her into thinking that Troy told her what went on at the house earlier. Nora only wanted to tell Blair to have her newspaper back off Rae, she says. Blair is confused and mentions that she was unaware of anything happening. Nora fills her in and Blair agrees to stop any harassment of Rae.

Keri answers R.J.'s phone and before she can say hello, Lindsay says that "everything is set for tomorrow." Lindsay quickly hangs up when Keri identifies herself. She relays the unusual message to R.J. but they figure it was a wrong number. After she and Antonio leave, R.J. hurriedly returns to the phone and calls Lindsay back. She tells him that the escape is on. He hangs up and muses over finding himself a way out. Antonio asks Keri if she recognized the voice on the phone.

Cris finds a distraught Natalie who cries that she must have pushed Ben if everyone saw her. Cris wants her to fight and he announces that he's not leaving her side. She tries to persuade him to go home to Jen instead. Just then Niki wanders by claiming to be out for air. She tells them that Bo will tell what happened in Ben's room when he's ready. She mutters to herself that things are really turning out well. Cris is still nearby and watches, a perplexed look on his face.

Nora feels sorry for Rae, she tells Troy. She will be sued and her past will come out. Troy contemplates that.

Blair pays a visit to a hotel and tells the clerk she needs a discreet place. He agrees that she's come to the right place. She needs his help, she says as she hands him some money.

Niki heads back to a sleeping Ben's room. All is going well without his memory back, she gloats to herself. Nat will be arrested and Ben will have a setback, she says as she twists some of the tubes. Nat wanders the halls and sees that Cris is still hanging around. He's about to explode as he tells her that something is wrong with Viki, she's just not right.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

At Statesville, Lindsay finds the daily paper and learns that Ben will be released later on that day after being upgraded to stable condition. When Allison enters the Laundry room asking about Ben's condition, Lindsay tells her that Ben is still listed in critical condition. Allison says that she is the only one who can save Ben from Niki Smith and she has to help him. Lindsay tries to pressure Allison about "the tunnels" and when they are going to get out. However, Allison won't say a word until Lindsay confirms that her "friend" will be on the outside to meet them.

Keri and Antonio share the good news of their engagement with Carlotta at the diner. Carlotta begins to cry and says that she is very happy. Keri leaves to go run an errand and Carlotta talks to Antonio about R.J. She knows that R.J. has not changed his bad ways and will commit another crime. She asks him what will he do when he has to arrest his "wife's father." Antonio says that he will cross that bridge when he comes to it.

R.J. dreams about what would happen if Keri and Antonio find out about Lindsay... In the dream, R.J. didn't help Lindsay escape and she told the cops that he supplied the memory-erasing drug used on Nora. Antonio is forced to arrest R.J. and Keri tells her father "she hates him." R.J. quickly awakes from his bad dream and looks at a picture of him and Keri. He wonders how this could have happened and what it will do to Keri. He tries to decide what he will do next and picks up the phone. Suddenly, Keri returns from the diner and R.J. tells her that he was about to call her. R.J. tells her that he needs to tell her something (about Lindsay) but Keri interrupts. She asks him if he would walk her down the aisle. R.J. agrees but says that they don't know each other very well and what about his history of bad deeds. Keri says that it's "ancient history" and he needs to focus on the future. Keri asks what he wanted to tell her but he says it's not as big of a deal as her getting married and brushes it off. After Keri leaves to return to the diner, R.J. has another bad dream...he ends up helping Lindsay escape and Antonio finds out and has to arrest him. The entire sequence is almost identical to what happened in the dream where he didn't help Lindsay.

At a table in the diner, Asa and Claire scheme about their plans for Gabrielle. Asa tells Claire to pay Gabrielle a visit so they can begin with the plan.

At THE BANNER, Gabrielle calculates and recalculates Al's medical expenses. She tells herself that she will never be able to fix this. Al knocks and tells his mom that he's here to talk to her about the job she set up for him at THE BANNER. He tells her thank you, but he knows that it's a ploy for her to keep an eye on him. Gabrielle assures him that she only wants to help him get over Jen. Al says that he's a "big boy" and anyway, Jen and Cris' relationship is on the rocks and Jen will be available soon. Gabrielle offers to get Al some professional help. Al assures his mother that everything will work out and walks out. Right afterward, Claire walks in to Gabrielle's office and reminds her that her time is up for the medical bills.

While Claire was with Gabrielle, Asa initiated "phase 2" with a shady looking man and a small envelope. When the man leaves, Claire returns to the diner and says that she played her part and Gabrielle is very desperate about the medical bills. Asa points out that when Gabrielle is desperate, she does very stupid things.

At Cris' loft, Jen leaves while Cris is asleep in bed. When the door closes loudly, Cris awakens and notices that she's gone. He rushes to the phone and calls Natalie at Llanfair. He asks Natalie if she's been thinking about the strange things Viki has been doing. While Cris talks to Natalie, Jen reenters the loft and eavesdrops on the conversation. Cris continues to tell Natalie that they need proof that she didn't push Ben out of the window. Natalie asks what he had in mind but Cris says they should talk about it in private. Suddenly, Jen speaks up and tells Cris, "Sure, you can do that." Cris turns around and realizes that Jen has overheard everything. He hangs up on Natalie and Jen says that she's leaving. They can have all the privacy that they want when she leaves. Cris says that she's making a big deal about nothing. Jen reminds him about their promise to not keep secrets but Cris says he can't tell her about this one. The phone rings again and it's Antonio. He asks Jen and Cris to come down to the diner for some important news. Cris tells Jen, but she says it's probably a secret she can't know about. Cris asks if there's anyway they can fix this. Jen says only if he agrees never to see Natalie again. Cris says nothing and Jen walks out of the loft.

Cris joins Antonio at the diner and he finds out the happy news. Carlotta tells Cris that he shouldn't get any ideas because Jen and Cris have plenty of time. While Carlotta is in the kitchen, Antonio asks why Jen didn't come with him to the diner. Cris confesses that they had a fight about Natalie.

At Llanfair, Natalie runs into Jessica after talking to Cris. Jessica says that she thinks it's a good thing and a bad thing that Ben is coming home today. Natalie guesses that the reason is because Jessica thinks that she will "finish the job" she started on Ben. Jessica agrees and tells Natalie that she and Viki think that Natalie should move out into a hotel or, at least, the Carriage house while Ben is at home. Natalie defends her innocence, but later agrees that she will move out for the time being. Jessica: "I would help you go pack, but there's a large window in your room. I wouldn't want there to be another ‘accident.'"

At THE BANNER, the shady man speaking with Asa earlier enters Gabrielle's office. He introduces himself as Joel Maranda and says that he represents a designer, "Kathy Johnson." He came to talk about what was said about this designer in Gabrielle's fashion section. Gabrielle cringes at the name and says that "Kathy Johnson" has the most horrible outfits and she will continue to say unfavorable things about her clothes in the section. Mr. Maranda says that Gabrielle will change her mind and write a favorable article entitled, "Misunderstood Genius." He takes out the envelope he took from Asa and shows her a large quantity of bills inside. He says that this is a "gift" for changing her mind about the designer. Gabrielle corrects him and says that it's actually a bribe. She looks at the money and hesitates whether or not to take it. She hands him back the envelope and says, "I'll think about it." Mr. Maranda hands her a card and tells her to contact him when she's made up her mind.

Jen returns to Cris' loft and finds it empty. Al calls her to check up on her and notices that Jen seems a little upset. She confesses that she's having more problems with Cris. Al says that he'll come over right away and help her through it. When she hangs up the phone, Natalie shows up at the loft. When she sees that Cris isn't there, Natalie tells Jen that she will come back another time when Cris is there. Jen tells her to come inside and wait. When she does, Jen slams the door and tells Natalie that she's not going anywhere until they talk about what's going on between her and Cris.

At Llanfair, Cris comes over looking for Natalie. Jessica tells him that she kicked Natalie out and asks why Cris keeps on defending her.

Back at Statesville, Allison says that she will tell Lindsay about the way out after she confirms that her friend will be on the outside waiting for them. Lindsay finds a payphone and gives R.J. a call. He confirms that he will help her, just that his daughter can't find out. Lindsay tells him to meet her later on today at the abandoned gas station on old route 60. R.J. agrees and Lindsay relays to Allison that everything is set. Allison says that these "tunnels" that she talks about are ventilation ducts leftover from old industrial dryers that used to be in the Laundry room. Allison shows Lindsay a panel and removes it to show her one of the vents. However, Allison bends down and notices that it has a brand new padlock on the entrance. Allison: "Houston, we have a problem."

Later after Lindsay's call, R.J. calls Tillie and tells her to get rid of Lindsay Rappaport, permanently.

Friday, July 19, 2002

Niki is at the hospital to take Ben home. Much to her relief, his amnesia is still intact. Bo is in the corridor and asks his sister-in-law the reason she is adamant that her daughter had something to do with pushing her husband through the window. She feigns horror at the notion of Natalie having any part in it, but can't ignore the facts. Bo inquires where she was when Ben took a tumble, and answers with the bogus alibi, that she was at the nursery. When asked if anyone had seen her there she delivers Roxy as a witness. Hank arrives as Niki is leaving.

Cris and Jessica differ on the subject of Natalie's guilt. As the conversation escalates to a shouting match, Rex who is stationed at the library doors could hear the raised voices. Jessie leaves to meet her mother at the hospital. Rex, alone with Cris, reveals he knows about the kiss Natalie shared with him. He goes on to say that Niki threatened him with eviction, and doesn't perceive Mrs. Davidson as the person Cris describes.

Jen and Natalie are at the loft arguing about Cris. It is demanded of Natalie that she stay away from him, but she doesn't back down, explaing once again that theirs is a platonic relationship. Jennifer asks about the secret, Natalie tries to leave, but is shoved away from the door.

Max realizes Gabrielle is right about Al still being in love with Jen. When confronted by his Dad with this suspicion, he shrugs it off. When pressed he becomes angry, blows Max off and leaves.

Roxanne is having a makeover so that she might garner some attention from her husband. She fantasies he finds her irresistible. When she gets home he only pretends to notice.

Lindsay gets a little bit more than hysterical, after realizing the entrance to the tunnels are blocked. Allison has a good laugh at her cellmate's expense and finally tells her about the other way out. Providing her with the impetus to flee the prison, Lindsay reminds Allison that Dave needs her. With that, they investigate another escape portal to find it accessible.

Al arrives at the loft just as the girls are about to slug it out. Natalie books, leaving Al with an opportunity to comfort the love of his life with words and an intimate hug.

R. J. sets his plan to rid himself of Lindsay into motion. He arrives at the millhouse to visit Max. Before hearing her "Maxi" rag on her with his buddy, Roxy receives a call from Niki reminding her to say that, if asked she was at the nursery when Ben fell. Hurt by what she overheard, Roxanne heads for the salon to return her purchases.

Niki walks in on Cris and Rex in the library. Rex splits, leaving her face to face with Cris. Concerned Rex might had blabbed that she and Ben weren't getting along, she lies and tells Cris she wanted her husband to speak with their house-guest about his behavior. She is visibly agitated and goes off on Cris about his past, in particular assigning blame to him for the loss of Jessica's baby.

Lindsay is alone in the laundry room when suddenly the lights go dark. Tillie steals behind her.

At Break Bar, Al accuses Nat of trying to snag Cris, and she him, of trying to split the pair up.

Bo shares with Hank that the last call Ben made was to Natalie.

A very tense Niki asks Rex what he and her husband spoke about the last time they met. His answer is vague. She tersely dismisses him, promising they have unfinished business.

Cris quizzes Jessie about where Viki was the day of Ben's near fatal fall. He questions the veracity of her mother's answer.

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