One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 9, 2005 on OLTL
Daniel staged Jen's body to look like a suicide, but Rex was convinced she'd been murdered. Daniel tricked the medical examiner into falsifying the report in order to catch the “killer.” Blair overheard Kevin telling Kelly about Todd's rape. Todd finally admitted the ordeal himself.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 9, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, May 9, 2005

Todd, Starr and Jack team up to give Blair her best Mother's Day ever. Dorian's efforts to be a domestic goddess result in a smoky kitchen and a tray full of charred cookies. Rex and Natalie make Roxy smile on Mother's Day. Jessica begins to fear that she may be suffering from the same debilitating mental illness that afflicted Viki for years. After smothering Jen, Daniel is awash with guilt as he stands over his latest victim. Adriana and Dorian enjoy a tender mother-daughter moment while sharing cookie dough and confidences. Paige admits to Bo how melancholy she feels on Mother's Day. Jessica decides to unburden herself to her mom but Viki suddenly faints dead away. Touched by Jen's letter, Riley tells Lindsay he now has complete faith in her daughter's innocence. In the parking garage, Daniel puts Jen's lifeless body behind the wheel of her car in order to make her death look like a suicide. After examining Viki, Paige tells Jessica, Kevin and Natalie that their mother has developed an infection and must avoid stress at all costs. Rex is horrified to find Jen's lifeless body locked in her car. Certain she can't risk disclosing her problem to Viki, Jessica considers confiding in Antonio but "Tess" intervenes. Daniel's lover is revealed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

David knocks on the door of the Llanfair library, waking Viki from her restful reading. He has brought her some gifts after hearing of her collapse, but what he really wants is to borrow her DVD player. He has rented "Duck Soup" and wants to drown his sorrows in comedy. However, Viki hatches a plan and immediately calls Dorian. She pretends that she wants a second opinion on her viral infection and requests that Dorian come to Llanfair this very instant to examine her. Dorian arrives and finds David with a bowl of popcorn. She asks him if he's comfortable living at the carriage house, and he says that of course he isn't. She invites him back to La Boulee, but David insists that the only possession of hers he truly wants is her heart. Dorian insists that he's had her heart all along; they kiss and agree that they miss one another terribly. Dorian expects that David is going to move back in with her, but he says it's not that easy: he needs to know that she's going to stop meddling in the girls' lives. Dorian insists that he is putting too many restrictions on her, and that perhaps they really are better off alone. She leaves, and Viki reluctantly joins a depressed David for a viewing of "Duck Soup."

Rex finds Jen's body in her car and breaks open one of the windows. He drags her from the automobile and frantically attempts CPR. When she does not revive, he tearfully calls Bo and tells him the news. Bo interrupts his dinner with Paige to take the call. Meanwhile, at a nearby table, Riley approaches Lindsay. Lindsay tells him to get out of her face. Then Nora comes to Riley's defense, reminding Lindsay that both of them care deeply for Jen. Lindsay says that if that's the case, Nora should tell her husband to go to hell and stop using Jen as a pawn for his political advancement. Riley springs to his father's defense, claming that Daniel is a very honest man. Lindsay continues her tirade, telling Nora not to give her any advice on mothering Jen. Nora counters that Lindsay has dropped the ball several times and that Nora has had to step in as a surrogate mother. "How dare you," Lindsay spits heatedly, but Bo interrupts. He says that he has some news about Jen. When he is reluctant to tell her what it is, Lindsay grows worried. Nora can see in Bo's eyes that something is very wrong. He tells Lindsay, Nora, and Riley that Jen took her life. Lindsay flips out, refusing at first to believe Bo's words. "She always called me when she was in trouble, Bo," Lindsay gasps. "Why didn't she call me?" She practically collapses from grief, but manages to turn around and scream at Riley that this is all his fault; that Jen killed herself because of Riley and his father.

Matthew comes up to Nora, after having overheard Bo's words. Nora calls R.J. to come be with Lindsay, then explains to Matthew that his sister took her own life. Paige agrees to take Matthew home so that Nora can accompany Bo when he takes Lindsay to identify Jen's body. R.J. comes to Lindsay's side, while Riley stands alone, unable to do anything but read the letter he had received from Jen earlier in the day. Bo, Nora, Riley, Lindsay, and R.J. head to the morgue. R.J. tells Lindsay that he knows what it's like to lose a daughter.

After having set up Jen's body to look like she committed suicide, Daniel seeks comfort in the arms of his lover, Mark. But Mark has reached his saturation point with the secrets and beseeches Daniel to come clean about everything. He reminds Daniel that he promised his marriage to Nora was only temporary, and that he and Mark would be able to be together as a couple. Daniel flips out, physically shaking Mark, then throwing a glass across the room. He insists that Mark has no idea how hard he has worked to achieve everything, including respect as a father and a husband. Mark reminds him that Riley accepts his homosexuality, so he's bound to accept the fact that his father is gay. He also calls Daniel on the carpet for his unfair treatment of Nora. Mark insists that he won't live a lie anymore. Daniel walks out, vowing that he won't say good-bye and that Mark needs to decide if he can really go through with this breakup.

Daniel then heads back to the scene of Jen's death, where Natalie has arrived to comfort Rex. Daniel overhears Rex tell Nat that he and Bo were getting close to discovering Paul Cramer's real killer. Daniel wants to know why Rex and Bo hadn't shared their progress with him, but Rex won't give up an ounce of information. He is disgusted that Daniel is even showing himself at the scene of Jen's death. After Daniel leaves to comfort Riley, Rex tells Natalie that he overheard the officers talking about a rag covered in blood ... he determines that Jen did not commit suicide, but that she was murdered.

As the episode closes, the song "I'll Find A Way" by Rachael Yamagata is heard as the residents of Llanview are shown in various states of sadness. Viki and David morosely watch a movie. Dorian drinks alone at the Palace, missing David. A somber Paige watches Matthew sleep. Daniel shows up at the morgue and hugs Riley. Lindsay cries over Jen's body, telling her dead daughter how much she loves her.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Todd sneaks into Buchanan Enterprises and plants a listening device in Kevin's office. As news of Jen's "suicide" spreads throughout Llanview, a grieving Rex vows to make "Ted" pay for his crimes. Already on edge following yet another hang-up call, Nora bristles when Daniel seems oddly callous about Jen's death. Kevin is impressed with Duke's business acumen. Michael tries to console a tearful Marcie, who fears she's to blame for her friend's tragic demise. Blair catches Todd spying on the Buchanans again. Later, Todd bumps into "Tess" and puzzles over his niece's strange behavior. Hoping to find a clue about his friend's killer, Rex asks Kelly to let him look through her late brother's belongings. Paige watches Bo comforting a weeping Nora in the parking garage. Blair enlists Kelly in her quest to learn Todd's secret. Natalie sadly admits to John how guilty she feels for giving Jen so much grief during her short lifetime. Delighted to bump into Duke at Ultraviolet, Ginger tries to cozy up to the object of her affections. As Blair eavesdrops electronically, Kelly asks Kevin if Margaret forced herself on Todd. Nora walks in on a hug between Bailey and Daniel. Afterwards, a fuming Nora asks her husband if he's been cheating on her.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lindsay's loss leaves her in utter despair. As Nora presses a flustered Daniel to admit he's having an affair with Bailey, Mark arrives on the newlyweds' doorstep. Ginger wonders how "Tess" knows her neighbor, Todd. Listening via the hidden bug, Blair is stunned to hear Kevin admit to Kelly how Margaret raped Todd while he was her prisoner. Rex tells a weeping Lindsay that her daughter was murdered. Though Daniel nervously attempts to give him the bum's rush, Mark insists on speaking with Nora on a matter of great importance. Evangeline offers to help John with the next phase of his investigation into the Killing Club murders. Antonio bumps into "Tess" at Ultraviolet. Kevin warns Kelly that her cousin is too fragile to hear the truth about Todd. Meanwhile, a humiliated Todd rushes off when Blair informs him she knows what he endured as Margaret's hostage. Lindsay finds Rex's theory difficult to believe at first but finally realizes that he might be right. An enraged Todd attacks Kevin as Kelly looks on in alarm. Blair reassures a fretful Starr that their family is not going to split up again. After a call from Rachel distracts Nora, Daniel hisses at Mark to clam up before he ruins everything. Later, Nora apologizes to her husband for falsely accusing him of betraying her. Lindsay bitterly vows to destroy whoever murdered Jen.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Blair returns home after a night of searching for Todd. Ginger has stayed the night with the kids. Ginger asks Blair why Mr. Manning ran out, but before Blair can answer, Kelly shows up. Blair introduces Ginger to Kelly; Ginger then leaves, refusing to accept any money for babysitting. Blair tells Kelly that it's Todd's own fault she found out about the rape, because he had bugged Kevin's office. Kelly realizes that Blair overheard she and Kevin talking.

Meanwhile, Todd nurses his shame with a bottle of alcohol inside Victor's crypt. He is visited by an apparition of Marty Saybrooke, and they rehash their tragic past. Marty says that Todd being raped by Margaret is a form of poetic justice. She taunts him, asking him how it felt to be helpless, a complete and utter victim. Todd tries to brush off her words, but they eventually start to break through his tough exterior and hit home. Marty reminds him that what he did to her all those years ago will taint every day for the rest of her life. She also encourages him to open up to someone about what happened. He asks her if she means Blair, and Marty suggests that that would be a smart idea. She says that if Todd doesn't start letting the people who care about him, such as Viki and Blair, help him with his problems, he will end up completely alone: his greatest fear. Todd returns home to a relieved Blair. He says he needed some time alone to think, and she says she understands, after what Margaret did to him. "It's okay," Todd says. "You can say it. Margaret raped me."

Marcie sits in front of Jen's picture at the church, talking to her dead friend. She recalls the previous summer, when they had discussed the positive directions their lives were taking. Marcie tells Jen she was her best friend, the sister she never had. Then, through her tears, Marcie hears someone else in the church. It's Mark. He is crying, and he tells Marcie that he feels selfish praying about his own problems when they are about to have Jen's memorial service. Marcie asks Mark what is on his mind, and he confesses that he is dating a married man. She tells him that that is not a good situation, because married men never leave their wives, whether they are gay or straight; the lover is always expendable. Mark insists that this is different, and that his lover truly cares for him. He slips up and tells Marcie that his lover is being secretive about their affair because he is about to be appointed to Lieutenant Governor. Marcie is shocked to learn that Mark is seeing Daniel, especially since he's married to her friend Nora. He begs her not to tell anyone, but Marcie says she can't make any promises.

R.J. and Lindsay prepare to go to the memorial service. Lindsay is devastated, and says that she can't help wondering whether Jen is cold. She asks R.J. when these feelings will ever go away; he tells her that in some ways, they never will. Nora stops by, and R.J. tries to keep her from coming in; he is unsuccessful. Nora tells Lindsay that she came to tell her how sorry she is. Lindsay is in no mood for Nora's words. Nora continues, though, saying that she was out of line with her comments about Lindsay being a bad mother. Lindsay screams at Nora that her husband is responsible for Jen's death, whether it was a suicide or a murder. Nora questions why Lindsay would say it was murder. Lindsay tells Nora that Jen loved her, and that Nora can't change that. It's obvious that Lindsay's impassioned words about Daniel have made an impact. A disturbed Nora leaves and runs into Marcie in the elevator.

As people file in for Jen's memorial, Will shows up; Lindsay collapses into her son's arms.

Riley asks John and Bo whether Jen received the message he left on her cell phone before she died. John tells him that it doesn't look like she got it. Riley wishes that she had heard his words of belief, and John tries to comfort him. Riley takes off for the service, where he runs into Mark. He tells Mark what a great friend he is.

The autopsy confirms that Jen was murdered. Daniel persuades the lab worker to make a false report citing suicide, so that they can "lay a trap for the killer." Bo is annoyed when the autopsy lands on his desk, and he and Daniel exchange accusations. After Daniel leaves, a report from crime scene comes through. Bo and John discover that no one's fingerprints were on the hose and exhaust pipe of Jen's car. "Suicides don't usually try to cover their tracks," John says. "Yes, but murderers do," Bo replies.

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