One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 24, 2005 on OLTL
Tess informed Nash of her split personality. Natalie told off the prisoner known as “John Doe,” not knowing it was really Cristian. John had a discussion with his deceased father. Layla covered for Antonio with social services. Blair grew angry at Todd for using Starr. Clint returned to Llanview. Nora suffered a stroke. Todd denied killing Margaret.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 24, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Stunned by Ginger's revelation, Blair furiously accuses the girl of lying. Tess icily reminds Viki that she already knows why Jessica's personality split in two. At Statesville, Natalie accuses "John Doe" of causing pain to everyone who loved Cristian. As David's bachelor party gets underway, the Buchanan men challenge their guests to a poker game and Asa beams with pride when Matthew unexpectedly wins big. Though Ginger urges her to tell Blair the truth about Margaret's pregnancy, Starr balks at betraying her father's secret. Layla warns Antonio that the social worker has insisted on a special meeting. Though Viki begs her to believe that integration would be best for everyone, Tess angrily refuses to give in. John has another conversation with his late father as he mulls over a dilemma. Unaware that she's face to face with her husband, Natalie bitterly declares that he's nothing like Cris. Dorian's bachelorette bash heats up when a male stripper arrives. As the stakes at the poker game grow higher, Asa and Spencer go head to head. Layla covers for a grateful Antonio in front of Nancy. Viki cautions an irked Nash that he doesn't understand how ill her daughter truly is and how much she needs to get help right there in Llanview. Bo decides to question Starr. Natalie tearfully begs "John Doe" to drop his appeal.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bo requests Todd and Blair's permission to question Starr at the police station. Todd is reluctant, but Bo persuades them to bring Starr in. Starr sticks to her initial story about Margaret's attack on her, but Bo points out some discrepancies. He also reveals that a witness reported seeing a pregnant Margaret in an alley. Starr becomes increasingly nervous, and Bo asks if Todd has coached her in what to say. Starr screams at Bo that Margaret is a crazy woman who caused harm to her family and begs the commissioner to leave the Mannings alone once and for all. Todd and Starr exit Bo's office, and Bo tells Blair that he feels like he is the only one who wants to see Margaret caught. Blair realizes that Todd and Starr have been conspiring, and she marches over to Todd, demanding to know if he thinks she is stupid. She tells him that she can't believe he's using their daughter and that it's going to stop right now, because she won't put up with it any longer.

Antonio catches up with Viki on the docks, and she tells him that she just met Tess. She reveals that Tess left with Nash, and Antonio demands to know why Viki let them get away. Viki blasts Antonio for keeping Jessica's DID a secret, and she accuses him of being responsible for the fact that Jessica is now on the run. Furthermore, Viki reminds Antonio that she knows more about DID than anyone else; she recounts the pain of Niki Smith. She also insists that Tess is an integral part of Jessica and that they cannot alienate her. Antonio doesn't want to accept this. Viki needs to go home and rest, but she tells Antonio to call her as soon as he gets word of Tess and Nash's whereabouts. As soon as Viki leaves, Antonio receives a tip. Of course, the stubborn ex con doesn't call Viki and decides to handle things himself.

Nash and Tess prepare to take a small plane back to Napa, but Nash decides he needs answers before he can commit to any more long journeys with his lady love. He tells Tess that he hasn't been able to get Viki's face off of his mind; he doesn't feel that she is the monster Tess painted her out to be. Tess tries to say that Viki is nuts, but Nash isn't buying that excuse any longer. He says that he can tell that Viki loves her like a mother should love a daughter, and he wants to know why Tess needs to flee from her family. He also asks her why Viki said she was ill. Tess is touched to know that Nash wants to raise a family with her, and she finally decides to come clean with the truth. Slowly and tearfully, she reveals that little Jessica Buchanan was in a scary situation years ago, and created someone strong to help her deal with it. That someone was Tess. "So, you split?" Nash asks. "Give the man a medal," Tess spits, then tells her boyfriend that he fell in love with a ghost.

At the Buchanan lodge, Spencer and Asa are the last men standing in the poker game. Cocky and arrogant, each man is determined to get the best of the other. Asa goes so far as to put his million dollar thoroughbred on the table, and imagine his chagrin when Spencer wins the game. Having lost his horse and a lot of money, Asa accuses David and Spencer of cheating. Satisfied, the Truman brothers leave the lodge, and David tells Spencer that if he messes with the Buchanans, he's going to get exactly what's coming to him.

Meanwhile, a man arrives on the steps of the lodge with a suitcase. As Kevin and Asa commiserate in the lodge, the man reveals himself to his son and father: it's Clint Buchanan, back in town just when his family needs him the most!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Viki leaves an urgent message for Clint. Meanwhile, up at the lodge, Clint tells Asa and Kevin he's returned to Llanview to review Buchanan Enterprises' records and uncover the leak which breached the company's security. Tess explains to a disbelieving Nash how he fell in love with a woman who doesn't even exist. Bo fills John in on his suspicions about Starr and Todd. Across town, Blair locks Todd out of the penthouse. Though Natalie encourages her mother to open up, Viki decides not to reveal Jessica's problem just yet. Later, Natalie admits to Viki how upset she's been about Evangeline representing "John Doe" for his pending appeal. Antonio finally catches up with Nash and Tess and insists on speaking with Jessica. Blair lays down the law with Todd, who swears he doesn't know where Margaret is but admits that Starr lied to protect him. Asa gleefully reveals to Kevin that the prized thoroughbred Spencer won is nothing but a carcass. Todd attempts to mollify a fuming Blair by claiming he has no more secrets from her. As Nash is restrained by the cops, Antonio urges Jessica to show herself but Tess grabs one of the officer's guns and threatens to shoot unless her boyfriend is released.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Medics rolled Tess into the hospital as she screamed hysterically at everyone, even calling an innocent nurse a "bitch." She pleaded with Nash to help her, but he stood by helpless. Tess told Viki, "You know why this is happening. Tell them to stop, mother." After they rolled Jessica into a room, Viki confronted Bo about keeping Jessica's condition from her own mother. Bo admitted he should've told Viki sooner. Clint lashed out at Antonio and Nash, so Viki sent them home so she could fill in Clint on the details of Jessica's illness. Clint wondered to Viki what it could be in Jessica's past that caused her to split. They both swore to each other that they had no idea what could've caused it.

Nash and Antonio ran into each other outside the hospital and argued over Jessica/Tess. Antonio lashed out at Nash saying that he's trying to take Jessica away from her family when she needs help for a severe illness. Nash argued back that Tess is a real person who should be allowed the free will to leave town with him if she so chooses. Kevin overheard them arguing and asked Nash, "Who the hell are you, and what do you know about Jessica?" Antonio explained to Kevin how Jessica has DID.

Dr. Jamison visited Tess in a hospital bed and tried to reassure her that she was safe. Tess wasn't interested in anything he had to say. "You can take your beside manner and your integration fantasies," she told the doctor, "and you can shove them somewhere in this God forsaken town where the sun doesn't shine." The doctor asked what he could do to make her less angry, and Tess said she wanted to go back to the vineyard with Nash.

Natalie told John she visited John Doe in prison. John urged Natalie to not visit him ever again. Later, Kevin called Natalie to tell her that Jessica's been hospitalized.

Shortly after Natalie arrived, Antonio and Nash came back into the hospital yelling. Tess heard Nash and started screaming for his help from her hospital room. Natalie was stunned to hear Nash say that he was dating "Tess." Clint asked both Antonio and Nash to leave (again).

Blair accused Todd of killing Margaret and his unborn baby. When Todd neither confirmed nor denied the accusation, Blair picked up the phone to call Bo. Todd made her hang up and said he would come clean. He insisted that despite all his other lies, swearing on the lives of his children, that he did not kill Margaret. Just then, Bo called Blair and said she needs to bring Todd down to the police station for questioning in the murder of Margaret. Once there, Bo and John took Todd into a room for interrogation and told him that a DNA test showed that the bodies found at the lake were Margaret's and her 31-week-old fetus. They presented Todd with a sketch of the suspect and pointed out how much it looks like him. They warned Todd that he better hope his blood doesn't turn up on the murder weapon. Todd was confused about the mention of a murder weapon and said he thought that the dead woman had drowned. Bo said that they're still investigating the cause of death. Todd grew frustrated and asked the cops to show him evidence they have against him. When they couldn't produce any, he got up to leave. As he walked out, John and Bo pointed out that given the age of the fetus, Margaret conceived at exactly the time when she held him captive in the cabin. "Did you have sex with Margaret, Manning?" Bo asked. Todd told them both to go to hell. After Todd left, the cops both agreed he was guilty. Then, another cop delivered a DNA match on the murder weapon. Bo had John run after Todd to bring him back in. Denton, who was snooping around outside the interrogation room, called Todd on his cell phone so he could warn him the cops were coming after him.

Lindsay visited Nora in the hospital. Michael was surprised that Lindsay wanted to see Nora, given their past. Lindsay said she was there because Jen loved Nora. Matthew came by with Mary Ann (the nanny) and asked Lindsay if she would accompany him in to say good night to his mother. Lindsay agreed. Once inside, Matthew told Lindsay that he wanted her to come see Nora because she loved Jen. Suddenly, Nora's machines started beeping. Michael and Paige rushed Lindsay and Matthew out of the room, and Paige remarked to Michael that Nora had a stroke.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Hugh and a nervous Marcie come to Rodi's on their first official date, which quickly hits a snag when one of the ADA's old flames literally throws herself at him. Michael's affected when he spots Marcie and Hayes sharing their first real kiss. Antonio and Nash argue once more about Jessica and Tess. Viki lets Antonio know that she's upset with him. As they drive home, Todd again swears to Blair he didn't kill Margaret. When Denton phones to warn his employer that he's about to be arrested for murder, Todd is forced to tell Blair that his blood was found at the scene of the crime. However, he's quick to blame it on Margaret and insists that she was very capable of planting his blood there. Clint advises Nash that if Tess and Jessica become "integrated," she won't be the same woman he knows. Viki and Clint stand vigil beside their daughter's hospital bed. Jessica calls out for Antonio. As Michael does his best to keep the boy encouraged about his mother, Matthew asks Michael if his mother is going to die.

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