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Olympia Buchanan
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Actor History
Taina Elg
1980 to 1981

Died in 1981

Other Names

Nicole Bonard (name assumed while in France)

Cause of Death

Died after falling from a balcony

Former Occupation


Former Residence


Marital Status at Death


Past Marriages

Asa Buchanan




Bo Buchanan (son; with Asa)

Clint Buchanan (son; with Asa)

Drew Buchanan (grandson)

Matthew Buchanan (grandson)

Kevin Buchanan Sr. (grandson; via adoption)

Joseph Buchanan (grandson; via adoption)

Natalie Buchanan (granddaughter)

Jessica Buchanan (granddaughter; via adoption)

Demerest Buchanan (great-grandson; via adoption; deceased)

Kevin Buchanan Jr. (great-grandson; via adoption; deceased)

Megan Victoria Buchanan (great-granddaughter; via adoption; deceased)

Brennan Buchanan (great-granddaughter; via adoption)

Zane Buchanan (great-great grandson; via adoption)

Flings & Affairs

Yancey Ralston

Crimes Committed

Killed Yancey Ralston

Brief Character History

Bo Buchanan was in Paris to visit his girlfriend, Pat Ashley. Pat had a new friend named Nicole Bonard, but she was really Bo's mother, Olympia Buchanan. When Bo and Clint were children, Olympia had an affair with Yancey Ralston and became pregnant. Yancey and Olympia had fought, and Olympia had killed Yancy. When Olympia's husband, Asa Buchanan, found out, Asa sent Olympia to Europe and banished her there. Asa told Bo and Clint that their mom had died. When Asa found out that Pat and Olympia were in Paris together, he feared she would ruin everything he had. Olympia, going by the name Nicole, told Pat that "Bo is not a true Buchanan." Pat didn't know what that was supposed to mean. Before Pat ever found out, Asa took Olympia and imprisoned her somewhere in Llanview. Asa hired his nephew Rafe Garretson to watch her. Asa had told Rafe that Olympia was insane.

The next year in 1981, Nicole escaped and planned to ruin Asa's life at the Buchanan Ball. Nicole wore the same dress as Samantha, Asa's girlfriend, and stole her mask and locked Samantha in a walk-in freezer. Olympia confronted Bo and told him that she was his mother that he never knew. She also told Bo that Asa had kept her a prisoner for the past year. Olympia stunned all the guests when she pulled off her mask and showed that she was not Samantha, but Olympia. Olympia shot Asa the first chance she got. Samantha rushed to Asa's side. Sam grabbed Olympia's gun, and they struggled on the balcony with the gun together. Olympia tripped and fell from the balcony. Sam tried to catch her hand, but missed. Olympia was taken to the hospital. As she died, she said three last words to Bo, "Pat...your father." Bo was confused and went to Pat. Pat told him that Asa was not Bo's father, even though he really was. Later Bo found out the truth.

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Who's Who in Llanview

OLTL Actor biographies
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