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Vimal Patel
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Actor History
Nick Choksi
November 19, 2010 to January 12, 2012; May 2, 2013 to Present [recurring]

Information technology analyst, at the Sun

Previously unemployed

Former researcher and developer, Buchanan Enterprises

Resides At

Llanview, PA

Previously Statesville Prison

Formerly Llanview, PA

Formerly London

Raised in India

Marital Status

Married to Rama Patel [pre-2010 to present]

Past Marriages

None known


Mr. Patel (father)

Mrs. Patel (mother)

Neela Patel (sister)



Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

Broke into hospital lab and switched DNA tests on orders from Clint Buchanan [Nov 2010]

Was sentenced to Statesville Prison after refusing to implicate Clint in the DNA test tampering [March 2011]

Accepted job at the Sun on the condition that he not reveal that John McBain is the father of Natalie's baby, Liam

Health and Vitals

None known

Brief Character History

Vimal Patel, who worked in the research and development department at Buchanan Enterprises, got summoned to CEO Clint Buchanan's office in November 2010 with a unique job assignment. Clint asked Vimal to use a key card he had created to access the hospital lab and change some DNA test results to benefit the Buchanan family. Vimal was initially reluctant, but Clint promised that he would be promoted to head of his department if he succeeded in the task. Clint told Vimal to change Rex Balsom's DNA tests to show that Charlie Banks was Rex's father and not Clint. He also ordered Vimal to ensure that Brody Lovett was listed as the father of his daughter's baby. Vimal went to the lab and changed Rex's results but was stumped when he saw that both of Clint's daughters were having DNA tests performed. He changed one daughter's test results, unsure if he changed the correct one, and then was startled when Marty Saybrooke entered the lab. The next morning, Clint was relieved to learn that Rex's test had been changed, and Vimal assured him that his daughter's test was changed too, failing to reveal that he wasn't sure if he changed the right test.

When Vimal's wife Rama arrived from London in January 2011, Vimal admitted all he had done and said he wanted to quit the company because he was racked with guilt. But Rama convinced Vimal that they could use the information to their own advantage. When Clint later learned that his son's fiancé, Aubrey Wentworth, knew about the DNA switches, Clint suspected Vimal spilled the beans and nearly had him beaten up. It turned out that Rama had told Aubrey, who was a former classmate from boarding school, and she apologized to Vimal for betraying his confidence.

On the day of the double wedding of Clint's daughters, Jessica and Natalie, Vimal stood up in the church and confessed to switching Rex's DNA tests on orders from Clint. He then revealed that he had also changed Jessica's test results to show that Brody Lovett was the father of her baby and not Robert Ford. Vimal's confession sent the Buchanan family into a tailspin. Clint was arrested but quickly released for lack of evidence, and Vimal was taken into custody. Vimal was prepared to implicate Clint in exchange for immunity. But at the last moment, Rama told Vimal that he would never be safe if he ratted out Clint and led Vimal to believe that she was pregnant. Vimal dutifully confessed to switching the DNA tests on his own and was sent to Statesville Prison.

Vimal was happy to learn that Rama was being well cared for at the Buchanan mansion and was anxious to follow the development of his child. He appeared somewhat jealous when Rama showed up at Statesville with hunky bartender Cristian Vega, but Rama assured Vimal that they were just friends. Vimal urged Cristian to be careful around Rama since she was in a delicate condition. Vimal was released from jail after Clint confessed on live television to ordering Vimal to change the test results. He stunned Rama by showing up at the mansion. When Vimal saw Cristian and Rama kissing, Rama pretended that Cristian had just come onto her and Cristian played along. After Aubrey was found out by Joey, she returned to the mansion and revealed to a stunned Vimal that Rama wasn't pregnant. Rama was shocked by Aubrey's betrayal and tried to explain everything to Vimal, but he refused to listen and walked out on her.

Vimal shared drinks at Capricorn with Todd Manning, who had just had a spat with his wife. Todd revealed to Vimal that Natalie's test results had been altered by Marty the same night that Vimal had altered Jessica's results, and that Liam was actually John McBain's child and not Brody Lovett's. Vimal thought John should know the truth, but Todd told Vimal that he would face serious consequences if Vimal revealed the secret to anyone. As added assurance, Todd offered Vimal a job at the Sun. Desperate to get back on his feet and prove to his parents that he was living a successful life, Vimal took the job and agreed to stay quiet. Rama was pleased that Vimal had gotten a new job, but Vimal revealed to her that he had gotten himself into another secretive situation. Vimal decided not to repeat the same mistake and left an anonymous note in John's office revealing that he was Liam's father. Brody intercepted the note and realized it was written by Vimal. Brody confronted Vimal, who told Brody that he learned the truth from Todd Manning. Vimal agreed not to say anything after realizing that Brody really did love the child as if it was his own.

Vimal's parents arrived from India, excited about the impending birth of their grandchild, and Vimal stalled in telling them the truth. He secured tickets for the opening premiere of Vickerman and explained that Rama was tending to her sick friend Aubrey. Vimal was stunned when Rama arrived at the premiere, appearing to be quite pregnant. Rama explained that Cristian had outfitted her with a water balloon that made her appear pregnant. The plan backfired, however, when Robert Ford accidentally stuck Rama in the belly with appetizer sticks and her balloon burst. Rama admitted she had lied about being pregnant, and Vimal explained that he had gone to jail for tampering with DNA test results. Vimal's mother understood how much Rama loved Vimal and she urged them to reconcile, which they did.

However, shortly after the reconciliation Rama realized that although she loved Vimal, she was not ready for marriage and the couple separated again. Vimal begged Rama to reconsider and agreed to have an open marriage if it meant that they could remain together.

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