Kale Browne

Kale Browne announces his OLTL exit

by Dan J Kroll
Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2001 10:35:08 PM
Kale Browne announces his OLTL exit

While Todd is busy exposing the secrets of Llanview's residents on-screen, it seems that there is just as much going on behind the scenes at One Life to Live this week. The first hint that things were brewing was an Internet posting by the President of Kale Browne's (Sam Rappaport) fan club. The message read as follows:

Dear Sam/Kale fans,

On behalf of Kale Browne (Sam), I have been given permission to make an internet exclusive. Kale Browne's contract will not be renewed in March. As of now, we are not sure how they'll "do away" with the character or what the future plans are. However, this is not a rumor, this is official news. Any and all info will be posted here, as well as on other boards, as it comes in. I do not have access to my own computer to update Kale's site or have access to his online mailing list. Please copy and paste this announcement if fans inquire. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Allie Jenkins, president
The Official Kale Browne Fan Club

Ms. Jenkins contacted Soap Central today to confirm the authenticity of the Internet post, Kale Browne's contract has not been renewed and he will be leaving the show in March.

Kale Browne joined the cast of OLTL on March 5, 1998, hired by then-OLTL Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps with whom he had worked on Another World. Phelps recently left One Life to Live to become the Executive Producer of General Hospital.

The apparent decision not to renew Browne's contract has many wondering if new executive producer, Gary Tomlin, will "clean house" now that he's in charge. Tomlin has repeatedly gone on the record insisting that he will not make any major changes to the show.

Following the apparent announcement of Kale Browne's departure, rumors surfaced that Jason-Shane Scott (Will Rappaport) does not intend to renew his contract when it expires this July. No word has yet been heard regarding the status of Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport), but with her contract up for renewal this May and her character being painted into a corner, it is possible she may be one of the next to go.

There is already Internet speculation that there might be a murder mystery coming up in the months ahead with Colin as the victim. Since many characters on the show (including Sam, Will and Lindsay) have a reason to want Colin dead, this is definitively a possibility. However, make no mistake that this speculation is just that --- speculation.

In addition to all these possible cast changes, it has been confirmed by ABC Daytime that that One Life to Live Head Writer Megan McTavish is moving to General Hospital. After the shift, McTavish will be replaced at One Life to Live by Lorraine Broderick and Chris Whiteshell. Whitesell has been a writer at Another World and General Hospital and co-Head Writer of Sunset Beach. Broderick was Head Writer for Days of our Lives and As the World Turns, co-Head Writer for All My Children and is currently a breakdown writer at Port Charles.


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