Who's coming? Who's going?

by Dan J Kroll
Posted Sunday, April 15, 2001 11:59:08 PM
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Who's coming? Who's going?

The recent upheaval at OLTL after former Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps' departure has delighted some fans and shocked others. Some are thrilled at the apparent return to the OLTL of old, while others are upset at losing their new favorites.

However you feel about the recent changes, there have been so many it's getting hard to keep them all straight without a scorecard, so we've compiled a list of recent changes and the changes which are yet to come.

January 2001: OLTL Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps left the show to become the new Executive Producer at General Hospital. Gary Tomlin became the new Executive Producer of OLTL.

January 18, 2001: Don Jeffcoat last aired as Joey Buchanan. Don Jeffcoat was not offered a new contract by OLTL and Joey went to London to visit Clint and Cord.

February 2001: Mark Derwin (Ben) signed a new three year contract.

March 2001: Robert S. Woods (Bo) signed a new five year contract.

March 19, 2001: Timothy Gibbs last aired as Kevin Buchanan. Gibbs decided on his own to leave the show and Kevin has not been seen since March 19th.

April 2001: Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning) signed a new five year contract.

April 2001: Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) signed a new contract, reportedly for three years.

April 11, 2001: Kale Browne last aired as Sam Rappaport. Browne was not offered a new contract by OLTL.

April 12, 2001: Ty Treadway taped his last shows as Colin MacIver, which will likely air through early May. Treadway was let go for storyline reasons.

May 3, 2001: Charissa Chamorro taped her last shows as Sophia in March and will be seen on-screen until May 3rd. She will suffer some sort of injury that will require her to leave town to undergo rehabilitation.

May 4, 2001: Tonja Walker returns to OLTL in her former role of Alex Olanov Hesser. Alex will reportedly be involved in a story-line with Asa, Renee and Max and her return is expected to be short-term.

May 8, 2001: Former AMC star Laurence Lau (ex-Greg, AMC) will first air in the role of Sam Rappaport.

May 11, 2001: Fiona Hutchison returns to OLTL in the role of Gabrielle Medina Holden, Max Holden's ex-wife.

Mary 14, 2001: The role of Al Holden, Max and Gabrielle's son has been cast with soap new-comer Michael Tipps.

July 2001: Gina Tognoni turned down OLTL's new contract offer and will be leaving the show when her current contract is up sometime in July.

July 2001: Jason-Shane Scott reportedly announced at a fan club event that OLTL had offered him a three-year contract, but he had turned down their offer. Scott's current contract expires in July.

August 2001: It is *rumored* that OLTL does not intend to offer John Bolger (John Sykes) a new contract when his current one expires in August.

Fall 2001: David Fumero has decided not to sign a new contract to continue playing Cristian Vega. His current contract expires in May, but he has reportedly agreed to stay on a few more months, possibly until fall, for storyline purposes.

In addition there are several other changes *rumored* to be in the works, including the possible return of Kevin Stapleton as Kevin Buchanan and the recasting of Andy Harrison Vega. We will keep you advised as more information becomes available.

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