The 13th Annual OLTL Fan Club Luncheon

by Dan J Kroll
Posted Monday, May 7, 2001 11:59:08 PM
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The 13th Annual OLTL Fan Club Luncheo

The 13th Annual OLTL Fan Club Luncheon was held on Sunday, May 6th at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City with 17 OLTL stars and over 300 fans in attendance.

The event, which includes raffles, awards for the actors, a question and answer session and an autograph session, is a great way to get to meet your favorite OLTL stars and learn a little bit about what's going on behind the scenes in Llanview.

The OLTL stars who took part in this year's event were: Kristen Alderson (Starr), Linda Dano (Rae), Patricia Elliott (Renee), David Fumero (Cristian), Ed Kershen (Harry "the Hook"), Jessica Morris (Jen), Jason-Shane Scott (Will), Gina Tognoni (Kelly), Erin Torpey (Jessica), Christian Toy Johnson (Detective Lisa West), Robert S. Woods (Bo), Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) and Patricia Mauceri (Carlotta).

Also, four newcomers were introduced who will begin airing in the next few weeks: Eddie Alderson (Matthew Rappaport), Lawrence Lau (Sam Rappaport), Michael Tipps (Al Holden) and Brandon Routh (Seth Anderson).

Fans who attend the luncheon are able to cast votes in advance in categories such as Outstanding Lead Actress and Outstanding Couple, and awards are presented to the actors and actresses at the luncheon. The winners for this year were:

Outstanding Lead Actor: Robert S. Woods (Bo)
Outstanding Lead Actress: Hillary B. Smith (Nora)
Outstanding Younger Lead Actor: Jason-Shane Scott (Will)
Outstanding Younger Lead Actress: Erin Torpey (Jessica)
Outstanding Supporting Actor: Kale Browne (ex-Sam) and Mark Derwin (tie)
Outstanding Supporting Actress Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Patricia Elliott (Renee) and Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) (tie)
Outstanding Villain: Roger Howarth (Todd)
Outstanding Villainess: Catherine Hickland (Lindsay)
Outstanding Couple: Ben and Viki
Outstanding Male Scene Stealer: Roger Howarth (Todd)
Outstanding Female Scene Stealer: Catherine Hickland (Lindsay)
Outstanding Newcomer: Ty Treadway (Colin)
Outstanding Storyline: Viki's breast cancer, the Buchanan heir, Colin's murder (tie)

Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) was moved to tears when accepting her three awards and thanked the fans for their support. Catherine brought a special guest with her to the luncheon, her husband, Michael E. Knight (Tad, All My Children).

OLTL Stage Manager Alan Needleman and OLTL Hair Stylist Laurie Filippi emceed the Q&A portion of the afternoon, going out into the audience and getting questions for the stars. Of course, the biggest question of the afternoon was "Who Killed Colin?" and the only answer that could be given was "I don't know." The OLTL stars are as much in the dark about the murderer's true identity as the fans are. Several different scenes were filmed, each with a different character killing Colin, so not even the actors will know until the show revealing the killer is aired. The new executive producer, Gary Tomlin, "keeps things close to the vest", according to Robert S. Woods, and reveals little about what will happen.

When asked what it is like to work with Roger Howarth (Todd), Gina Tognoni (Kelly) responded that it is important to know your lines and be very prepared. He tends to improvise frequently, "to put his fingerprints on the material," and it's important to be alert and prepared.

Other information learned at the luncheon: Eddie Alderson, who will first air as Matthew Rappaport on Thursday, May 10th, is Kristen Alderson's (Starr) younger brother. The character of Seth Anderson (to be played by Brandon Routh beginning on May 23rd) will be a friend of Cristian's from Angel Square. Cast members at OLTL miss Ty Treadway and encouraged fans to write in to show their support for his return.

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