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Double play: Treadway returning to OLTL

by Dan J Kroll
Posted Friday, June 22, 2001 2:18:51 PM
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Double play: Treadway returning to OLTL

Though unconfirmed by ABC, Soap Central has learned that Ty Treadway (ex-Colin MacIver) will return to One Life to Live beginning in July.

According to Soap Central sources, Treadway will play the twin brother of the late Colin. A new character will soon be debuted with the name "Chad." It's unclear if this time if this is the name of Treadway's new character, but if the name holds true, all three Mac Iver children -- Chad, Colin and sister Carol -- will have names beginning with the letter "C."

Treadway, of course, temporarily left One Life to Live earlier this year when Colin was murdered. Colin's brother's appearance is set to coincide with the revealing of Colin's killer.

In a message on Treadway's official web site in May, Treadway stated that he "will be back [in Llanview] as [Colin's] twin." The message went on to state that Treadway scenes as the twin should air in early July.

Further evidence that Treadway is on his way back came at One Life to Live's Fan Club Luncheon in May. At the gathering, several stars hinted that Treadway was returning to the show. If that's the case, executive producer Gary Tomlin must be out of the loop. Though an admitted "huge fan" of Treadway, Tomlin said earlier this spring that he would have preferred to have never had Treadway's character meet his maker. As for Treadway's return, Tomlin insisted that he had heard nothing of Treadway making a return appearance on the show.

Soap Central contacted ABC for comment on this report, but calls were unreturned.

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