Missing: Marston's Michael McBain

Posted Monday, December 11, 2006 6:45:07 PM
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Missing: Marston's Michael McBain

One Life to Fans will soon be seeing a new Michael McBain roaming around Llanview. But fear not, Nathaniel Marston fans: the actor is being replaced only on a temporary basis.

No one is speaking publicly about the reason behind the need to recast Marston's One Life to Live role. However, a statement made by the actor would seem to imply that the exit was brought on by a personal, family issue. Nevertheless, the hush-hush nature of Marston's break from the ABC soap has elicited great concern from the actor's many fans. In a message on his official web site, Marston hoped to allay some of that anxiety.

"My role as Michael McBain was recently temporarily recast for four episodes, and I've learned that it has caused some concern among my fans," Marston said in a statement. "I apologize to everyone who was unnecessarily worried by this news, and wanted to let you know that I am back at work and everything is just fine."

In Marston's absence, Robert Harte has been tapped to play Michael. Harte is no stranger to ABC Daytime. He appeared in 2001 was the no-good drug dealer Sweeney on All My Children. He has also appeared in a handful of primetime guest spots.

Since Marston broke his silence on his temporary leave from the show, a One Life to Live spokesperson has since stated that Harte will appear in two episodes, not the four that were originally announced.

Harte makes his One Life to Live debut on January 10th. Marston is expected back on-screen the following week.

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