Watkins gets sentimental before his latest OLTL return

Posted Wednesday, June 24, 2009 12:43:03 AM
Watkins gets sentimental before his latest OLTL return

Tuc Watkins is a busy man. In addition to his recurring gig on One Life to Live and his role as one-half of a gay couple on Desperate Housewives, the actor recently found time to star in a video parody of cop shows. OLTL fans will also get to see Watkins when David returns to Llanview this summer.

Tuc Watkins (David Vickers) will return to One Life to Live this summer. It marks the actor's latest short-term appearance on the ABC soap. Since dropping off contract in November 2006, Watkins has returned for no less than five short-term gigs.

In addition to his work on One Life to Live, Watkins is also known to General Hospital viewers as the third Pierce Dorman. Primetime viewers may known him for his role as gay lawyer, Bob Hunter, on Desperate Housewives. And for those who aren't big on television, Watkins made his feature film debut in the 1999 blockbuster film, The Mummy.

Over the past few days, Watkins has suddenly found himself the toast of the Internet -- and it had nothing to do with his work on the soaps. Watkins appeared in The Sentimentalist, a video parody of primetime crime shows like The Mentalist, Medium, and CSI. In the sendup, Watkins breaks off chasing a suspect so that he can play with a dog and cries over a good book. The video is intended for mature audiences and does feature some adult language.

With Watkins' return comes the return of rumors that some of the actor's co-stars are unhappy with his frequent in-and-out visits. The explanation given by these anonymous sources is that the show's storylines aren't given enough time to gain traction because of the abbreviated length of Watkins' engagement.

During his time in Llanview, David is expected to interact with Viki, Dorian, and Nora. A first airdate has not yet been announced.

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