Is Tuc Watkins Desperate to leave One Life to Live?

Posted Monday, June 07, 2010 12:37:42 AM
Is Watkins' stay about to be shortened?

Though he just returned to One Life to Live earlier this month, Tuc Watkins is already rumored to be on his way out of Llanview. The actor, who was said to have signed a contract with One Life to Live, has been upgraded to series regular on his primetime gig -- ABC's Desperate Housewives.

In April, One Life to Live proudly announced the return of Tuc Watkins (David Vickers) to the show. Though the actor has frequently popped in and out of Llanview, this most recent return was said to be different because it would be as a contract player.

Now, there's a change that may put Watkins' stay in jeopardy.

"They made me a series regular on Desperate Housewives next [season], so that's great and the timing works out perfectly," Watkins told Access Hollywood.

Watkins will return to Los Angeles in mid-July when the primetime soap begins taping for the fall season. Watkins has appeared on a recurring basis as Bob Hunter on Desperate Housewives since 2007.

Watkins returned to One Life to Live just last week, and has been pulling double-duty for at least a month. In addition to his daytime work, the actor appears on-stage in the off-Broadway production of White's Lies alongside Tony winner Betty Buckley.

One Life to Live has never commented officially on Watkins' status with the show, as network policy restricts discussing contracts. Therefore, it is unclear if Watkins' primetime status upgrade will impact his daytime status.

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