Kristen Alderson shares long-kept secret: OLTL's Brandon Buddy was her first love

Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2018 9:32:20 AM

One Life to Live's Brandon Buddy (Cole Thornhart) was more than just Starr's first love. He was also costar Kristen Alderson's (Kiki Jerome, General Hospital) first real-life love, as well.

One Life to Live fans fell in love with young Llanview couple Cole and Starr, portrayed by Brandon Buddy and Kristen Alderson. And we're pretty sure fans of the former ABC soap opera will fall in love with the long-kept secret Alderson just shared: she and Buddy not only dated on the show, but they were an item off the show, as well.

The actress, who also played General Hospital's Kiki Jerome, took to Twitter with some late-night ramblings, writing: "Procrastinating washing my face led me down a rabbit hole of Starr and Cole scenes on YouTube. So here I am at 2:30 a.m. still in my stage makeup watching myself at age 15 and 18 be in love with my first love. Life is weird and beautiful. So grateful for it all."

When a major Cole and Starr fan asked Alderson if she had interpreted the tweet correctly -- that the pair had been a real-life couple as well, Alderson confirmed, sharing: "It was a secret but yep. It was real-life, too."

Alderson made her OLTL debut in 1998 and grew up on-screen as Starr. Buddy took on the role of Cole Thornhart in the fall of 2006, and -- despite their young ages -- Starr and Cole quickly became a popular supercouple on the soap with many front-burner storylines. One of the most popular involved the pair finally deciding to sleep together and later becoming teen parents to a daughter they named Hope.

Following OLTL's cancellation in 2011, Alderson joined the cast of GH, and Cole and Hope were killed off in a car accident, leaving Starr to build a new life on her own in Port Charles. The actress decided to leave daytime in 2015, and GH recast Hayley Erin in the role.

After leaving OLTL, Buddy spiraled down a dangerous path and ended up getting arrested for driving while intoxicated and allegedly having hard drugs in his possession in 2015. Following the shocking news, the actor began a journey toward recovery and publicly shared a thank you to all who helped rescue him from what he calls the "pit of my hell."

"The beautiful thing about being lost is that then you can be found," he wrote. "About 7 months ago I was breaths away from death and now I'm stronger than I've ever been. I want to thank you all for your prayers. Words cannot describe how sorry I am for all the broken promises, for letting you down and for the hurt that I might have caused. I have been blessed with a fresh start and understand the importance of it... I was rescued from the pit of my hell not to better my life but to help others! Thank you all for your love and support."

With Alderson's recent reveal that she and Buddy used to be a real-life couple, fans are hoping there might be a way for the actors to reunite on-screen. And the possibility isn't too far out of left field. Hayley Erin has left GH for her role on the Pretty Little Liars spin-off titled The Perfectionists, but Alderson cannot reprise the role of Kiki, who was killed. However, with ABC having regained the rights to all things OLTL, she could potentially return as Starr, while Buddy could return as Cole. Christmas wishes, people!

For his part, Buddy took to Twitter to refer to those ol' soap days as "the best days" of his life.

What do you think of Alderson's reveal that she and Brandon Buddy used to date in real life? Would you love to see the actors back on-screen together? If so, could you accept the pair as new characters, or would you only want to see them as Cole and Starr? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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