Kristen Alderson says reprising the role of Starr Manning "would be a dream come true"

Posted Friday, March 19, 2021 7:18:46 AM

Could General Hospital fans soon be seeing Kristen Alderson back in the role of Starr Manning, the One Life to Live character she brought to the soap for a short time before taking on the role of Kiki Jerome?

Fans of General Hospital were sent into a tailspin earlier this month, when fan-favorite character Franco was killed off. Fortunately, portrayer Roger Howarth assured worried viewers that just because his alter ego has passed on to the other side doesn't mean that he's done at the ABC soap opera. This, of course, prompted rumors that he might be reprising his role as Todd Manning, the One Life to Live character he brought to GH back in 2012.

GH has yet to reveal its future plans for Howarth, but OLTL fans are hoping beyond hope that the show brings Todd out of the vault -- and while they're at it, they're hoping that the character's daughter, Starr Manning, comes along with him! But is actress Kristen Alderson keen to reprise her childhood role?

In a recent interview with Soap Opera News, the actress admitted that stepping back into the shoes of Starr -- a character she originated in 1998, when she was just six years old -- and reuniting with her former on-screen father would be "a dream come true."

As fans may recall, GH was forced to take its OLTL characters off the canvas in 2013 due to a lawsuit with Prospect Park, but rather than fire Howarth and Alderson, the soap gave them new characters: Franco Baldwin and Kiki Jerome, respectively. Alderson played Kiki until 2015, and she acknowledges in the interview that her exit from the show at that time was necessary so that she could focus on other aspects of her life, including spending quality time with her family, seeing her brother Eddie Alderson (ex-Matthew Buchanan, OLTL) through cancer treatments, and even working as a waitress.

"I just learned a lot about who I am," she shared of her break from soaps. "But I would be really sad if someone said you could never play Starr Manning again because she is a part of me. So, if I had the chance to play her again it would just be the happiest thing!"

If you ask fans, it would be an understatement to call Alderson's possible return to GH "happy." It would be downright thrilling! After all, fan enthusiasm went through the roof when all she did was visit the set of the ABC soap opera last year, and fan comments nearly broke the Internet back in 2018, when Alderson teased that she was working on a secret project related to GH (which turned out to be an appearance on a podcast rather than a return to the show).

But would a return to GH fit into Alderson's current career plans? Find out in her full Soap Opera News interview here.

Would you like to see Kristen Alderson return to GH as her former OLTL alter ego, Starr Manning? Do you think GH is planning to bring Roger Howarth back to the canvas as Todd Manning? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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