Two weeks' notice

So Friday was the big cliffhanger episode that is supposed to have us waiting on the edge of our seats until the Olympics are over. I for one simply do not care. I am not eagerly awaiting the return of Passions because I know what's going to happen.

Luis is not dead. We have seen both him and Sheridan "die" so many times, that this is not a shock to anyone. The real shock would have been if one of the Lopez-Fitzgerald kids displayed some common sense. And I gotta ask this question: is NBC trying to save money by having half of both of its daytime shows' cast parade around a jungle? And for the love of Pete, please get rid of those snakes.

So Theresa is having twins and keeping both of them. This is a woman who has never listened to reason. She's always done her own thing and, by the grace of the writers, she's always managed to pull a rabbit out of her hat. But does she honestly think that she is going to get away with raping Ethan and stealing his and Gwen's child. And does anyone else think these fraternal twins have different mommies? I think one child belongs to Gwen and one to Theresa. It's not like the writers to have them both belong to Theresa and Ethan. Which is cool with me because Theresa and Ethan already share a child together (EM).

Is Brook Kerr getting paid by the slap? She's slapped Tracey Ross so many times, her hand must be numb. And why is Whitney slapping on her mama? If that'd be my child, I'd hand her a slap back. My mother isn't perfect. Granted she wasn't a drug-addicted prostitute, but I love her because she is always there for me. Instead of hating their mom, Simone and Whitney should be inspired that their mother picked herself up from the gutter and became a respectable doctor and pillar of the community.

And will Whitney please admit already she's in love with Fox. He was right when he told her that she will regret not facing her feelings for him one day. That day will come, but it won't be because she and Chad are siblings because they are not. And if they are, I am officially through with this show. That is just too gross. And now she is preggers on top of it. Is she really going to give birth to her brother's child?

Someone who needed to be slapped this week was the frog (Liz). All we've heard from her is how slutty Eve is, yet she jumped her skanky butt into bed with T.C. before Eve was out the driveway. And then T.C. (the genius he is), decides he wants to save his marriage, only to find his wife, whom he threw out of their house, in bed with Julian. Then she's a slut all over again. There's too much pot calling the kettle black going on here for my liking. Why doesn't T.C. realize that Eve was the perfect and faithful wife he made her out to be? She never cheated on him, she just didn't tell him a few details about her past. I'm sure had she known about his horrible temper, she'd have thought twice about marrying him.

Then after Sam and Father Lonigan preach to T.C. about the sanctity of marriage, he decides yet again to make his marriage work. The frog starts in on him about the mistake he's making and how he needs to leave Eve alone. The frog even admits she loves T.C. (But she's soooo damaged). When T.C. puts his foot down (finally) and demands the frog leave his house, she spills the beans about who was really behind his wreck. At least maybe now we'll never have to hear T.C.'s "those damn Cranes" or "Julian the bastard" speech.

Passions will be on hiatus until August 30. But never fear, dear readers, there will be a new column each week as usual.

Highest point of the week: No Passions for two weeks.

Lowest point of the week: No Passions for two weeks.

Until next week friends,

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