Passions book is a best seller

by Dan J Kroll
Posted Friday, February 23, 2001 2:54:46 PM
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Passions book is a best seller

With over 117,000 copies of it in print, Hidden Passions: Secrets from the Diaries of Tabitha Lenox" is a bona fide best seller.

Hidden Passions has hit several high-profile best-seller lists, including The New York Times top ten list. Only three weeks after its January 23rd release, Hidden Passions hit number ten on the list. Just last week, the book cracked the top five at number five. The book also ranked on USA Today and The Wall Street Journal's lists.

The success of the book surprised both Passions creator and head writer James E. Reilly and the folks at NBC. Not since the 1994 release of All My Children: The Complete Family Scrapbook has a soap opera-related book hit the Times' list.

If you're wondering, Juliet Mills (Tabitha) didn't really write the book. Alice Alfonsi, a noted romance writer, penned the book with some help from Reilly.

Hidden Passions is just the first of many planned Passions books. According to Reilly, there are more in the works.

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