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January 2004
NBC Renews Passions for Sixth Season
The quirky residents of Harmony will continue to heat things up on NBC for at least another season. NBC has announced that Passions will be picked up for another year.
March 2004
Gering Inked To New Contract
Passions heartthrob Galen Gering (Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald) will remain on NBC's Passions for some time to come. The actor has signed a new contract with the show.
March 2004
Metcalfe To Exit Passions
Original cast member Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald) had opted to leave NBC's Passions upon the expiration of his contract.
March 2004
Telemundo Star To Play Passions' Paloma
Telemundo star Silvana Arias has been cast by NBC's Passions to play the here-to-unseen youngest Lopez-Fitzgerald sibling, Paloma.
What was the biggest Passions news story in 2004?
 NOV: David Bailey (Alistair) killed in 'pool accident'   42% 
 MAY: Passions stars Hartley and Korman wed   26% 
 Original cast members Jesse Metcalfe, Molly Stanton to exit   15% 
 JAN: NBC renews Passions for a sixth season   7% 
 MAY: Christopher Douglas out in story-dictated exit   4% 
 Other   3% 
 AUG: McPartlin leaves Passions for primetime series   1% 
 MAR: Galen Gering signed to a new contract   1% 

May 2004
Newcomer is Passions' New Simon
Soap opera newcomer Cathy JeneÚn Doe assumes the role of Simone Russell later this summer. As previously announced, current Simone, Chrystee Pharris-Larkins, has opted to leave the show.
May 2004
Passions Star Korman Weds
Passions' Lindsay Korman (Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald) and fiancÚ Justin Hartley were married on May 1st, 2004. Effective immediately, Korman will now use her husband's name professionally.
May 2004
Douglas Out in Storyline Dictated Exit
Christopher Douglas (Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald) has been let go from Passions. He becomes the latest in a line of stars to exit the show.
June 2004
Original Cast Members Metcalfe, Stanton Exit This Month
Original Passions cast members Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald) and Molly Stanton (Charity Standish) will exit the show later this month.
July 2004
Hartleys Out, Former Sunset Beach Stars In
Beginning next month, Passions viewers will notice that Lindsay Hartley (Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald) and real-life husband Justin Hartley (Fox Crane) have left the show. But not to worry - both will be back.
August 2004
McPartlin Out to Star in Primetime Series
Ryan McPartlin (Hank Bennett) has seen his final days on NBC's Passions. According to a show spokesperson, McPartlin will not be seen again on-screen.
November 2004
Passions Boosts Cast Diversity With New Role
Passions, one of the most racially diverse soap operas currently on the air, will add another African American contract role later this year.

Actress Daphnee Duplaix Samuel will appear in the contract role of Valerie Davis, a "smart, beautiful executive assistant at Crane Industries."
November 2004
Passions Star David Bailey Dead in Pool Accident
David Bailey, who recently assumed the role of Passions' Alistair Crane, has died. The Passions star drowned in what authorities are calling a "pool accident" at his Los Angeles home. He was 71.
December 2004
Daytime Vet to Assume Role of Alistair Crane
NBC has recast the role of Alistair Crane. Daytime veteran, John Reilly, will assume the role in January. The role had previous been played by David Bailey, who died in a drowning accident on November 25th.

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