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January 2007
NBC cancels Passions
Though an official announcement has yet to be made, Soap Central has learned that Passions will ends its eight-year run on NBC later this year. The cast and crew of the NBC soap were told on January 16th that the show had been cancelled. While Passions has remained at the bottom of the ratings pack throughout its run, there are several bright spots that could potentially allow the show to live on somewhere outside of NBC's place on the dial.
April 2007
Passions finds new life on satellite
It's the news Passions fans have been waiting to hear: the show will live on past its September cancellation. Thanks to an agreement made between NBC Universal Television and DIRECTV, the nation's largest satellite television provider, the eight-year old soap will continue to tape and air original episodes.
Adrian Bellani
July 2007
Bellani opts to exit Passions
When Passions makes its move from broadcast to satellite television, it will be short several of its core cast members. One of those actors exiting the show, Adrian Bellani (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald) broke the news of his impending exit to fans via his personal web site.
July 2007
Passions' DirecTV cast shaping up
More than a dozen Passions stars have inked deals that will have them continue their roles on the soap when it moves to DirecTV. At least three stars, however, have announced that they will exit the show when it ends its run on NBC. And there is at least one star whose status is very much up in the air.
Andrea Evans
August 2007
Evans to remain on Passions -- in recurring capacity
As previously reported, Emmy-nominated daytime vet Andrea Evans (Rebecca Hotchkiss) will remain with Passions when the show moves from broadcast television to satellite. The actress is one of a growing list of stars that have inked on to continue on in their well-known roles.
October 2007
Passions episodes available for download: take two
Passions fans still lamenting the show's move to DirecTV now have a new option to keep up with the goings on in Harmony. However, it comes with a price tag: fans can now purchase episodes of the sometimes campy soap online.
December 2007
Passions cancelled... again
It's a horrible sense of deja vu for fans of Passions. Soap Central has learned that, for the second time this year, the oft-times campy soap has been cancelled. An official announcement has yet to be made.

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