Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 29, 2003 on PC
After almost biting Elizabeth, Ian saved Christina from a potentially fatal fall. Lucy convinced Ian to embrace his “curse,” and the two cemented their relationship. Alison and Rafe finally got married. Jamal discovered that Imani was a werewolf. Livvie learned at her wedding to Caleb that Alison was pregnant with Caleb's baby.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 29, 2003 on PC
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September 22, 2003
Monday, SEPTEMBER 29, 2003

As Rafe and Alison get ready to head off to the exclusive resort for their wedding, Rafe again warns Alison that he has a bad feeling about accepting a sudden "gift" of a fully paid up reservation to the exclusive resort from a stranger. But Alison assures Rafe that she believes that going to the resort is merely part of their destiny. When Rafe and Alison arrive at the exclusive resort, the manager, Annette, greets them and explains that every suite is self-contained ~ so there would be no need for them to ever see any of the other guests. Annette also explains that there are NO TV's, telephones or other distracting conveniences. After the manager leaves, Rafe and Alison discuss their future children and grandchildren. But Rafe is surprised when Alison suggests that they NOT hit the sheets until AFTER the wedding. However, they begin kissing passionately and finally hit the sheets!

At the Silver Hill Cafe in Alabama, Imani instinctively jumps in front of Jamal when they hear a crash at the door. As Ricky stumbles through the door, Madea suddenly appears with a shotgun and blasts away ~ but misses Ricky completely! Ricky quickly warns Jamal that the sheriff showed up in Port Charles and has been asking a lot of questions about Jamal and Imani. Ricky further explains that Jack is now leading the sheriff on a wild goose chase in the woods, while Ricky went ahead to warn Jamal. Meanwhile, in the woods, Jack finally decides that he has shaken the sheriff off his trail and heads back toward the main road. At the same time, Jamal told Imani that Jamal believes that he NEEDS to finally meet this sheriff and scare the bad hat into leaving Imani alone! However, Imani cautions Jamal that BEFORE Jamal tangles with the sheriff, Jamal needs to know WHAT Jamal will be dealing with. However, Madea stops Imani from telling Jamal any more about the sheriff. Jamal is surprised when Madea suddenly suggests that Jamal just MIGHT be able to defeat their enemy! jamal asks Ricky to stay at the Cafe to keep Imani and Madea safe, while Jamal heads off to meet Jackat the sport where Jack has lured the sheriff! As Jamal leaves, Madea assures Imani that "THIS one will be coming back!" However, in the woods, Jack loses his way in the dark and is suddenly attacked from the back by the sheriff! The sheriff warns Jack that Jack will have ONLY one chance to tell the sheriff where to find Jamal and Imani.

At Caleb's apartment, Livvie tries to find out what plans Caleb has made for their wedding, but Caleb insists that he will be keeping everything a secret. As Livvie continues to worry that there is still something bothering Caleb, Caleb insists that their life is not only going to be perfect ~ it is going to go on forever! As Caleb and Livvie become passionate, Caleb promises that he is going to give Livvie the unexpected. As Caleb suddenly becomes angrily aggressive, Livvie asks Caleb to stop, but Caleb administers an especially savage bite to Livvie, which renders Livvie unconscious! When Livvie regains consciousness, Livvie told Caleb that that bite was somehow different from all of the others ~ and Livvie then observes that Caleb somehow does not seem the same. But Caleb protests that it is only the anticipation of what is to come which has heightened Livvie's senses. When Livvie confides that now Caleb is scaring her ~ Caleb explains that FEAR is what enables vampires to survive ~ and that the fear brought them power. Caleb told Livvie that he wants to give her the power and demands that Livvie beg him for the power ~ then they hit the sheets again. Afterward, Livvie continues to worry that something is bugging Caleb, but Caleb insists that Livvie needs to quit worrying so much and just leave everything up to Caleb. Livvie confides that she feels as if she is always waiting to the other shoe to drop with Caleb! But Caleb again assures Livvie that she has absolutely nothing to worry about. However, when Livvie went to take a shower, Caleb finds Livvie's shoe in the couch and drops the shoe onto the floor, beside Livvie's other shoe!

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 30, 2003

At the cabin, Ian rages at Elizabeth for turning him into a vampire. Chris confesses to Lucy and Kevin that he stranded Ian and Elizabeth at the cabin. Chris and Lucy head to the cabin and Lucy stops Ian from biting Elizabeth. Lucy is unaware that Christina has stowed away in the car and has run off into the woods. Jamal and Jack face off with the sheriff. Jamal bites the sheriff, who then disappears. Jamal gets sick and Jack remembers that the same thing happened to Livvie after she bit Imani.

Wednesday, OCTOBER 1, 2003

As Alison and Rafe wake up in their suite at the exclusive resort, Alison suggests that she believes that "The Gift" of their honeymoon package was like a "gift" from heaven that fell right into their laps! Rafe again asks Alison if she is OK with wedding plans that do NOT include her family and friends this time and reminds Alison that she had always wanted a big, splashy, mythical wedding. But Alison assures Rafe that everything about their current wedding plans are perfect. As Annette serves breakfast to Rafe and Alison, Alison suggests that it might be nice one day for Rafe and Alison to have their own Bed And Breakfast. Annette inquires about the minister who will officiate at the wedding and other guests who might be arriving ~ and Rafe assures Annette that their own minister is driving up from Port Charles and there will be NO other guests. Later, noticing her pensive attitude, Rafe asks Alison if there might be something else that is on her mind. Alison assures Rafe that there was really nothing else on her mind. Then Alison announces that she is ready to take a luxurious shower!

At Caleb's apartment, Livvie is surprised when Caleb shows Livvie a brochure and told Livvie that he has decided that they should be married at an exclusive resort and that he has already made all of the arrangements for their room and the ceremony. Caleb informs Livvie that, although he had thought they might be married at the Villa, Caleb decided the Bed and Breakfast would provide an opportunity for them to start their new life with a clean slate! When Livvie questions Caleb's use of the phrase: "clean slate," Caleb assures Livvie that it was merely an expression and promises to make other arrangements if Livvie would like to make other plans. But Livvie assures Caleb that the plans he has made will be fine with her. Caleb urges Livvie to begin packing and to remember an especially enticing nightgown that he likes a lot. As Livvie complies and begins packing, Caleb suddenly grabs his jacket and prepares to leave, telling Livvie that he wants to leave for the resort BEFORE nightfall! When Livvie asks him where he is going, Caleb claims that he needs some time alone to be able to finish writing out his share of their vows. After Caleb leaves, Livvie begins to suspect that SOMETHING is amiss with the wedding plans, but can't quite put her finger on what is wrong. Livvie calls the resort and speaks to Annette, who assures Livvie that all of the plans for their wedding were already requested by Caleb and that the Bed and Breakfast is actually famous for their wedding and honeymoon packages. Annette even informs Livvie that another nice young couple is planning a wedding the same day that Caleb and Livvie plan their wedding! Livvie thanks Anette for her information, but remains troubled even after speaking to Annette.

Meanwhile, at the Bed and Breakfast, Alison decides that she needs a shower and Rafe wrangles an invitation to help scrub Alison's back. However, as Rafe and Alison kid around in the shower, Caleb suddenly appears in their room!

At Ian's Mountain Cabin, Chris and Elizabeth head back down to mountain to call a tow truck for the disabled cars. Lucy stays behind with Ian but Ian insists that Lucy should NOT be staying with him. Lucy realizes that Ian is nearing a point where he will NEED to feed and begs Ian to let her help him. But Ian pushes Lucy away and insists that he does NOT want to continue using Lucy as an antidote for his curse! Meanwhile, Christina wanders alone in the woods and comes close to a dangerous ledge, overlooking a steep ravine! Lucy insists that she WANTS to give Ian all the help and support that she can because she loves him. Lucy reminds Ian that, because she loves him, she hates to see Ian suffer when Lucy knows that Lucy IS the answer to Ian's problems! Ian reminds Lucy that there are really only TWO possible solutions to Ian's problem! One is that Ian finds a cure and the other is that Ian live apart from Lucy so that Lucy would not begin to hate Ian as he continues to deteriorate! Lucy suggests that, perhaps she and Ian should duke it out until only one of them left standing and informs Ian that the choices are for Ian to either fight her or love her. As Ian gives in and begins to kiss Ian, Ian suddenly gets a premonition that Christina is somehow in danger. Ian rushes out of the cabin to search for Christina and Lucy races out right behind Ian. At the same time, in the woods, Christina hears a sudden noise in the bushes and backs closer to the dangerous ledge! Ian and Lucy race through the woods until they find Christina, standing dangerously close to the steep cliff. Christina sees Lucy, says "Mommy!" and begins to move toward Lucy! But Lucy warns Christina NOT to move!

Thursday, OCTOBER 2, 2003

At the Silver Hill Cafe in Alabama, Imani and Ricky are both relieved when Jamal returns to the Cafe in one piece. After Jamal reports that both Jack and Jamal came out of their scrape with Imani's pursuer OK, Ricky announces that he is ready to head back to Port Charles and Jamal again thanks Ricky for all of his help. After Ricky leaves, Jamal reports to Imani that, after Jamal bit the attacker and was sure he was dead, the attacker just disappeared and later, Jamal got sick to the stomach. Jamal then informs Imani that Jack told Jamal about Livvie's attack on Imani ~ which left Imani unscathed ~ and, that afterward, Livvie was ALSO sick. Jamal points out to Imani that ONLY two things happen when a vampire bites someone ~ either the person bitten turns into a vampire ~ OR the person bitten dies! Imani tries to tell Jamal that Livvie didn't really bite her, but Jamal insists that if Livvie had only THOUGHT she bit Imani, Livvie probably would NOT have gotten sick afterward ~ the same way Jamal felt sick. Imani finally agrees to tell Jamal about the secret she has been keeping from him! But, as Imani makes a halting attempt to reveal her secret to Jamal, Madea sneaks up behind Jamal and hits Jamal on the head with a skillet! Although Imani is unhappy that Madea felt it was necessary to knock Jamal out, Madea told her granddaughter: "You can never be sure. And you can never trust anyone completely ~ not with a secret like yours! And, no! Not even with someone who seems as up front as Jamal!...That’s the ONLY way you’ll have a life! Baby, if you make a mistake ~ or if someone you trust does ~ they will hunt you down just like an animal...You’ll live darling, and you’ll keep on living. But as far as right now went ~ your time has run out! And our time here is over. Over for good ~~ so you go now! You go and I’ll take care of everything!...I’ll take care of him ~ he’ll be all right! I promise you! I promise you! I just want to make damn sure that YOU are all right. You remember what your Daddy said to you? His last words? 'Never look back ~ you have no choice.!' Run, baby!...Run, sweetheart, while there is still time!" Imani finally agrees to leave. After kissing an unconscious Jamal lightly on the cheek, Imani runs out the door . And Madea calls after her: "Go baby!...Run fast! Run far! And don’t look back! Never, never look back!"

On a ledge outside Ian's Mountain Cabin, Lucy and Ian discover Christina precariously close to the edge of a cliff overlooking a deep ravine. When Christina sees Lucy and starts toward her, Christina loses her balance and falls backward, into the ravine. Ian dives after Christina. As Lucy sobs in disbelief and rushes to the edge of the cliff, Lucy is astonished to see Ian floating back up to the surface with Christina in his arms! As Lucy checks Christina out to make sure that Christina is unhurt, Christina informs Lucy that Ian saved her. Christina offers the opinion that Ian is just like Superman ~ and Lucy agrees! At that moment, Kevin arrives, hobbling on his cane! Kevin acknowledges that Ian just saved his daughter's life and thanks Ian for his quick thinking. Later, Kevin agrees to take Christina home with him so that Lucy and Ian could have some time alone. After Kevin and Christina leave for home, Lucy told Ian that she believes it might be possible for Ian to do a lot of good with the super powers that accompany his curse and suggests that, perhaps, if Ian would just make peace with his curse and learn to accept the curse, his life would begin to get better. Lucy suggests that, perhaps, it was FIGHTING the curse that made the curse a curse! Lucy promises to stick by Ian's side and to try to help Ian find ways to use Ian's new superpowers to help, rather than harm, other people. Although Ian remains skeptical that his 'condition' could ever be anything but a curse, Ian agrees to give Lucy's approach to the Universe a try. Lucy declares that perhaps their relationship is a way to balance everything out and Lucy and Ian kiss.

As Rafe and Alison kid around in the shower at the exclusive Bed and Breakfast where they plan to hold their wedding, Caleb lounges around in Rafe and Alison's bedroom and told himself: "I just hope you two like the room. I tried so hard to make sure it was just perfect!" However, Rafe gets a sudden feeling that someone is in the bedroom and rushes out of the shower to find out who is there. By the time Rafe arrives in the bedroom, Caleb has disappeared. Alison finds fresh, wrapped chocolates on the pillow and reassures Rafe that, IF Rafe DID sense someone in the bedroom, it was probably just some of the household staff, come to bring fresh linens and fresh chocolates for the pillows. Rafe remains unconvinced, but admits to Alison that he MIGHT have overreacted. Rafe promises Alison again that he IS working on letting go of his instinctive reflex to do battle with evil at a moment's notice! Later, Rafe decides to make a trip down to the wedding room, to check everything out. However, Caleb arrives in the wedding room ahead of Rafe. Caleb picks a daisy from the wedding bouquet set out in the chapel and begins pulling the petals off of the flower. As Caleb demolishes the flower, he says to himself: "You know I’m here, don’t you? You sense it. You know something’s coming! ~ Outside, the dark clouds have started gathering! ~ And all those usual questions are running through your head ~~ What IS he planning this time? ~ What’s he going to do next? Well, I got a question for you! ~ Will you break your promise to your lovely bride~to-be? Or are you going to do something about it?!" Caleb tosses the demolished flower aside and disappears.

Shortly afterward, Rafe arrives at the wedding chapel and, addressing heaven, begins a prayer: "Hey! It’s me, Big Guy. How you doing? ~~ You remember me. Ex- Angel. You know ~~ You know the resume. So, here I am again. Huh. Here I am ~ so close ~ to marrying Alison ~~ again. Something’s off! And I just ~ that’s what I want to talk to you about ~ I just ~~ Well, I just want you to kind of tell me, give me a sign, or something! Tell me these are pre-wedding jitters ~or ~ you know ~ something like that...tell me. Please ~ I mean ~ you let me come back! ~ You let me get this far! So, don’t just snatch it all away from me now! Please! Please, please, please ~ please! Tell me this is nothing! Please ~ tell me this is nothing! ...."

Meanwhile, in her bedroom, holding a pink rose, Alison makes her own prayer: "Please, just give him some peace ~ it’s all I want ~ for him to have the peace that he deserves. You know I’ve made some mistakes ~~ and I’ve done some things I shouldn’t have ~ some things I just can’t repair ~ but I’m trying to move past that! Get on with my life and forgive myself ~ At least, that is what the minister told me! And I think that we can do that ~ I think that we can have that. That...new life! I want that with Rafe. I just want to be his wife, that’s all. So I pray that we can put our past behind us and have a fresh, new start. God, I just want us to be happy, please! Just let us be happy!" But, unbeknownst to Alison, Caleb has suddenly appeared in the room, lounging behind her, listening as Alison speaks.

Friday, OCTOBER 3, 2003

When Jamal regains consciousness at the Silver Hill Cafe in Alabama, he realizes that the place has been abandoned and that neither Madea nor Imani are anywhere to be found. As Jamal looks around the deserted Cafe, he discovers Imani's date book with today's date circled. Jamal decides that Imani could NOT have gone very far and rushes out into the woods to search for her. Meanwhile, Imani runs through the woods and worries that she will not be able to get far enough away in time. In her haste, Imani stumbles on a tree root and Jamal soon catches up with Imani. Jamal tries to help Imani stand up again, but Imani keeps crouching on the ground. Imani begs Jamal to leave and warns Jamal that, if Jamal chooses to stay, he MIGHT get hurt! ~ by Imani As Jamal pleads with Imani to share her secret with him, Imani implores Jamal to look up into the night sky. Jamal turns away for a second and, looking into the sky, announces that all he can see there is a big, old-fashioned, romantic full moon. But, when Jamal turns back to Imani, he sees only a snarling wolf in her place!

At Ian's mountain top cabin, Lucy and Ian ALSO bask in the full moon and Ian declares that he is beginning to be able to believe in Lucy's universe. Lucy assures Ian that giving up on their love was NEVER an option and, that Lucy believes that, so long as there is love ~ there is hope. And the lovers seal their bargain with a kiss.

Meanwhile, at the exclusive bed and breakfast, Alison nervously begins her preparations for her wedding with the assistance of Annette ~ the manager of the bed and breakfast. Annette urges Alison to rest secure in the knowledge that everything has already been taken care of for her and brought Alison some tea and cookies. Alison passes on the cookies, but DOES have some of Annette's tea! Meanwhile, Rafe meets in the wedding chapel with the Pastor who is going to conduct the ceremony and nervously wonders if Alison will like his wedding gift. The minister assures Rafe that Alison WILL be overwhelmed by the gift Rafe has chosen. Rafe confides that he still has reservations about holding the ceremony in this particular place ~ at the Bed and Breakfast. But the minister declares that she still believes that Rafe and Alison's union will be truly blessed and assures Rafe that he can truly feel at peace at last! The wedding chapel is decorated with pink roses and white candles and the minister wears a white robe with a purple stole. When Alison arrives, she is dressed in white and is carrying a bouquet of pink roses. As the pastor begins the ceremony, she says: "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in the bonds of holy matrimony. Now, before we get to the heart and soul of the ritual, I want to make sure that neither one of you has any problems with going ahead with this wedding." Alison immediately declares that she is definitely ready to go ahead with the wedding, but Rafe hesitates. Both Alison and the minister are concerned. However, as the minister asks Rafe if there is anything that is concerning him, Rafe looks helplessly around and then is cheered when Elizabeth, Jack, Ricky, Lucy and Ian suddenly arrive. Alison is thrilled to see their friends and Rafe declares that, since he wanted their wedding to be perfect, and had known that Alison had ALWAYS wanted to be married, surrounded by friends and family, he had arranged for everyone to come! Alison agrees that she is now totally happy and their special day is totally perfect. Rafe and Alison begin their vows.

In the meantime, Caleb and Livvie have arrived at the SAME Bed and Breakfast and, as Livvie surveys the lavish room, richly appointed with red and black candles and red roses, Caleb leads Livvie out to the patio and suggests that they be married at sunset, on the patio. As Livvie pronounces the bridal suite perfect and agrees with every detail of Caleb's plan, Caleb hands a red rose to Livvie. But Livvie scratches her finger on one of the thorns and Caleb kisses away the drop of blood that falls from her finger. Caleb told Livvie: "It's your wedding night ~ all your dreams come true ~ all your wishes come true, tonight, sweetheart!" When Livvie returns to the room, Calleb told himself: "Everyone gets what they wished for tonight." Then Caleb bites the head off of the rosebud from the rose that he had handed to Livvie only moments before! Later, Livvie is mystified when Caleb prepares to meet the person who will officiate at their ceremony and Caleb introduces Annette, the manager of the Bed and Breakfast! Caleb explains that Annette is an old and dear friend whom Caleb KNOWS can be trusted to perform the ceremony for them! Livvie is surprised when Annette declares that she has heard much about Olivia and is thrilled to finally meet Livvie. Annette is wearing a black robe with a red stole. Later, Livvie changes into her wedding gown ~ which is similar to the gown being worn by Alison ~ except that Livvie's gown is black!

When Livvie steps out onto the patio, Annette whispers to Caleb: "Lovely stock. But the Morleys have historically always chosen well." Caleb meets Livvie on the patio, which has several fiery braziers burning and is decorated with red roses and black and red candles. Annette leads a tearful Livvie in vows that assure that Caleb and Livvie are being welcomed together into the world of darkness for eternity. After Caleb places a ring on Livvie's finger and declares that it signifies that he is claiming her for eternity, Caleb and Livvie bite each other's wrists! However, when Annette announces that it is time for Caleb to kiss the bride, Caleb suddenly pulls back and asks Livvie: "You know that I love you!?"

LIVVIE: "Yes, I do."

CALEB: "That's why I can't begin this marriage holding in a secret.... You need to know the truth!"

LIVVIE: "What secret? What truth?"

CALEB: "When I'm not with you I ache for you! And I always will. Our beings are chained and united for all time and I have sworn never to let go."

LIVVIE: "Caleb..."

CALEB: "But ~ you need to learn there are consequences for your actions and now ~ and now ~ there is a price to be paid!"

LIVIE: "I don't understand ~ what actions? What price?"

CALEB: "When you took this ring...when you took my ring - you made a wish on it ! Do you remember what that wish was, Olivia, word~for~word? You wished for me to have one night of earth~shaking passion ~ a night of intense love I'd never forget ,,,,, and have all my wishes come true! Well, your wish came true! I had a night of passion I never could have dreamed of ..... I made love to Alison that night!"

LIVVIE tearfully replies: "No! It can't be!"

CALEB: "Remember the rest of the wish you made, Olivia? A wish so strong in your heart that I heard it in mine?"

LIVVIE: "That was ~ that wish was meant for us!"

CALEB: "But it was a wish you had no right to make! A wish that we'll never, ever be able to forget!"

LIVVIE: "No! Caleb! Not a baby! Please! It can't be! Alison is going to have your baby!?"

As Livvie and Caleb speak, Rafe and Alison finish their vows, share a wedding kiss and are showered with rice by their friends. Rafe picks Alison up and dances around the room with her, and the newlyweds smile happily at each other!

And Port Charles is over!

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