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Victor Collins
Actor History
Nicholas Pryor (Spring 1997 [GH]; 11 June 1997 to 3 October 2003 [PC])
Former spy/private investigator
Former math professor
Resides At
Somewhere in Port Charles
Marital Status
Married (Mary Scanlon)
Past Marriages
Unnamed Woman (deceased)
Kevin Collins
Ryan Chamberlain (deceased)
Livvie Locke (granddaughter)
Flings & Affairs
Marsha Cooper (deceased)
Crimes Committed
Involved in many spy busniess crimes
Brief Character History

Victor first debuted in a French convent. Lucy found him. Kevin had told her his father his dead. After recovering from his mental illness, he returned to Port Charles with them, becoming a frenzy of activity within several months. He was both a suspect and sleuth in the never-ending General Homicide murder mystery, and managed to mend his troubled relationship with son Kevin. Victor was frequently away (being a spy, unbeknownst to his family), and while he wasn't at home, his wife sexually abused Ryan. One night, she mistook Kevin for Ryan. When Victor returned home, Kevin told him, and Victor took him away immediately, leaving Ryan behind. Ryan eventually became a homicidal maniac, while Kevin is no stranger to mental illness himself.

Victor, Kevin, and Eve were held hostage by General Homicide killer Greg Cooper and his "sister" Julie. Greg claimed he was Victor's son by Marsha Cooper, who was killed by a young Ryan. Victor admitted he and Marsha were lovers, but had no knowledge of Greg. Julie was eventually proved to not be Greg's sister, but no one ever found out if Greg was actually Victor's son or not.

Victor courted nurse Mary Scanlon, marrying her in 1999. Shortly afterwards, he was presumed dead, but secretly kidnapped because of his past as a spy. Kevin and Eve rescued him in Italy, and he returned to life with Mary.

Ever since Victor has led a basically uneventful life, happy with Mary and close to Kevin and Lucy. He did reappear in early 2002 after he and Frank Scanlon found high radiation levels and a bizarre pocketwatch in the forest.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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